Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


20. Blood Lust ( Edwards p.o.v)

  I lay next to Bella just listening to her steady breathing and her heartbeats coming down as usual. To me, this was the most serene sound, it was surprisingly soothing to me. It was torture waiting for her to wake up, the hours seemed like a lifetime to me. But I could wait, I must. I certainly could not interfere with her sleep that had been so precious. Bella began talking in her dream with soft moans every once so often, then sat up quickly tears streaming down her face as she’d been in a fit of hysterics. I quickly took her hand in away from her face and held it between my own and wiped her stray tears away. Bella sobbed excessively and how much this pained me to see, it had been absolutely terrible, my heart sank in my chest. I absolutely despised not being able to hear thoughts and felt so oblivious to her needs at times such as these.

“Bella, love, please, what is it? Have I hurt you?” I asked her feeling quite ashamed and worried, my eyes pleading with her, my expression soft. Her warm hand touched to mine that lay on her beautiful rose cheek. She had looked to be full of anguish and her thoughts uncertain. She had definitely made it a point to avoid eye contact with me at all costs. Bella knew that I was unable to read her thoughts and my only chance has been to look into her eyes and try to decipher her thoughts and her feelings. But at this point, I was desperate.

“Bella, please? I can’t bare the thought that I’d ever done anything rash to hurt you!” I went on, my thoughts clouded and thick with worry.

My words must have penetrated deep and past the shield she had put up. Something I’d said finally caused her to open up to me, or perhaps it was my tortured expression? “ No,…no! It’s not that!” She said quietly and barely audible as she wept. Every once so often it would seem that she had been sifting through her memories and her thoughts and her sobs would become heavier. I really needed to know what had been troubling her so badly by this point. Seeing her in pain had been my greatest weakness.

“ Then please, Bella, what is it that has you so worked up? I must know!” I insisted, the desperation oozing from my words as I stroked her cheek and lifted her chin forcing her gaze to meet mine. Just as I’d suspected, looking into her deep brown eyes that were full of so much pain and anguish, I shifted in my place as it made me feel somewhat uneasy. My eyes never looked away, I searched her eyes for any signs, I’d been drowning. Her tears came to a steady slow and she then leaned forward twisting her fingers through my hair as she kissed me, her lips lingering with passion and a sort of eagerness, as if it had been the first time we had kissed. If my cheeks had been able to blush, I would have. Heat was radiating from her body as she began to get carried away with our kiss, as usual, but as her body pressed against mine tightly and rubbed against mine, I became even more aroused and had begun to lose my control slowly, I kissed her back with just as much passion and a frenzy of eagerness, I placed my hand on her back gently lowering her down onto the bed, my lips careful to never leave hers. Her foot crept slowly up my pant leg, sending a shiver up my spine as she then threw her leg over mine eagerly and pressing against me harder. Her inexcusable behavior had driven me mad, and yet I partook in it just as much as she did, my lips crushed against hers, …absolutely not… I couldn’t do this, what was I doing? Condoning this sort of behavior. I pulled back quickly, rather abrupt. “ Bella, I can’t, please…don’t. You know it’s hard enough to deny you!” I warned her ashamed of my careless behavior and looked away. I heard her sobs begin again as she threw her arm over her eyes, laying back. Now I’d really gone and done it. I’d forgotten just how fragile she’d been, especially her feelings. I reached out to touch her arm, my hand barely grazing her soft skin and she jerked it away “ Please, you must not cry. I can’t bare myself knowing that its me that has made you!” I pleaded with her, my voice sympathetic

