Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


3. (Crimson and silk ( Edward's p.o.v)


 I slowly laid back next to Bella, the tall grass molding around our bodies, as the grass swayed back and forth with a slight breeze her smell had become that much more alluring to me… my throat was dry and ached but I resisted it, as her sweet smell of lilac and freesia lingered in my nostrils tempting me. I kept my eyes locked on hers to watch for any kind of uncertainty or fear she might have for what was to happen next, any glimpse she might not truly want to be involved in something so risqué and dangerous, but anticipation was heavy in her eyes, and a calming fondness for me. She truly had been unique, in a way, nieve..completely oblivious to the threat I posed. I waited for the sun to break through the overcast. I waited patient and silently, gazing into her captivating brown eyes, lost in them. Finally I felt the sun’s warmth against my skin, I knew that my true form had been revealed to Bella. I soaked up the sun, my skin glimmering in the sunlight. Her eyes widened as she gasped stroking my face in disbelief. I closed my eyes feeling her finger tips gently caress my cheek “ This is what I am Bella, this is why I cannot go out in the sun. I’m a vampire!” I revealed to her ashamed.

“Oh my gah… your…your beautiful. Your skin is like diamonds!” She said astonished.

“ I’ll understand if you never want to see me again. In fact, I wouldn’t blame you at all!” I said to her, now looking her in the eyes.

She quickly shook her head “ never.…never see you again?” she breathed “ no… it’s not like that at all. I could never!” She quickly stumbled across her words biting her bottom lip staring at my own hungrily. I too looked at hers and them back up at her eyes, quickly looking away, swallowing hard, feeling ashamed at myself , feeling quite bitter.

I felt her warm hand slide into mine, I quickly pulled my hand away and jumped to my feet hissing. “It IS that way. This can never be. I…I wanted to kill you… I have never wanted a human’s blood so badly, your blood… it’s become an addiction!” I hissed.

“ But you didn’t, …. Edward… you didn’t kill me. You wouldn’t, I… I’m not afraid of you!” She said, her eye lids fluttering swiftly like the wings of a butterfly.

“ Bella, I could easily out run you, I’m stronger then you, everything about me draws you in… the way I look, my scent… as if I’d need any of that!” I scoffed coldly. How badly it hurt me to deny her, when I was so strongly drawn to her already, enchanted by her. She had me under her spell already without any sorcery being involved.

She walked up to me, her eyes looking up to me, I reached my hand up to touch her face. “ I…I trust you!” She said bravely, full of certainty. I’d almost wished she hadn’t. A part of me had felt an immense relief.

“ Do you?” I asked drawing in closer, my hand on the back of her neck slowly tilting her head back as I neared her pulsing throat.

“yes!” she said closing her eyes and swallowing as she felt my chilling breath on her skin.

I then shut my eyes tightly as I endured the pain of the invisible flames licking the inside of my throat that had been unbearably dry and pressed my lips to her warm flesh, my lips tingling with a liveliness, her pulse racing under my lips. I then drew back… her eyes met mine in a daze, her breath heavy. I placed my hand over her beating heart, feeling her heart beats coming down under my palm.

“ And so the lion fell in love with the lamb?” I whispered meeting her gaze.

“ what a stupid lamb!” She said looking at my lips.

“ What a sick masochistic lion!” I laughed sarcastically, looking to her lips as well.

There had been a long silence, as we started to draw closer to each other like earths gravitational pull, I then quickly re-evaluated the situation and flung her over my shoulder onto my back. She instinctively clung to my neck. “ You’d better hold tight!” I told her as I raced through the tree’s careful not to smash into them, finally stopping once we had reached the truck. I had noticed that Bella had forgotten to breathe, her face had begun to turn a light shade of gray. I chuckled a little at the sight of her, her hair a hot mess, she instantly let out a deep breath, opening her eyes as she started to teeter over a little off balance. I placed my hands on her hips to steady her as I smiled down at her. “ Would you like to sit down?” I asked smugly.

“ No, I’m fine!” She said stubbornly as she than placed her hand on my stomach and slowly moved it up to my chest, looking at her own hand, her breathing steadied. I looked down at her hand as well. I’d been taken by surprise at how good it had felt and how much desire I’d had festering under my skin. I ached for something more than her blood now.. I ached to know what it had felt like to feel her lips to mine, to kiss someone for the very first time. She then slowly looked up at me as I looked down at her, staring at each other’s lips hungrily. I inched towards her lips, my face near hers… “ I’ve always wanted to try something. don’t move!” I said testing my own limits as I drew closer to her lips, both our breaths quickening, the warmth of her sweet breath on my lips, she continued to look at me, drawing closer to me. “ Be still!” I shook me head slightly, as I then closed my eyes tightly and endured the burning in my throat again, until finally I felt the warmth of her breath radiating on my lips like the suns rays on my skin.. I continued forward nervously until my lips met hers, it had been like I had my lips pressed to the burning sun, her crimson lips had felt like the most sensational velvet silk, my lips searched hers as if to explore some place new for the very first time. Her fingers twisted through the hair on the nape of my neck, her cheek burning underneath of my hand and my other hand resting on her hip, I pulled her closer against me, her body pressed to mine as we eagerly kissed one another, her warmth sending a chill through me. It had felt so perfect, .. So much bigger then I’d ever dreamt it to be, I realized now what I’d been missing out on for so long. It almost seemed tragic. And here I was feeling her lips to mine, wanting nothing more than to have her, to have my way with her, but my thirst grew stronger… I quickly drew back.

“stop!” I heaved.

“what’s wrong!” she asked breathlessly.

“ I’m a lot stronger than I thought!” I told her. Amazed at my ability to resist the temptation, the sweetest sin bellowing to me, the urge to bite her.

“Yeah.. I.. I wish I could say the same!” She laughed embarrassingly as she bit her lip leaning against the truck.

“ I must never lose control with you! I could never live with myself knowing that I’ve hurt you!” I said looking at her pensively.

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