Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


23. Dream a little dream ( Bella's p.o.v)

   My head lay on his chest, I imagined his heart beating. Knowing what music it would be to my ears. In a way, I sort of envied Edward for being able to have these kinds of moments with me, and not being able to have those kinds of moments with him. For a moment, I let myself drift away deep in thought. Imagining what it would be like to be like him, so flawless, so graceful. Imagine that? Me…Bella Swann, Graceful? Hhmp. Right, I laughed a little subconsciously as I tripped over my own thoughts. I then regained my thoughts continuing this day dream of mine. Could it be? Off in the distance I seen a beautiful girl long brown hair, so perfect, with glints of red wine highlights flowing through it when the sun beamed down on it. Her eyes sent a shiver down my spine, they were a beat red, but the rest of her was so flawless, her skin so pale and marble like. She was gorgeous, so dazzling, so alluring. “Bella!” I heard a familiar yet distant voice, sucking me deeper into my day dream. It was my Edward’s voice, I’d recognize it anywhere. I tried looking around in my mind, but I couldn’t find me anywhere. Just the angelic looking mysterious budding brunette that my daydream seemed to be focusing on. Edward came up behind her, with the most beautiful little boy, on his shoulders, he couldn’t me more than 3 years old, Amazing! He looked so much like my Edward. The same reddish-brown hair like Edwards, honey eyes just the way I loved Edwards eyes to be, when he was most kind and compassionate, his skin also pale, marble, and perfect. But seemingly odd enough, it looked almost too familiar looking into his eyes… it was almost like… like looking into my own? How strange. He was the perfect mixture of Edward, with.. With a little of me?.. But that made no sense. Where was I? Could this possibly be what a child with Edward Cullen would look like should we ever have one? “Mommy!” The little boy shrieked as he giggled excitedly. The beautiful woman’s face instantly lit up as she picked him up and spun him around in the field. With his hand shoved in his pants pocket, Edward wrapped his free arm around her and smiled, seemingly amused as well, when he then brushed his lips across hers. I felt a twinge of jealousy, an ache in my stomach. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see anymore.

But it was what I heard next that made me once again concentrate. “I thought you two boys were going to be out hunting all night?” the womans smooth voice ringed. “Well, that was the plan originally. But little Edward Jacob here and I decided that we just couldn’t bare to be away any longer, besides, I could no longer hear your thoughts. I’d wondered away too far. And that made me all the more eager to get back to you!”…Edward Jacob? …what?…like MY Edward?…like my Jacob? My favorite machanic?..Now I was really getting angry, just what kind of sorcery was this woman capable of? To have my Edward in need of her company so much,? To have him so giddy to see her? To agree to allow her to name what seemed like ‘their’ child Edward Jacob, having only his greatest known enemy’s name cleverly thrown in there? How was Edward able to hear HER thoughts and not mine? Was I not good enough? I mean.. I’d always known it was something he so badly longed for.. But I never thought it would drive him to look elsewhere.. But MOST of all, why did he look at her so intensely? So lovingly? As if everything and everybody else was non-existent, irrelevant at the moment, just like he looked at me. “Edward, you are so silly sometimes, what am I going to do with you?” she laughed, her voice weightless. “hmm” he said actually pondering the question “well, we will reach a decision on a just punishment tonight!” He teased. I could feel my face turning bright red. But then I began to put it all together, to rewind through all of which I just seen, every word, every action, it all so vaguely familiar to me in some way. I remembered Edward called out my name earlier, and the little boy who had my eyes, and come to think of it.. The girl had some small resemblances to me, only perfection at its best. I stopped dead in my tracks at that thought. I gasped, IT WAS ME! The child, that perfect child I’d seen, he was mine. All mine! I was, I was a vampire?