“Then why will you not make love to me Edward? It hardly seems fair. This connection that we have always had, and yet you continue to deny it, you always pull back when we are within an inch of giving into the desire. Yet, why wouldn’t you? I am just this fragile human. So average and so flawed!” She said, her tone of voice holding confusion. Those last words stung deeply. She couldn’t have been more wrong if she’d tried. She had been so much more to me then a tangled mess of hair and a clumsy and fragile human, she was so intriguing, such a mystery to me and I loved it.. I loved never being able to predict her next move. Her beauty that had been so simple to her, was so complex to me. She was breathtaking to me. “ Bella, no! I will not have you thinking such ridiculous thoughts. You have always been the most beautiful human that I’d ever laid eyes on, and I’ve laid eyes on many through the many centuries I’ve seen and none, apart from you, ever made me feel the need to look twice, the need to have you so badly, It’s made me question myself several times, just how strong I was, almost giving in several times. Nobody amounts to you in my eyes, the world is full of faceless people when standing next to you. The only thing that saves me from surrendering to you entirely is my will to protect you, my vow to never hurt you!” I mused assuring.

It would seem that you she had given my point a second thought when finally answering “ Then please Edward, don’t fight this, give into me, just this once let your guard down!” she coaxed , her forehead pressed to mine.

  I pondered these words with great care before finally reaching my next decision. She seemed to have longed for this with a great passion, the same passion I held for her. Though it was against my better judgment. I felt myself pushing aside my extra continence for just this once and felt the strong need to satisfy her at all cost. My desire burned deep within me, boiling over. I then pushed my lips to hers, my lips frantically searching hers, then her shoulders, her neck, and her stomach. She panted underneath me, her lips on my neck, her warm breath sending chills through me, creating the monster within me. I felt a light tug at my shirt when I then viciously shredded my shirt from my bare chest, my lips still crushed against hers. My anxious hands now eagerly found their way to Bella’s nightgown and ripped it away. I couldn’t help but to notice her voluptuous breasts and placed my lips over her nipple and sucked lightly. I heard her moaning in enjoyment. This made my blood boil even more rapidly, knowing that I’d pleased her, my anxious hands eagerly gripped at her sides before finally blindly guiding my way inside of her, I felt myself glide in smoothly, the ecstasy insatiable, the feeling had been absolutely amazing and I’d never felt nothing like it in my entire existence. I thrusted into her in , keeping at a steady rhythm, careful to not thrust too hard and to not break her entirely. My lips grazed her ear lobes as I heard her breathing into my ear “ Edward, ..oh Edward..” she moaned ever so quietly as her nails dug into my exposed back. While keeping my eyes locked on hers to measure the amount of sensation I’d given her I continued to thrust, but harder this time, and quicker. My hands continued to grip her hips tightly as I nibbled at her earlobes fighting the urge to drink her blood, my throat burned, which in an odd sort of way actually heightened the experience for me. I then continued to test my boundaries as I kissed her neck, pressing hard against it, I felt myself throbbing, a tickling sensation as I finally exploded into sheer ecstasy, I’d died and gone to heaven. There had been nothing this feeling had been nothing this feeling had been comparable to, I let out a moan as I thrusted one last thrust and quickly buried my face into the pillow at bit it viciously as I’d reached my peak. My body quickly relaxed as I heard Bella let out a satisfied sigh as I searched her eyes for any hint of pain. She looked surprisingly blissful and unusually beautiful.

A smile then stretched across my face.

“That was, …amazing!” I said “nothing short of the most incredible feeling I’ve ever felt in my life, apart from the first time I set my sight on you!” I let out in awe. A smile quickly broke from the corners of her lips as she grabbed my face and kissed me softly and sweetly. This was a different kiss though, the kind of kiss as if it say I love you and I couldn’t be happier.

“I didn’t hurt you Bella, did I?” I asked, quickly remembering what I’d been capable of, the amount of force I was capable of applying and how carried away I could have easily gotten.

She shook her head still smiling “no, …in fact, I’ve never felt more weightless and alive in my life!” she exhaled.

  I laughed a little at how oblivious she had been to the feathers that had nested in her chocolate hair. No matter how ridicules she has looked, she still looked most appealing to me and beautiful beyond words. I wrapped my arm around her from underneath as I kissed her forehead “ I love you Bella!” I proclaimed, my words delicate and yet emphasized so much meaning. She answered back as she yawned “ I love you too Edward Cullen!” before finally hearing her drift off into a slumber, her breathing slowing.






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