Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


22. Our little suprise ( Edwards p.o.v)

  The honeymoon had been full of events since we had first arrived at Isle Esmé. Many memories made in these past weeks that I shall cherish forever in the centuries to come. With only a few days left of our honeymoon , I suggested that we do nothing but lie in the company of one another and enjoy what would be the last day’s of our honeymoon. I peered over at Bella who seemed to be deep in thought, caressing her warm cheek with the back of my hand. Her cheeks quickly turning red. I then hovered over her and brushed my lips over hers in a fit of anxiousness when suddenly I was alarmed by her unusual unwillingness. She’d pushed me off of the bed and before I could question how out of character this was for her, she had answered my question before the words had escaped my very lips, she began puking into the waste basket that was thoughtfully placed next to our bed. When she’d looked up in between heaves, her deep brown eyes had been filled with tears, her pale face flushed. “ Bella, love, are you okay?” I asked with sheer concern while I rubbed her back in a circular motion. I should have known the girl would say she was perfectly fine. I’d caught onto her lies quite quickly actually. I read her like an open book. “Maybe we should cut this trip short!” I quickly suggested. “ No Edward, I’m perfectly fine, see!” She spoke softly a charming smile crept up on her face. I’d known better than this being the truth, but still it amused me so to see her try. I thought I’d allow her the satisfaction of thinking that she’d had me fooled, bur if it had proven to get any worse, we’d definitely be heading back as before dusk fell. I fetched her a glass of water and some Listerine to wash the god awful taste out of her mouth. She seemed quite grateful for this gesture. I could tell that the taste sat uneasily lingering on the tip of her tongue. I felt horrible for her and tried to sympathize as best as I could, It had been so long ago that it was but a distant memory that I was once capable of puking myself. “That taste must be awful, I’d imagine!” I guessed, throwing her arm around me and kissing her cheek pulling her closer to me and resting my head on the top of her head. “Ha” she laughed hardly amused and giving me a sharp glare, spitting out the Listerine before finally speaking her thoughts aloud “ Your lucky!” She assured me. She couldn’t possibly think that because I was this repulsive monster, I had been the one that had got off lucky here, could she? “ Oh, I am, am I? And why would that be Mrs. Cullen?” I pressed on, suddenly peeking my curiosity. I don’t think she could answer quick enough, I was already sorting through the idea’s in my head before she finally answered hardly satisfying my curiosity. “ Oh don’t you get me started!” She said straining her neck away from me with a daring look. I cringed at the thought, I could only imagine the endless possibility’s in which the direction this conversation would head down and I had not the strength to speak about turning Bella anymore. So I agreed. “Perhaps your right!” I let out. We would leave it at just that.

