Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


7. Mirage ( Bella's p.o.v)

“ Bella, please…. You mustn’t go to Jacob Black. He can hardly keep his anger under control!” Edward said to me, his voice firm but haunting, his eyes were gold and friendly. I stood completely still. My breath was slow and my heart beat was intensified.. I could hear my heart beat out loud, as my blood pumped through it.

Off in the distance where Edward had stood next to a tree, I seen Jacob walk from behind the tree to reveal himself. He looked beautiful. His dark brown hair cut short, his chiseled body, he had a mischievous look on his face as he looked at Edward and then to me. I felt drawn to him, almost as if I were under some sort of trance.

“ Bella, … you must resist. Please, I won’t let him hurt you!” Edward snarled.

I looked to Edward, and then to Jacob. I was burning up, I heard my heart beat speed up as both of them looked to me their eyes pleading. Edward’s eyes gazed deep into my soul, his expression so gentle, and so irrevocably in love with me. And when I looked into Jacobs eyes, they burned with passion, with a lust, there was a sense of comfort in his eyes. Edward stood still, his back slightly hunched his hand reached out to me, it had been so inviting.. He looked to be my angel, as the sun flooded down on him and the light reflected off his perfectly toned body, dancing off his marble skin like a prism. one foot stepped forward but stood firmly in place. Respectful of my boundaries and leaving the decision completely up to me. He would not do anything to provoke me. Jacob slowly began walking towards me with a little more aggression to his method , more determined to win my heart, a lot less respectful to my boundaries. Somehow.. I could not move.. I looked to Edward once more as he looked back at me, his hand still outstretched the offer still standing. I knew I loved this man with every ounce of my mortal being, but when I looked to Jacob… I felt desire, a sense of longing. I heart my breathing like wind through my ears, I felt Jacobs warmth, skin felt to be on fire. His face drew close to me, his eyes never leaving mine as I watched in anticipation, I turned my neck feeling his feverish lips pressed against the pulse of my neck, sending my pulse into a frenzy. His lips tread across my skin ever so lightly as he gripped my waist firmly, I couldn’t move.. His hands then cupped my face rolling my face to look at him… I felt his breath on my lips.. I closed my eyes and panted.. His breath had felt scorching hot and humid, beads of sweat rolled down my skin as I became engulfed in lust. Desire over riding my overwhelming love for Edward. Not sure what had come over me, for the moment, I didn’t mind he had even been witness to this.. My body ached for Jacob as he laid his big firm hands on me.

“ You want me Bella… you can’t resist, if you want me to take you , I can have you.. He cannot have you the way I can!” He said whispering against my lips, I slowly closed my eyes, fighting it less and less as I waited in much anticipation for his lips to touch mine. Finally, his body pressed to mine, and so did his lips. I melted into his kiss, his lips were eager and kissed with force as the hormones raged through his body. My thoughts were in a daze. My heart beat echoed through the woods, my breath like a strong wind force. I was afraid I was no longer able to resist, afraid Jacob had won.

“ No!!! I will not let you destroy her Jacob Black, you repulse me you vile mutt!” Edward said, his eyes full of rage.

He looked to me “ Sorry Bella!” He whispered, his face then transformed into something horrific, he was no longer the beautiful flawless and gentle Edward, he was something dark.. Almost demonic, his eyes were lava red and glowing with anger and hatred. For once, I had been taken aback and feared Edward, I’d never seen him look such a way. He grabbed Jacob and hurled him against a tree.

“ No!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled as I began to run towards Jacob.

“ STAY BACK!” Edward ordered as he launched himself towards Jacob, Jacob quickly jumped to his feet, transforming into a wolf. I watched in horror, could It possibly be that my eyes deceived me? If this was some sort of horrible nightmare.. I wanted to wake up. I couldn’t be made to watch as the two significant loves of my life annihilated one another. It would surely destroy me. Edward revealed his large protruding fangs as Jacob pounced on him. Going straight for Edward’s jugular. I heard the sound of Jacobs fangs piercing through the many layers of Edward’s flesh and tissue. Jacob viciously flung his head from side to side, ripping his skin deeper and deeper, making the hole wider and wider. Blood was gushing out of Edward’s neck. Jacob stopped for a second, the wolf hovering over growling hungrily.

“ Go on, do it.. Finish me! I’m nothing without Bella. A life without love is to not live at all!” He taunted convincingly, his voice full of agony.

Jacob happily obliged launching at him once more. Edward let out a scream in defeat. I didn’t understand, he wasn’t even fighting. Why wasn’t he fighting? Edward could take him, I knew he could if he wanted to. He was a lot stronger than the others, he was quick. But instead, he practically sacrificed himself to Jacob. Like he had no will at all. My heart ached, my stomach lurched, I tasted stomach vile on my tongue as I watched horrified. I felt like I had been dying. Panic washed over me, it had been a task to breathe. I couldn’t hardly catch my breath, I was hardly in control any more. Each breath growing quicker, each inhalation shorter. Edward’s face transformed again, back to his normal kind face, his golden eyes, his gentle features. He was my angel again. He laid on the ground wreathing, blood gurgling with his breath. I quickly ran towards him, taking his hand in mine.

“ oh my…oh my god.. Edward… what were you thinking?… Edward…why didn’t you fight?” I said hysterically, trying to catch my breath, tears flooding from my eyes.

“I’d already died a long time ago, when your love for me burnt out like an old flame!” He said, as he choked up some blood.

“ Your bleeding, there’s… so… much… blood. I don’t know what to do, tell me what to do?” I asked frantically as I tried to close the huge gash in his open and bleeding wound.

“ Let it be. Have mercy on my soul… let me finally pass on. I have been but a tortured soul long enough. I’m nothing but a broken man now… Bella… go… be happy… all I want is for you to be happy!” He said. “ To the world, you are but one, to me…you are simply my world and nothing less… I…, I.., love you ..Isabella Swann!” He said , his voice a whisper as it trailed off.. His body went rigid, his eyes staring into deep nothingness. He was gone, Edward was dead.. He wasn’t coming back. I’d destroyed him.. I destroyed his will to live.

“ Edward please.. Edward… I love you too.. I love you more than anything.. I didn’t mean it.. I didn’t mean it Edward. Ed-.., Edward… don’t leave me.. I can’t be alone…You swore you’d never leave me again!” I begged him, tears streaming down my face rapidly, my every breath a struggle as I felt to be drowning within my skin. Kissed his lips one last time, though they had felt to be warm and lively, his cheeks with a tint of red to them, his skin now having color, his eyes different then id ever seen them before.. They were a captivating shade of blue…it had become clear.. In his death, his immortal soul had been freed of what he’d always thought to be his curse, his body was now human. Had he lived to see it, to feel it. How badly I wished that for him, that one chance. I ran my finger tips over his eye lids, closing them, kissing each one. And then laid my head on his chest, curled into the fetal position. Edward was dead, the love of my life was dead.

………I gasped…… quickly sitting up, heaving, trying desperately to catch my breath. I felt a cold arm around me tighten, it had been somewhat startling to me. “ Bella, what is it?… what’s the matter?.. Are you in any sort of pain?” I heard Edward’s voice from beside me. I quickly looked over, my fingers combed through my bangs gripping them tightly. Pure concerned watched over his face, .. His pale face.. His vampire face. “ Bella?” He asked again hugging me tighter, pushing my face to his chest as he ran his fingers through my hair kissing the top of my head. It was a dream…. Just a dream. I thought. But what does it mean?




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