Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


13. Love Bites ( Edwards p.o.v)

The air outside had been chilling to the bone, and fog escaped our lips in a thick cloud as we spoke. I sat in the corner of the tent as far away from Bella as possible so that the poor dear would not entirely freeze to death. She had been shivering profusely and her lips had a slight tint of purple to them as they quivered and her teeth chattered. It had been times like these I wished my heart had radiated as much warmth as it did ooze love, while my heart slowly thawed out every second I was with Bella, but instead, my body had been cold as ice, just like my heart that retired centuries ago. Bella had crawled into the sleeping bag, placing her hands together between her legs desperate for warmth, but the night had been unkind and un-forgivingly cold. I had found myself desperate at this point, I needed someone to keep Bella warm in a way that I had struggled to come to terms with that I’d never have been able to

“ I’ll be your personal space heater Bella!” Jacob said, his voice mirroring his smug look.

“na-na-no immmm f-f-f-ine!” Bella insisted clearly unable to survive this drastic temperature drop without sharing body heat with somebody, and clearly, it had to be Jacob, seeing my skin remained just as cold as the bitter weather.

“ nonsense, I will not stand by and watch you slowly going into shock initially resulting to you freezing to death Bella. I appreciate your careful consideration for my feelings. But this is hardly the appropriate place, nor time, for me to let jealousy impair my better judgment. I’d be a pitiful fool to let you go on suffering like this just because MY arms around you would only cause you more harm. So please…I insist.. Let Jacob hold you, in a way that I will never be able to.. Just this once!” I said swallowing down my pride as if swallowing down a large horse pill, choking on it. My eye brows narrowed.

“ Bella.. Just don’t even bother fighting it. After all, the blood sucker insists. Even HE knows how much better for you I am. I’ll definitely make you hot!” Jacob said snidely as he unzipped the sleeping bag quickly cozying up to Bella and re-zipping it around them as they fit snuggly into the sleeping bag. I knew exactly what kind of crude things he had in mind when he’d made that remark.. After all.. I couldn’t escape his thoughts, I’d been stuck in my own hell on earth. To watch as he thought as many impure thoughts of my girlfriend as humanly possible, while he held her in a way that I’d never be able to, right under my nose and I just had to bite my sharp tongue. Jealousy is a most un-handsome emotion to have, but I couldn’t help but to feel my way through it blindly.. Just this once.. In the proper situation.

“ You just be certain to watch your hands dog. Don’t try anything rash that may lead to something we both may ultimately regret later!” I hissed through my bared teeth.

Jacob chuckled smugly. “ Oh Edward, afraid she might actually enjoy it?” He laughed, a ridicules smile plastered a crossed his face.

“ Jake, st-st-stop it, now!” Bella said kneeing Jacob under the blanket.

“ ouch, Jeez, relax babe!” Jacob insisted while he laughed.

How much it had pleased me to see her inflict any kind of pain upon him. After all, it had hardly seemed comparable to the amount of pain my conflicting heart had bestowed. I then carefully observed Bella, noticing that her shivering had slowed and she hardly shivered at all now. Her eyes slowly began to close until finally drifting off to sleep. Jacob began to smooth some hair away from her face, she stirred a little in her sleep mumbling something. Her dreams intrigued me so. I’d wished so badly that I could float about weightlessly wandering through her dreams, unfortunately, that remained forbidden territory to me. So I continued to watch her in complete fascination, until Jacob fell asleep as well. His dreams had been revolting, the completely lude thoughts he had of Bella and his ridicules dream that portrayed Bella as a sex fiend bimbo that pined over him. He really was rather pathetic to have ever portrayed Bella as something so simple and easily predictable. Even if only in his dreams. He’d hardly paid enough respect for her due. I fought the uncontrollable urge to tear him to shreds with my bare hands, as hours passed and my eyes never looked away. I’d so badly wished that I could escape Jacob’s thoughts, his pathetic dreams, but unfortunately this had been my punishment for cheating death with eternal life. It hardly seemed fair.

I would just have to endure it. But what had been even worse, was the name my be-loved Bella muttered in her dream, un-like any typical nights dream for my Bella , it had not been my own name this time,… “ My Jacob”.. she muttered. It had been clear that he had obviously been making more of an impact on her then I’d given him credit for. He’d filled a rather big portion of her heart in my absence while I’d been away. It pained me to think of. Pushing aside the thoughts naïvely. How I’d known it deep down in the core of my heart. Finally, morning broke and Bella’s eyes fluttered open. “ Oh wow, its burning up in here!” Bella said trying to get up out of the snug sleeping bag when Jacob’s flung his arm over her pinning her down, I then picked his arm off of her disgusted as I unzipped the sleeping bag, immediately making him fall out onto the cold tent floor. “ youch!” He yelped rolling over on top of Bella, crushing her, the air trapped in her lungs underneath of his huge body, still not fully awake. I quickly ripped him off of her throwing him against the tent wall, causing the tent to shake as Bella gasped for air, finally catching her breath. Jacob quickly jumped up to his feet in a crouching position baring his teeth at me while he snarled. I crouched down as well ready to battle him to the death. “ Jacob please, .. don’t!” Bella cried out as we danced around each other. “ That leech messed with the wrong guy!” Jacob growled. “ You were crushing her you pathetic dog!” I growled back. “ Only because he was cold Edward.. He didn’t mean it. He didn’t mean any harm!” Bella insisted desperately. Our tense stare careful to never break. “ Please,… please don’t this you guys. Don’t you see what this is doing to me?” She said, her voice cutting through the thick tension like a knife. Finally I’d realized that she’d been right, I took a moment to study her expression that seemed full of worry and pain, tears had welled up in her eyes. I’d been so caught up in my fit of jealousy and so consumed with rage that I’d been so close to the idea of easily snapping Jacob in half and I hadn’t even considered her feelings. How selfish I’d been. Clearly, I was angry at myself for leaving Bella.. For allowing that void in Bella’s heart that she’d felt the need for Jacob to fill. It was a guilt that I’d forever carry. He would always have a portion of her heart and I’d have to learn to deal with it. I un-tensed as I growled and backed down for Bella’s sake. “ Coward!” Jacob spat. I would not contribute to his pettiness by continuing any further. “You can’t STAND the fact that she needed me more than she needed you last night, that she relied on me for something that she will never be able to rely on you for!” He continued hurling insults at me in an attempt to in-rage me. “ Rightfully so, it is me that remains the first thing in her mind when she wakes up and the last thing she sees when going to sleep, it is me that she has agreed to marry!” I mused smiling. “ WHAT?” Jacob howled looking at Bella, her face held both shock and guilt. “ I.. I.. um , ..I was going to…” she stumbled over the words when Jacob finally growled “ YOUR UNBELIEVABLE YOU KNOW THAT?!” And shot out of the tent, morphing into a wolf. It had been me who’d had the last laugh



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