Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


12. Sacrifices ( Edwards pov)

As I lie next to her sleeping so gracefully, I can’t help but to take it all in, the familiarity of being in her presence again, I hadn’t realized just how alone I’d truly been, how tortured I’d always been, how dead I truly was while I was away and how real leaving her made it all, I‘d truly forgotten how to live without her…I hardly lived at all while I‘d been gone, I‘d almost forgot a century worth of practice in just a few short months., my pathetic attempt to save her had yet again nearly killed us both miserably.., I cringed at the thought, something about it made me incredibly uneasy, possibly the thought that realistically, she‘d nearly died if HE hadn‘t been there.. , how quickly it all had went sour, everything I’d worked so hard for nearly perished before my very own eyes in a poor lapse of judgment.., the guilt haunting my very existence. I’d missed these late nights in Bella’s room.. Listening to her breathing. Listening to her heart beats coming down, I place my hand over her heart gently with great care to not wake her, her heart palpitates in the most beautiful rhythm ..slow, strong steady strides beating warmly underneath my palm, a smile crept across my face “ Sleep now my Bella, and dream.. Dream only the sweetest dreams my only love!” I whisper now nuzzling up next to her, her chocolate hair sprawled across the pillow. Drawing a breath in , her sweet scent now lingered crippling in my nostrils, making the moment more real to me, I relaxed melting into the bed and letting out a small sigh. It had been so insanely obvious how natural this all felt, as if to say in the end… this was the very reason for my existence,.. To lie next to the most beautiful creäture in all god’s existence for all of eternity. Many thoughts dancing through out my head, but mostly I was in tune with her heart, every small sound slowly trickling away into a distant background while her heart beats became stronger and louder in my mind, closing my eyes for only a brief second to pretend to know what it was like to sleep, when suddenly Bella let out a pained scream.. I quickly jolted back to my senses, forcefully jerked away from the piece of mind I’d created about in my head, I shook her awake gently “Bella! Bella, it was just a bad dream, it’s alright, I’m here now…I’m here!” I said softly, reassuring myself as well.

Her eyes blinked open, a puzzled look washed over her face “ I… I’m still dreaming… but how is that even possible? .. Amazing ..” she scoffed reaching out towards me , stopping before she touched my face, afraid to go any further.., afraid of what it was she may.. Or it was more like.. What it was she may not feel “ It’s like.. Your really here with me Edward.. It’s almost like your laying right next to me! Maybe I really have gone crazy this time” She let on in disbelief. I laughed a little to myself at how incredibly silly she was being “ no” I shook my head “ you aren’t dreaming at all Bella, but you’ve had a rough day and you’re hardly in any shape to be carrying this conversation with me now, you must be terribly exhausted. Save your strength!” I preached reaching forward to touch her cheek, but she reluctantly strayed away from my touch. Her actions pained me a little, but I couldn’t blame any feelings of resentment she’d had towards me, I’d deserved much more than that and much less than her forgiveness. “ don’t…please don’t… don’t make me believe that your real only to vanish again, I’ve got nothing left for you to take with you when you leave this time, you already have my heart!” She whispered pulling her knee’s to her chest, lying in a fetal position, her face now buried in her knee’s. My face twisted in torture as it pained me unbelievably so, to hear her speak of herself as if nothing had been left but an empty shell “ Then I’ll prove it Bella, I’ll make you see!” I said lifting her chin slowly to meet my gaze, she flinched a little at the coldness of my finger tips, her lips quivered as she blinked and tears rolled down her lovely red cheeks now before closing her eyes, her breath now trembling.. I slowly leaned in to her waiting to make contact, feeling her hot breath against my lips., .finally the soft and familiar silk like feeling of her lips now met mine, I passionately kissed her as if to say hello for the first time, as if it were the first time we’d ever kissed one another.. In just a few moments her body un-tensed and she kissed me back eagerly, drawing her hand up to wrap my hair in her fingers pulling me closer against her, she then pulled my body down against her by my face, I quickly drew back and laughed uneasily, knowing that I could never lose control with her. “ So , … it’s official, I.. I’m not sleeping. The only other explanation is I’ve died and I’ve gone to Heaven, how else could this all feel so real and vivid, only in heaven could everything be this perfect!” She panted, placing her finger tips to her lips where I’d just kissed her. I laughed again , shaking my head and kissing her forehead, I grabbed her shoulders softly, pulling my head back to look at her “ You’ve really got an overactive imagination, you know that? You’ve become a bit delusional I should say, you really must go back to sleep now!” I suggested. “ No…nnn.. No…” she stuttered “ I won’t,.. I.. I .. I can’t ..I’m afraid when I wake up you will be gone again, you cant leave me again.. You just..you..you cant!” She said her voice becoming frantic.. “shh” I quickly said cutting her off by placing my finger to her lips “ Bella, I haven’t the strength to leave you ever again, I’ll be here when you wake up, I doubt I’ll even leave your side for a single moment. It took all the strength I had to stay away this last time” I assured her.