“Bella? Bella? !” I heard Edward calling out to me, shaking my shoulders, as I was suddenly ripped away from the perfect dream and back to consciousness. Edwards face was just inches from mine, his onyx eyes intensely examining my face. I caught a quick glimpse of my expressionless and blank stare in the reflection of his beautiful eyes. It was as if I was petrified. I thought I might want to rein habit my body before the poor boy had a panic attack. My body jolted, I gasped grasping my ribs tightly, heaving for the air to come back to my lungs, for the pressure to release from my chest. The tears spilled over my eyes and down my cheek. Edward looked even more frightened now, seeing me in such hysterics.” Are you alright?” He asked concerned, a wrinkle in his forehead. I kept fighting to catch some air, to catch a break, to regain composure, for the thousands of thoughts running through my head to finally stop, there was no answer. “Bella, please, are YOU alright?” he said now cupping my face in his hands so that I made eye contact. Almost instantly the look of pleading in his beautiful eyes sent a sort of calmness to wash over my body.
I regained some control over my nerves, the tension and the ache slowly began to fade, my breaths began to even and steady. “shhhhh” he whispered. “ That’s right Bella. Breathe.. Just breathe. Slow and steady breaths!” He coached, his hand on my neck underneath of my hair pulling me closer to his face, his forehead now resting on mine, our eyes still fixed on each other. It was amazing just how much of an affect his words had on me, it was almost like the feeling of when Jasper was around and you suddenly felt calm. I could already feel my tears start to slow down until almost no more. “Perfect, you are doing beautifully. Just perfect!” He said sweetly and kissed my forehead, pulling me into a hug, my face in his buried into his chest, taking in his sweet scent. Finally, the tears had come to a rest. He had been waiting for this before he spoke again. He drew back slowly, my face looked up at his. “ so.. Are you going to tell me what that was all about?” he asked, concern still in his eyes. I bit my bottom lip and thought about it for a moment before shaking my head. I.. I couldn’t. He wouldn’t want to hear about it. It would only make him angry. Make him feel like I’m only pushing harder for him to make the change. Besides, it was only a dream. I’d be a fool to think it ever to be any different. I mean.. a perfect world where Edward could somehow hear my thoughts? A world where we had a child? Where I was as angelic and inhumanly perfect as Edward? A world of compromise where Edward had finally decided to change me? I felt myself cringe, tasting a bit of the saltness of blood touch the tip of my tongue, I quickly let up. “ Was it a bad dream?” he had taken a guess. I swallowed hard, shaking my head once again. “ Then what was it?… Bella.. Please, throw me a line here, I’m drowning. I have not even the slightest inkling of what’s going through your head and it’s driving me nuts!” He said with an uneasy laugh followed with a smirk.

