Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


27. For as long as we both shall live ( edward's p.o.v)

As the pregnancy progressed, in return, Bella’s health Rapidly declined. It was extremely difficult for me to watch. Knowing that there was absolutely nothing I, nor anybody else could do to get her to change her damned mind. She loved this creäture, this baby, like no other. I didn’t know it was even possible to love something so much when you hadn’t even met it, it seemed absolutely absurd and illogical. But she did, just the way she spoke of it. Her voice would always get soft and calm whenever she’s speak of it. A smile always danced from her lips, no matter how sick she’d felt or how much pain she was in. It was quite masochistic. I couldn’t understand how she’d come to love such a thing that had already made it quite clear it was a murderer. Sucking the very life out of Bella as time pressed on. I knelt down beside of her, my face heavy with sorrow, as I looked into her beautiful brown pained eyes holding her small fragile hand in mine and kissed the back of it. She weakly smiled back at me and rubbed her stomach. She’d looked so weak, so helpless, and constantly as if she’d not had enough sleep. The very sight took every ounce of strength I had to stay strong. Knowing that at this point we had hardly enough time for me to be all mopey and foolish. Time wasn’t anything to be taken for granted at this particular point. “Hey!” She whispered softly, I leaned in closer, my face to her lips so that I could hear “ Don’t look so sad Edward! You’ve been acting like somebody died or something!” She laughed weakly, coughing in between her small giggles. Her poor choice in words had made me cringe, I quickly looked down to hide the agony in my eyes, in my very thoughts. The outcome still looking very grim.

  A smile slowly crept across her heart shaped face “ That was supposed to be funny! Funny.. You know.. Like ha, ha? -rolls eyes- I guess my jokes are as good as my lies huh?” She laughed nervously. No words could escape my lips though, My thoughts had been drowning in my woes. “ That bad huh?” She sighed combing her hair through her fingers. “ Bella, .. I.. I have not the strength to even joke right now. I can hardly find the will to go about each day!” I let out, my voice cracking. Her health was deteriorating, my Bella was fading.. In spirit and physically, this creäture was breaking her. Whenever her shirt would climb up her stomach, big dark purple and blue bruises could be seen about her body where the baby had kicked, she’d always been quick to pull her shirt down when she noticed the anguish in my eyes as I’d been so unfortunate to see. Tears began to fill her eyes as they searched mine “ Please Edward, I know your scared, but don’t look so damn sad all the time! Every movement I make, you're so jumpy, like I’m going to just drop dead or something!” She said, her voice angry “ We’re having a baby Edward, this is our baby inside of my stomach. I’m afraid Edward… god damn it, I’m so scared!” .. my eyebrows narrowed as the words pierced my heart and had confirmed my very fear, she had been scared.. Just as scared as I’d been. But was it for the same reasons that I’d had? I struggled to find the words “I’m sorry!” I coward, my voice barely audible. “ Yeah.. Well.. Don’t be Edward. That’s the last thing I want you to be. I don’t want you to be sorry. I’m scared.. But it’s not like that Edward, I’m scared because I’m afraid when I have our little E.J, if for whatever reason, something should go wrong.. You’ll resent him for taking me away Edward. And it can’t be like that.. I won’t have it Edward!” She whispered biting her lip, her hand still on her protruding stomach. “You might be all that he has!” a tear now streaking down her cheek. The subject had been so hard to speak of, but she was finally addressing it, the brutal reality of it all. She’d probably been right, I’d want to kill the thing the very moment it had seen the light of day. I’d harbored so much anger towards this evil monster. And every time she’d spoke of it like it was anything of significance, name and all, it only made my stomach churn with sickness and disgust.
I laid my head on her chest, listening to the sound of her heartbeats coming down in irregular slow thuds. It seemed to be what calmed me these days. Knowing that she was still with me for the moment. And if I was capable of sleeping, it would be my very own lullaby, lulling me off to a slumber to dream a sweet little dream, or maybe a nightmare? “Ouch!” She winced. My head shot up quickly. “Bella, what is it? Are you alright?” I asked quickly, ready to do whatever it was I could do to make her comfortable. She shook her head tucking her hair behind her ear and biting her lip, in pure concentration, then a small smile stretched across her face as she placed my reluctant hand to her stomach. I felt a strong kick to my hand.. I quickly drew it back.. It had almost frightened me how strong it had been, but what had frightened me more was the voice I’d heard. “What was that?” I asked. “Huh? I didn’t say anything!” Bella said confused. I listened harder.. What I’d heard next had made me gasp. It shocked me. It seemed to be the baby, a small faint voice, it told me how much it really liked Bella. “ Say something!” I suggested to Bella. “ um… like what?” she laughed, her face a little confused. A smile rose across my face “ She really likes your voice. She really loves you!” I assured Bella. “ What?” She asked “ What on earth are you talking about Edward?” , I smiled again pressing my forehead to hers “ I can hear her, she really seems to be comforted by the sound of your voice. I told her how much it had been hurting you every time she’d kick, she wasn’t aware. She said that she would do her very best to try to move as little as possible though her movement was constricted in the small area!” I told her.