“ How do I know that? How do I know you won’t leave me again? You left so easily the first time!” She questioned. I quickly looked down ashamed, my hands fidgety “ …you think that was easy?” I scoffed “ It was anything BUT easy Bella… every day I’d been gone, every day I’d been without you.. Seemed like an eternity burning in the fiery pits of hell.. I couldn’t shake the thought’s I’d been having of you, the love that consumed me eating away at me each miserable day, the voices thrashing about loudly in my mind telling me I’d made the biggest mistake of my life.. Telling me I had to go back to you…that I’d been no good without you, telling me I was just as good as dead without your brilliant and vibrant existence in my life. Many times I’d nearly caved and ran back to you, it took all my might and just a bit more to actually stay away, I’d been tracking Victoria just to keep myself distracted, and even then.. Your face haunted my thoughts. Bella.. , don’t you see… the sky was nothing but a deep black hole.. Consuming me before you’d came into my life, and when I was away… it was like that all over again.. It was as if there was nothing left.. There were no beautiful vibrant and beautiful stars hanging from the velvet night just the uncertainty of the moon that would leave again by day. Un- beknownst to me, you were all that made sense in my life, you were much bigger then that.. Much more rare.. You could only be compared to the northern lights.. Such a beautiful and breathtaking sight in which everybody waits their whole life in hopes to be lucky enough to catch just one glimpse of god’s marveling perfection at its best. And that’s what you are to me Bella… you light my midnight sky with your untimely beauty!” I mused to her, the emptiness squeezing at my heart like a pair of invisible hands. Tear’s darted down her face more frequently now “Then why was I not good enough then? Why didn’t you stay when I begged you?” She asked, pain lingering about in her voice. “ You were good enough Bella.. You ARE good enough.. It was me that I was afraid of.. It was me afraid of not ever being good enough for you Bella.. don’t you see?” I said caressing her face. She then grabbed my hand, holding it to her cheek in its place turning her face to kiss it, she shook her head “ Your perfect for me, we’re perfect for each other!” She whispered against my hand. Her words made perfect sense and I couldn’t have agreed more. “ How long was I out?” She asked now changing the subject… “Oh, just about..15 hours!” I said looking at my watch. “ WHAT?.. Oh wow.. Nearly comatose I see!” She said pulling her sleeves over her hands and wiping her tears away then laughed a little. “ Well.. I knew you’d been through a lot, so I was careful not to wake you. You were so exhausted that you didn’t even say a word in your sleep for once!” I agreed, “wow!” she let on, impressed. “ so then, when is Alice going to do it?” she asked, I knew she’d approached the subject.. I just didn’t count on it being so soon. “ The Volturi can be fooled!” I assured her. Her eyes widened “ Your saying that your willing to endanger your own life and your family’s at the expense of keeping me human?” She asked mortified. “ Your un-believable Edward, absolutely not!” She scolded. The subject always got me tense, but I wouldn’t let it get to me this time, as we’d just seen each other again for the first time and she’d hardly forgive me if I spoke my mind on the subject the way I’d so badly wanted to, my opinion was strong. She quickly got up and began to throw her jacket on and slip into her shoes, “where are you going?” I asked curiously, standing at her side. “ WE are going to your house now! I’ve got to see the others!” She chirped. I agreed and swung her onto my back and jumped out her window, landing on my feet, then ran swiftly through the woods until finally stopping at my house.

“You alright?” I asked. “ yep, I kept my eyes closed this time!” She said jumping off my back, we walked to the door with our fingers entwined. Esmé and Alice were the first to hug Bella happily “ Bella!” they shrieked “ good to see you!” Esme said warmly giving Bella a kiss on the cheek. I made my way to the end of the couch and perched on the arm of it. “ So what is this about anyways Bella?” I asked. She then dug her hands deep in her pocket “ well.. Actually.. I thought that we could have a vote.. To see who all wants me to remain human!” She said coyly. “Bella!” I shot back through my teeth clenched tightly, my face like stone. “ It only seems fair!” She continued on. “ All in favor of me being a vampire, raise your hand!” . Before I knew it, I’d felt like the whole world had betrayed me, all but Rosalie had their hands outstretched in the air. “ I’m sorry Bella, for everything, But I would have never chosen this life if I’d had the choice, I’d only wished that someone had been there to vote against me being turned into what I am today!” Rosalie told Bella, her face expressionless, her arms folded. “ Okay, so then, it’s done, Alice will change me!” Bella said smugly. “ I will do it Bella. I think its safer that way, as Alice has no real experience with this sort of thing!” Carlisle volunteered. “ UNBELIEVABLE!” I snarled pushing the TV over and sending it crashing to the ground, I slammed the door infuriated. I heard Emmet call out behind me “ I was watching the game!”

I hopped into my car slamming the door shut, Bella quickly followed behind me getting into the passenger seat and shutting her door, I then backed out of the parking lot and began driving her home. Most the trip I’d been completely silent, still angry about the deal that Carlisle and Bella had made. “ So Carlisle said he’d do it whenever I’m ready, though I really wish it could be you!” She said finally breaking the silence. “Yeah, and what would you be willing to compromise for that particular request?” I played along. “ like what would you have in mind?” She asked now curious. “ Would you be willing to wait 5 years?” I asked. “no, not 5, the Volturi won’t wait that long!” She shook her head scooting slouching in her seat “ I’d be willing to take 3!” I then offered. “ no, only until after graduation. It will be perfect, it was Carlisle’s idea, it would be easiest on Charlie that way we could play it off like I’m away at college!” She said twisting her fingers through her hair. “ What if… what if I told you it could be me that turns you, my lips to your throat..under the condition that you graduate and agree to marry me!” I played with the idea. “ WHAT?” she asked, her eyes widened “ marry you?” she swallowed. “you’ve got to be kidding me. Edward, do you know the kinds of assumptions people will make? I’m too young to be running off and getting hitched!” she said laughing, her arms folded across her chest now and looking straight forward. “ Bella.. Please..!” I pleaded, now desperate.




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