  “Oh Edward!” I sobbed throwing my arms around him “ It was perfect!” I gasped, feeling my eyes well up with tears again. “ Enough to get you worked up in a fit of hysterics?.. Bella, you really are a very peculiar person! I don’t think you will ever stop taking me by surprise!!” He laughed shaking his head. “ But you could!” I quickly gushed, without thinking, the words flowing from my lips. His look suddenly changed to curiosity “ come again?” he asked. I couldn’t hold back anymore, I wanted to tell him about my wonderful dream, I wanted to shout it to the world. “ In my dream Edward! You could hear my thoughts!” shaking his head ,he laughed “impossible!” But he seemed even more interested now. “ And what else in this silly little dream of yours?” he played along. “ Well, I was… I was gorgeous. Impossibly beautiful like a cherub. Flawless!” Edward laughed again “ That was no dream Bella, that right there, what you just described to me? Was through my eyes, seeing yourself finally, just as I’ve always seen you!, Are you sure you haven’t tapped into my thoughts somehow? It’s as if it were my dream, If only able I were able to dream!” He said astonished. “ We had a child!” I went on excited before quickly interrupted “ NO!” he growled “ Absolutely not! No children!” my heart sank a little “ I’m sorry Bella” he sympathized “ It’s just…that sort of thing is too risky. You could most certainly die. I could never be so careless with you, never allow myself to lose control like that. . No human has ever survived when pregnant with a vampire. Their strength, even in the womb is.. Is incredible, and their thirst for blood is like that of a newborn, they thrive on it, they thrive on your blood!” He shuttered, the thought repulsing him. I began to think it impossible this dream would ever come true but I still pressed on. “ Would you please, just humor me Edward?” I shot back. “ This was MY dream Edward! Don’t you want to know what else? Don’t you want to know what he was?” I went on. “HE? “ He said, playing along. “Yes he!” I nodded smiling thinking of the dream again. “ Alright.. Go on!” He said trying to sound half way interested but failed miserably, I ignored it though and continued. “ He was so beautiful. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen of course, besides you that is. He was a perfect mixture of you and I both and yet exactly like you!” I bragged. “ Our little E.J!” , “E.J?” he asked confused. “mhm” I nodded “ Our Edward Jacob!” He winced a little bit, I heard a growl deep in his chest, I could tell the thought made him un easy a little, but he kept quiet, listening for me to continue the rest of my story, he could never deny me something that made me so happy, especially talking of this. “ You were so happy. It felt like I’d died and gone to heaven. And me, well, …Edward.. I… I was a vampire!” I gushed. “ Bella, now don’t you think you are getting a little too carried away here?” He snapped. “ First me being able to hear your thoughts? Then you somehow being able to carry a vampire baby and somehow live to be in my future? The ONLY way you’d have been able to do that is if I had turned you at some point before than, and that’s impossible! I would never unless your life force hung in balance! And at any rate, that’s just foolish and…well.. Just plain stupid!” He spoke through his teeth seemingly angry. “ No Edward, it was not stupid! He was real, and you loved him just as much as me, and I… I was a vampire.. And you were happier then I’d ever seen you before, why can’t you just see that?” I croaked through the tears in my voice.

  “ Because Bella, children just don’t exist in a world consisting of you and I. It never can. And I feel absolutely terrible about it. I really do. It’s one of the many things I ponder every one of my sleepless nights, thinking about all the things that I’m robbing you of just by you being with me and yet again one of the many things Jacob Black would be able to give you that I cannot if only you chose to be with him!” He spoke softly, apologetically , touching my leg. “ If only you had a fighting chance, if only you could see clearly instead of everything about me, being this monster, drawing you in!” I shuttered thinking of this, remembering all too well when he had left me alone, I was so empty, so incomplete, I thought it would never get better, I thought my head would never resurface “No! Edward! Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare try to blame this on what you are!” I snapped, half way angry at him “ Bella, you never stood a chance!” He whispered, his head drooped down “ I’m perfectly capable of deciphering my own feelings Edward, and making my own damn decisions. I know enough to know that this is more than just some sort of hypnotic spell I linger under. It is unlike anything I have EVER felt before Edward, it is love! My heart feels full! And I don’t want Jacob Black.. I don’t want his STUPID babies Edward, I want you.. I want this.. I want US!” I argued, his expression loosening up a little, he nodded again, his a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. “ And I don’t know what it was Edward, I don’t know what made you decide to change your mind in my dream, what ultimately led to you turning me into a vampire, but maybe it was that.. Maybe you thought there was a chance of me dying? So you pulled me back to you, you turned me. Maybe it had something to do with me giving birth to our child?.. I don’t know.. It …it just was.. And it seemed so natural!” His body tensed up, he had the same look of agony on his face from when Jane had tortured him, his eyes looking just like Esme’s when she would have cried if she had known how. I could tell he did not enjoy playing with the idea that I had ever been/ would ever be that close to death. “Bella, please, can we just…not do this? I really would like to talk about something else!” He begged, his voice soft and quiet. I knew when to drop it, after all, I hated seeing him in pain like that, and I hated arguing with my Edward, so I agreed. “I suppose. For now!” I warned, he mustered up a small smile. You could tell it was a conversation he never wanted to go back to. “ So tell me, more of this reading your mind you speak of?” He said, that huge grin I loved so much stretching across his beautiful face. He was relentless. I laughed rolling my eyes.






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