  She gasped and covered her mouth, her hand shaking, tears streaming down her face. “ I knew she didn’t mean it!” Bella said smiling as the tears rolled down her cheek. I listened again, putting my ear to her stomach to listen more intently “ Apparently she likes my voice too!” I said, suddenly feeling a sense of proud ness, feeling accepted. This creäture.. It had become more real to me.. It had not sounded anything of the monster I had made it out to be.. It was oddly kind.. And I somehow could hear it’s thoughts, unlike Bella’s. It was my child, it was our child.. And HE was not even a HE at all, Infact, He .. Was a she. She was very fond of me, though my thoughts had been nothing but cruel lately. Bella hugged her stomach still smiling “ Of course she does” she whispered looking down at her stomach and then back at me “ You’re her daddy! And your going to be a great one! She’d probably have about as hard of a time resisting you as I already do!” She giggled. My heart felt a little at ease, a long with a strange warm feeling consuming it, the darkness that once loomed about was quickly being overwhelmed by a beautiful and desirable feeling, strangely familiar. I’d realized it was simply comparable to the feelings that I held for Bella, I realized that in just these few short moments I’d shared exploring our unborn child’s thoughts.. I’d come to love her, I’d grown to respect her. “ She can talk to you?” Bella said amazed? “Well no, not exactly!” I grinned, my hands still placed on her protruding abdomen. I could tell this only confused Bella further and had I been able to read her mind, questions would flow about overwhelmingly. “ I can hear her thoughts. It would seem as though she’s already very intellectual. The way she thinks is strikingly like that of a mature adult! It’s simply astonishing!” I said grinning. This amused Bella to great extents. I’d felt ashamed of myself, my face turning serious again. What sort of father had I been? So adamant to destroy this pregnancy up until now. “ Edward! Don’t!..” Bella whispered “ You only did what you knew had been right in your own mind. It only seemed fit to despise something that you knew nothing of but the fact that it had been making me weaker, luring me that much closer to death! I knew you’d love her Edward, if only there’d been some way to make you see, …she didn’t know. She couldn’t help it. I knew you’d come around.. She knew too!” She chuckled running her hand in small circular motions across her stomach. “It’s just in your nature!” I pondered what she said for a moment, my head reeling, it was true.. But I still wasn’t sure that I shouldn’t feel guilty. There was still no escaping the way a vampire child would escape the wound, sinking its teeth through the flesh until it savagely made its way to the surface. Fear sunk in. Suddenly Bella’s back arched and she began convulsing, her eyes rolling to the back of her head, the gurgling of blood in her throat, I quickly lifted her head so that her airway could be cleared, something had gone horribly wrong in just these few short moments, my thoughts ran wild, I’d been scared shitless. She fought to breathe through the blood she choked out, I stuck my finger in her throat clearing her airway out, blood spattered my shirt. She let out a shrill and suddenly fell limp. I quickly whisked her into my arms and shot up the stairs laying her down on the table. “ Rosemary!” I yelled as I had taken a wet wash cloth to Bella’s face as I dabbed around it gently. Within seconds she was at my side “ What happened?” She asked worriedly touching Bella’s stomach. “ I.. I’m not sure.. She started into convulsions and then suddenly went all ridged!” I said placing my ear next to her mouth to listen for breathing, she had slow and steady breaths. “ AND THE BABY?” Rosalie quickly asked. I hadn’t thought about that. I quickly placed my ear to her stomach, and listened intently.

