Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


34. Seeing through rose colored glasses ( Edwards p.o.v)

Bella concentrated hard on what it was that she had been so eager to show me all day. It provoked my curiosity that much more. “Bella, what is it?” I asked, “shh “ she muttered placing her finger to my lips. I laughed a little. “ I have to concentrate Edward, I practiced for this, I was never too sure it could ever work, but I’d hoped!” She chimed. “concentrate hard Edward, listen intently!” She instructed. I relaxed and closed my eyes as if to humor her silly little theory. Suddenly I was alarmed by what I thought was her voice, her beautiful face. I watched what seemed to be all of her memories intruding my mind. Most of them seeming to be Human memories from when we’d first met in chemistry, then the meadow…our spot, only, there was great emphasis on everything that I said it was as if I were the only sound in the meadow that day, our first kiss shared, a strange lusting shot through my body, an eagerness when this scene played out in my head. I was certain I was feeling her feelings now engulfed in lust. Then came the battle, the night after our honeymoon, Renesme‘s birth, the darkness in which I felt venom engulfing my body the pain was unbelievably excruciating, it made me remember what it had been like when Carlisle had turned me and just how unbearable it was… then the light fled in which everything seemed so much clearer, the sensitivity almost blinding,.. And of course there was Nessie. I fell over for just a moment, breathing in heavily as a first instinct. “What…, what was that?” I gasped, Bella smiled proudly with a sense of accomplishment washing over her face. “ What did it look like?” she asked teasingly “ I…I can’t be too sure..but it looked as if to be all of our memories, every single one of them. Mostly when we‘d first met. I’d presumed for some odd reason those were your most cherished memories, when you had been most vulnerable,…When we’d first met, when we first kissed, the fight, the wedding, the birth and then there was…” .

I couldn’t go on, I stumbled over the blank spot, the long and lingering emptiness.. The blackness that swallowed me making me want to gasp for air, for my head to resurface. That must have been when she had, when she had nearly died and my lungs worked as her very own lungs, my very own hands working as her beating heart.. Me biting her neck, the inside of her arm, and finally…her wrist, in hopes that the venom would spread quickly enough to spare her these last moments of life she’d so closely clung to. I shuttered at the very thought, I couldn’t bare to think of it any longer. The very birth of our own child was nearly tragic to no end. I promised myself I’d never give it another thought, the feeling almost overwhelmed me and drug me under. I quickly changed the subject, which I presume was perfect timing. Because it was then that Bella seemed to have noticed my anguish, just as she always did. Even before I turned her, she was very clever and observant without even being able to see things half as clear as I did, she was certainly an intellectual human being but rather modest. My wildest dreams were finally coming to life before my eyes, my prayers answered if I did pray. It would seem that Bella had found some sort of way to let the invisible shield down so that I could finally hear/see her thoughts, her memories. I was utterly astonished, it was every bit as amazing as I‘d imagine it to be. All the feelings, the vulnerabilities. Through her eyes I got to relive her moments as nothing but a mere , fragile human being. It was very weakening, that sort of tidal wave of emotions, everything compacted into one tiny package, these visions took a lot out of me. I had almost fallen over but balanced myself out. I guess I had underestimated how much she truly trusted me and loved me from the very moment she laid eyes on me. This satisfied me so.

“Can you, can you do that again?” I asked anxiously, trying to listen intently, trying to protrude her thoughts immediately . A deviant smile formed at the corners of her lips, I could tell my beautiful Bella had something up her sleeve, she always did. It was part of the mystery, part of what always kept my hunger for her , my longing. She then began the concentration all over again. Only, this time I noticed her visions danced mostly around the night of our honeymoon, one of the most utterly sensational nights of our life, it had been our first time. I re-lived it all, in every last detail, the feeling of lust incredibly unbearable. My body tensed, my fists clenched at my side, desire burning through my veins, an ache unlike any other, I wanted her.. No,… it was more that I NEEDED her…so badly…it was what I’d felt , but 10 fold, and without the usual burning in my throat and taste of venom on the tip of my tongue… it was simply sensational. Just when I thought it to be too overwhelming, it stopped…. Nothing…. nothing but my own thoughts and of course I picked up on Nessie’s dream in which seemed to be the usual, they were irrelevant, just dancing colors melting into one another. I struggled hard to regain my composure, to concentrate on something other than the impure thoughts I was having. “ Clever !” I said, a smile now stretched across my face. “ I could always show you some more!” She teased playfully , knowing just how much I actually pondered taking her up on that offer, but I figured it to be best if I just didn‘t fight these feelings I had and instead surrendered myself to it, to her, I‘d sacrifice myself to her willingly at this point.. “ Maybe later!” I mused pulling her waist to mine and kissing her passionately almost as if I were a fiend. I had no doubt in my mind she knew just what she had been doing, conjuring this up in her brilliant mind for weeks. This was a side of Bella I’d never witnessed. I must admit, I adored it quite a bit actually. That aroused me that much more. I knew just the way our night would end. Bella had always been very focused on getting what she wanted and undoubtedly knew just the right ways accomplish that and usually have her ways with me. You didn’t need to be Alice to see that.

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