Bella jumped up quickly “ Urgh,I’m starving!” She whined as she made a beeline for the kitchen. I laughed a little bit, amused at how cute she was when she was so vulnerable. I kept closely behind her naturally seeing that it had just been moments ago that she had been vomiting out her stomach’s contents. The mood was suddenly tense when the eerie shrill of Bella’s scream in agony erupted the room. “ OW, OW!” She cried out in the most intense pain. I seen her begin to teeter forward clutching her stomach. I quickly picked her up into my arms, cradling her. “ Bella, Bella what is wrong?” I asked examining her face for any little detail. Any hint at what had caused this sudden fit of excruciating pain. I’d wished so badly now, more than ever that I’d been able to read her mind. “ Oh my god, it hurts, Edward, it hurts so bad!” She cried out hysterically hugging her stomach tighter. “What hurts Bella? Please, talk to me!” I pleaded with her immensely, I wanted to know what had been torturing my Bella, I needed to know, I had to know how to make it stop. I couldn’t bare to see her this way, it pained me so. “ Make it stop Edward please, make it stop!” She shrieked through her teeth clenched tightly together, her hand clawing at her stomach. I wanted to, so badly, I’d wished with all my might that I’d known how to, that I’d traded places with Carlisle. “ Oh Bella, if only you knew how badly I wish that I could do that for you, I would take your pain in a heartbeat!” I sympathized before kissing her on the forehead, my voice quiet and reassuring, I gently eased her back laying her across the couch with great care and smoothed her chocolate hair back from the heart shaped face it framed, concentrating hard on her eyes to examine to what extent her pain seemed to be in.” Bucket, QUICK!” She demanded. I quickly grabbed the nearest waste basket and placed it under her chin just in time for it to spew out. “Thank you!” She whispered as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and laid back. I studied her face intently watching any kind of critical change. Her expression became smoother, a lot more relaxed. “ Bella, do you want to tell me what that was all about?” I shot. “It’s just a bad case of the flu I’m sure!” She said naïvely pushing this serious matter aside, it didn’t please me at all that she didn’t take this nearly as serious as I did. She could not see how flushed her face had been, the color drained from it, how her face twisted in agony, her eyes deep and dark. I’d been so helpless.
“Bella, I’ve been around 108 years, I know enough to know that this is not your average case of the flu!” I argued back. “If you would Edward, I’d like to go to the bathroom please, I need to pee like a Russian race horse!” She asked dismissing the subject, batting her long eyelashes at me flirting, she may as well been a puppy dog at this point. I was hardly happy about how quickly she dismissed this grim matter, but agreed. Finally scooping her up and dropping her off in the bathroom, standing there confused at what I was to do next, Should I stay with her? I’d feared the worst, what if she’d fainted and hit her head on the toilet? Or the corner of the sink? Quickly my flow of thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her clearing her throat “ I’m sorry, but you just can’t watch me pee!” She giggled amused. Against my better judgment I agreed “ I’ll be right outside of the door if you need me Bella!” And stepped outside the door, watching it close in my face, she seemed fairly eager but hard to read. Minutes passed by and hardly any sound eluded from the bathroom door besides some rummaging around I heard. “ Bella, you alright in there?” I asked knocking, my face now pressed against the oak door examining any sound. “ Huh? Oh.. Um yeah, just a minute Edward!” Bella answered her voice cracked a little, with an edge of nervousness. What could she have possibly been doing in there? I couldn’t be too certain but I thought I heard her gasp and what sounded like counting but I couldn’t be too certain, Bella’s voice had been meek and quiet enough as it was. The curiosity had been eating away at me as what seemed like hours passed, in human reality, it had only been minutes. I heard the door knob rattle and quickly took a step back from the door. Bella stepped outside the door and leaned back against it, biting her bottom lip, her hands behind her back on the door knob still, her ankles crossed. “What is it?” I asked, my thoughts running away from me. “Well, um, I’m uh” .. she laughed uneasily “ pregnant!” She said, with an awkward chuckle. The last word echoing through my head as if it were shouted from a mountain top. I felt my whole body freeze up. My mind had escaped me. I stumbled back feeling around for the wall behind me before finally sliding down it. My head drooped down, clutching my hair in my fingers. This couldn’t possibly be happening. My love, with child, harboring a hideous blood thirsty monster within her womb. It had been disturbingly obvious that it had already begun to pavé its path of destruction. I could only imagine the sorts of things that it had been doing in Bella’s fragile body to cause her such torture. Sucking the life force right out of her, and it would continue to do so with time, her health deteriorating rapidly until she eventually was not my Bella anymore, until the monster had been finished harvesting itself in her body, it would no longer have a need for her. The thought sickened me. I’d left the worst part of me in her. How could I have destroyed her life in just one brief lapse of judgment. I’d thought we’d been careful, oh how wrong I’d been. “Edward!” She asked, I could tell the silence had nearly driven her mad.

“ A penny for your thoughts?” She asked innocently, her hands now buried deep in her pants pocket. “ We’re going home! Don’t worry Bella, we will have Carlisle be rid of it immediately!” I assured her, my voice somber, I got up and began packing everything as swiftly as possible. Her expression looking slightly offended “ Absolutely not Edward! You can’t… I won’t.., I will not let anyone harm our child Edward, this is my child… it’s OUR child Edward, it’s a living human being!” She argued to me. Her points seeming hardly valid, It seemed hardly worth her life in compromise. “ It’s NOT Bella, it’s hardly human! It is a vampire, thriving on your blood Bella! Be reasonable” I insisted as I continued packing “ If it is a baby you want, we can adopt Bella, but this pregnancy must be terminated!” I growled gritting my teeth. I felt her warm hand touch my arm as she turned me to look at her , her eyes now pleading with me “ Edward, I don’t want to adopt, I don’t want another baby, I want this baby , our baby. I can’t allow anyone to harm it. I feel very protective of it, already. I’m his mother Edward, he depends on me to protect him!” She whispered smiling down at her stomach now rubbing it. “ He?” I hissed. Her imagination had already run wild with this ridicules idea, the situation already out of hand. She nodded “ I know it sounds silly Edward, because I’m hardly far enough along at all, but I feel strongly that it’s a boy!” She gushed proudly, her tone soft and motherly. “ Bella! Don’t encourage the idea any further. Your avoiding the inevitable. Your only going to cause yourself more grief than happiness in the end!” I insisted. “ How could you Edward Anthony Cullen? How dare you speak of our child as if it were a tiny dust particle that meant nothing in our life!” she said, her voice scolding as she sobbed. I hated being the bad guy, how badly I hated making her cry, but had she known what I did… had she been in just the opposite position, she would not be willing to risk losing me either for this creäture she hardly knew. She grunted and quickly wrapped her arms around her stomach. “ Bella, what’s the matter?” I asked, my voice swimming in concern. “ He kicked! My little nudger kicked!!” She mused, taking my hand and placing it on her protruding stomach. I felt a swift movement under my hand, my mind went blank, a warmness rushed over me, butterfly’s fluttering around in my stomach.
Impossible. I would not develop feelings for this creäture, she couldn’t make me change my mind, it had already been made up. I could not love this if it meant not loving Bella.




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