  Suddenly Bella shrieked in agony just as I’d heard the baby, “She’s suffocating, she can’t breathe, the placenta detached itself!” I yelled panicking. “ WHAT? What are you waiting for? Then cut her open?” Rosalie shot back. How could she be so careless? What about Bella? We hadn’t given her any anesthesia. Apparently Bella had heard me though…” My baby SAVE MY BABY! JUST GET MY BABY OUT!” She yelled quickly before going completely limp again and losing consciousness. “Don’t you touch her!” I growled through my teeth I then pushed Rosalie aside with much force, taking the scalpel from her hands and cutting into Bella’s stomach.. Blood pooling to the top and streaking down the sides of her stomach, I reached in and pulled the baby out. She looked up at me.. Her beautiful brown eyes staring up at me calmly and content..it was vaguely familiar, oddly captivating, like I’d been looking into Bella’s eyes..she was gorgeous, so flawless. Her mood had been so much different then the tense surroundings, she didn’t cry at all. It’s like she knew I’d save her.. It’s like she knew Bella wouldn’t let her suffocate. “ How is she?” Rosalie asked concerned? “ She’s fine! Here, take her, QUICK!” I yelled anxiously as I handed her off to Rosalie, having hardly enough time to admire her. Bella was not moving and had lost a lot of blood. I quickly ripped my shirt off and held it against her huge gaping wound with much pressure as I frantically tried to stop the bleeding, my shirt had been soaked through with blood within seconds. I’d realized having lost such great amounts of blood I had to act quickly.. I bit the cap off of a needle of a syringe I had filled up earlier with my venom in case of an emergency and plummeted it straight into her heart, a pop echoed through the air. I checked her pulse but there was nothing “ come on, come on Bella!” I begged.. “ Breathe Bella!” I then began to blow full breaths into her lungs
And began compressions.. 1...2..3.. “come on Bella, BREATHE damn it” ..long full breaths… 1.…2.…3 …nothing… “Bella, please..baby…please don’t do this.. Be strong my love.. Come back to me!” I begged her..my voice horse… long full breaths…compressions… “ Bella, oh god, Bella please.. I need you… Bella.. Our daughter needs you! Don’t leave, you can’t go yet.. I’ll do anything.. I will turn you RIGHT now as long as you come back to me, so long as it means I don‘t have to go on without you, Bella..you are my life…you hear that? You are the reason for my very existence !” I said frantically, fighting the strain in my voice. I’d hoped that the venom would spread quickly through her blood stream. A couple full breaths and a couple sets of compressions and I’d heard her heart begin to beat again, slow and steady, I heard the beautiful sound of slow and shallow breaths dancing from her pale purple lips. I then moved the hair away from her neck, sliding my hand underneath of it and lifting it as I sunk my teeth into her neck, the sweet taste of her blood on the tip of my tongue, I ignored its sensational taste and quickly moved on to the inside of her arm, and then her wrist.. I’d given her blood no thought.. I could lose her at any moment.. I’d already been so close, I ran my tongue across her wounds, sealing them shut with my venom, along with the huge gaping wound in her mutilated stomach.

  Now all I could do was wait.. It seemed absolutely unbearable.. The wait had been the hardest part. I’d hardly given my daughter the proper attention because I’d been too worried about if I’d gotten to Bella in time.. 3 days had passed and she had not regained consciousness, her heart had stopped and so had her breathing. I wasn’t sure if it had meant I’d lost her, or if it had meant the venom spread, I sat at her bedside the whole time, holding her hand to my cheek, pleading with her to come back. “ Bella,… please..open your beautiful eyes. Please move one of your beautiful little fingers! Do something to let me know you're in there, I‘m at your mercy, I beg of you to do something.., to do anything!” I whispered to her, tears in my voice. But I’d gotten no movement. My heart sank in my chest as it become more and more apparent just how late my attempt must have been. “ Carlisle, it’s been 3 long days already, and nothing.. No improvement! Maybe I.. maybe I just didn’t get to her in time?” I whimpered, the thought absolutely gut-wrenching. “ Give it a little more time Edward. You did your best. You’ve seriously amazed me at your attempt Edward. You did much more than I could have offered at that point. All we can do is wait now.. Let the venom run its course!” He instructed. I then dropped to my knee’s, and pushed aside all the pride I had of a flawed man, I needed god, I needed him to be on my side. I put my hands together and began to pray my words oozing desperation “ Dear god, please, please don’t leave me empty. Doomed to wonder this lonely earth for century’s without my Bella. Spare her.. She is young, a girl like her is meant to do so much more with this life she’s been blessed with, she is meant to touch every life she enters, captivating every heart as she’s done with mine. Please, if you will just spare her, I will give myself up to the burning depths of hell if Bella can be spared!“ I choked. I continued to hold her hand, laying my head on her chest for what seemed like hours…reality seemed cold and harsh right now…I felt so numb.. But yet my chest hurt so bad.. I felt like I was suffocating.. Yet I didn’t even breathe.. When suddenly.. I felt her twitch underneath of me, I quickly jolted my head up.. “ Bella? My love?” I said touching her cheek with the back of my hand , her eyes fluttered open and she quickly flew across the room to the wall and hissed at me. I’d been filled with nothing but triumph that it had worked, she was alive.. My attempt had done all but failed. My Bella was alive and was one of us. At this point.. I couldn’t have been happier she was a vampire.




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