Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


28. Conviction ( Edwards p.o.v)

In all of my convicted lifetime, i’d witnessed some horrific things, things no man could get by without his dreams being haunted by such events. But none in which i’d witnessed could amount to what I now witnessed before my very eyes. Bella, so very frail and fragile in such agony, as she felt every moment, arched her back in pain, tears streaming down her face as her arms fumbled around in search of something, as if to feel for my presence, to make certain I had not left her side. I cringed at the tortures pain she endured as she lay nearly mangled by our child whom she’d so unselfishly invested her body and faith into making certain would live to see the light of day, but not without great sacrifice, she now paid a feverishly high price. “Bella, I’m here, she’s alright, the baby is here” I said , a small smile gracing my face, as I looked down at the tiny little baby that lay warm in my arms. “ My baby? She...she’s alright? Ed..Edward..I want to see her..please..let me just..I need to know she is alright!” She spoke quickly stumbling over her words. “Of course Bella, of course”...I spoke in nearly a whisper as a natural instinct being in the presence of a baby as I handed her over to Bella without delay ,guiding her into Bella’s arm carefully. I took great pride in watching the two of them together when united. My world had now been completed, my meaning in life had now become clear, I was exactly where I was to be, with the two most beautiful girl’s in all of god’s existence. He had for whatever reason bestowed mercy upon the martyr. I stroked her hair lovingly, my lips kissing away the beads of sweat on her forehead as she looked down at our beautiful baby girl and then back up at me, tears of joy streaming down her face. It was in that moment, I'd envied her ability to shed tears, as I do believe I would have. For once I was proud and un-ashamed..I’d thought she would now give it a rest about becoming a vampire, but, I was sadly mistaken.

“ I have everything a man could desire. No riches could amount to this love I have for the two of you. As love is a poor man’s gold!” I spoke against her hand as I kissed it softly.

“Not everything” She then said. “How so?” I asked confused. “ Edward, I'm not a vampire yet” she said persistently. “Really?I hadn’t noticed?” I said in a sarcastic attempt to persuade her from the subject. “You hadn’t noticed how rugged I am Edward? How I look like complete and total crap right now?I..I’m so embarrassed”. My eyebrows furrowed as I scoffed. “Bella..you just gave life to my child..our child..you look unforsakingly beautiful in my eyes!” I assured her. “Edward..please?” She pleaded weakly. “Bella, I grow tired of this argument every day. It is a struggle not only with myself, but with you. I try so very hard to make certain you are showered with everything you could possibly want, as you’ve given me all I could possibly ask for just by your mere existence and now this child. But this request Bella, I cannot condemn you to such hell. Your beautiful soul will become tarnished. You could quite possibly lose yourself in all of this, and I cannot allow it..I will not allow it!” I tiredly argued. “Edward, ..you don’t know a THING ..about your soul. Your eyes are the window to your soul and in your eyes lies one of the most compassionate and unselfish men i’ve ever..i’ve ever seen. I could only wish to be seen as your equal Edward!” Bella pressed on. “So stubborn” i scoffed with a smile. “I’m dying Edward, right now, i’m..I’m dying as we speak , and if you don’t turn me now..then you will have to lose me forever Edward, is that what you want? To just let me go? “ She said her voice now rasp. Those words struck my heart like barbed wire wrapped around it and twisting about. “Your not..Bella..not for a while at least!” I had not wanted to think of what it was like to lose her, as I’d already felt it before and it nearly was the death of me, I was afraid to think of what it would be if it had actually happened, as I now had a little baby girl who depended upon me. So nieve and innocent. The thoughts that consumed me were quickly shaken back to reality when Bella let out a shriek and her eyes rolled to the back of her head, I quickly took Renesmee from her arms that had fallen limp. “Renesmee no” I reprimanded her. “Rosalie, quick, take her”. I said handing her to Rosalie quickly in attempt to resuscitate Bella. I quickly began administering CPR.

“Bella..come on Bella..don't do this!” I said speaking through my teeth as I administered chest compressions. The color quickly flooding from her face. nothing.

My hands slipping around in her blood as I tried to apply pressure to her wounds. “Bella, come on...Bella..COME ON!” I said, administering CPR again. I could no longer hear her blood flowing nor her heart palpitating. A war had been going on inside of my mind at this very moment. My Bella was no longer breathing, her heart no longer beating, her fate lay in my hands literally, my breath filled her lungs..her every beat of her heart beneath my hand and every compression, the color quickly fading from her face, from a beautiful pink to a dull ash. I struggled with my own demons, my self loathing hatred for what I was and my quest to make certain Bella didn’t lose herself in this journey. But all the same, I couldn’t just let her die. Bella was right, it would be as if i’d given up on her, as if I didn’t want her and I did..I wanted her so badly. I needed her as she is my world. If I were selfish for wanting her here with me for an eternity than for once, just once, I was going to do something for myself. I was going to turn her, as she would always be the Bella I know and love. In that moment, a decision had been made, I acted quickly hoping that my actions weren't too late. I plunged a needle full of my venom into her heart and then licked closed her wound with my venom. Making certain I did everything I possibly could to turn her..I then bit her wrist and then the crook of her arm and her neck, never stopping compressions so that maybe it would push the venom through her blood. Now all that was left to do was to wait. To simply let the rest lie in fate’s hand, which was completely aloof, as up until now, I wasn’t even certain I believed in such a thing. But now, in this moment, I had to, I had to believe in anything I could. To keep me from losing all sanity I had held onto up until this moment, to keep me from crumbling to my knee’s. I watched closely and tirelessly and yet there had been no movement from Bella, none. My heart slowly dissolving into my chest as I began fearing the worst. “Bella please, listen to me, listen to my voice and find your way back to me. I need you here Bella, you have to fight. I cannot exist without you. Please don't make me exist without you. I’d die an eternity in hell if I had to exist in a world where you do not exist. You ARE my life now Bella. I’d never known what it was like to be alive..if at all, until i’d met you and now that I have, I cannot ever forget you. So please don’t make me try. I need you.. our little girl needs her mother, she needs you to not give up and to fight for your life just as much as you’d fought for hers. I could raise her Bella” i spoke through the lump in my throat “ but I could never replace a mother’s love to our daughter, I couldn’t give her your qualities Bella..without you, she wouldn’t thrive to get the things she believes in..the things she so badly wants even if not being properly heard out. She could quite possibly become a push over like me and devote her whole life to making others happy rather than herself and if she’s not happy in life , Bella, i’d might as well watch you die all over again!” I went on. My head falling in failure as there had still been no movement. “ I did it Bella, it’s better late then never right? Just open your eyes Bella and you will be one of us. Please, you cannot get rid of me so easily, just open your eyes!” I said holding her fingers to my lips, they’d grown cold as I could no longer feel the warmth, giving a light squeeze hoping that she would in return squeeze my hand back




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