Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


31. Beloved Anthony Mason our little angel ( Edwards p.o.v)

 I ran my fingers through her beautiful tangled mess of strawberry chocolate hair as she lay on her side deep in thought, the sheets wrapped around her perfect body. What a sight she was when she had been lost in thought. All the brilliant thoughts running through her imaginative and curious mind. What I would give just to be a part of them, to hear what had her attention. She was very good to keep well guarded when she didn’t want me to protrude in her mind, in which, I could respect beings she worked very hard for her privacy, she may as well deserve it from time to time. They had after all, been her own thoughts. Though I’ll admit, when she didn’t have her guard up, it was all too easy to listen in. It had become a sort of addiction, to the point where I didn’t even realize I wasn’t blocking her thoughts out anymore causing little spouts here and there. I kissed her shoulder, nuzzling my nose into the nape of her neck.

“ Suns up beautiful!“ I whispered into her ear. A smile crept across my face. “And yet again, I’m not taken back by yet another sunrise put to shame in the presence of your immense beauty. It’s no wonder just before twilight, the sun sets in its last attempt to outshine you. Never the less… though extremely extraordinary, even the falling of the sun can not steal my attention away from my hearts desire!” I said kissing her shoulder. She placed her hand on top of mine. Her face deeply troubled. Concern washed over my body.

“ Bella, what is it? “ I asked, concern weighing heavily in my voice.

She bit her lip, and shook her head. As if to say there had been nothing clearly weighing on her mind.

“ Bella, Please, if something is troubling you, It is my job to know. What sort of husband would I be if you could not rely on me with your troubles and constantly ran to Jacob Black with them? I’m asking that you please invest your concerns in me!” I insisted as I kissed her hand.

She bit her lip harder and closed her eyes tightly now carefully taking my hand into hers as she gently guided my hand down to her belly.

“ Bella.., what exactly is this about?.. I.. I’m afraid I don’t understand.. Forgive me?” I asked in a state of confusion.

Before long id be startled by a fluttering underneath my hand and a sudden amount of warmth radiating from her stomach.

Startled I drew my hand back. Bella had looked to feel guilt ridden. Her eyes still shut tightly.

I quickly pulled the sheet back to make sure my mind had not deceived me. Both Horror and excitement overwhelmed me, Bella’s stomach had been protruding. How had I not noticed? Had I been paying her enough attention? Quickly I regained my composure, halting the train wreck of thoughts going through my mind. I scooted my back against the headboard as I lay my head against the wall. Id felt both the worst and greatest time in my life easily at best repeating in history. Though circumstances had clearly been different this time, would it mean the fate would not be grim? What other odds would I have if I could no longer turn her, beings she’d already been turned? Yet again, this sort of pregnancy had been unknown until now.

“ How uh.. ” I asked, slightly quiet, my voice breaking, quickly I cleared my throat and spoke up, my voice raising slightly louder “ How long have you known?” I asked trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. Trying not to reveal my state of panic.

“ Um… a uh… a um… couple weeks? I don’t know!” She said shaking her head and biting her lips as she nervously ran her fingers through her bangs pulling them back. She looked at me, carefully observing my face and my reaction.

“What? And you didn’t tell me the moment you found out?” I asked raising my voice feeling this had been rather out of character for her. We didn’t keep secrets from each other.

She jumped, she had been startled by the tone of voice I had taken. I had over reacted a little. Closing her eyes again she dropped her head in defeat.

“ I’m sorry!” She whispered ashamed.

“ Don’t be!.. Please.. Just.. I.. I guess I don’t really understand, Bella… why.. Why wouldn’t you tell me this sort of thing the moment it had been discovered” I asked still confused “ I mean, had something happened to you… I would have never known the bizarre reasoning behind it!” I said, the thought sickening me, my stomach churning, having terrible flash backs of when Bella had nearly died on the table giving birth to our daughter. She had notice my grimacing face, making her feel even more terribly. Which in turn, made me heart sink a little. I didn’t want to make her feel any less of herself, I just wanted answers.

“ Because Edward… Because there is a chance he might not make it! Alright?” She snapped. Her reaction had clearly taken me by surprise. Shock pulsing through my body. I’d never heard her take that tone of voice with me, she had sounded to be sincerely upset. Wait…he? Did she say HE might not make it? I asked myself. She did. We are going to have a boy. But wait.. What? What could she possibly mean by he might not make it? What would make her think so negatively? She had not been like this with Nessie. Though she had been human with Nessie, she still remained positive even when her fate seemed to be so ill.

I quickly scooted closer to her, taking her hands in mine. “ What do you mean Bella? What do you mean by there is a chance our son might not make it?” I asked , a strong crease in my forehead. A twinge in my heart.

“ I mean Edward.. That something just doesn’t feel right about this pregnancy, something just feels different…He hardly moves, and… I get stabbing pains in my abdomen, like a hot fire poker! Carlisle said that he has no more room to grow.. That.. That my stomach has stretched as far as it possibly could!” She said, tears in her voice as she sniffled, her eyes welling up with tears.

My heart was in my throat, this was the moment I was supposed to say something to make her feel better, to make all her worries subside. I needed to say something clever. But what was there to say? The odd’s seemed so slim even I knew that. “ Maybe…there’s some sort of… I don’t know.. Some sort of mistake?” I pressed.

She took a deep breath, shaking her head “ No Edward, it’s no mistake!” She whimpered.

I moved to wrap my arms around her, but she shied away. “ I uh, I got to go make Renesmee some breakfast!” She said quickly wiping her tears as she threw her robe on and walking down the stairs.

I sat on the bed, my head reeling. I just couldn’t believe the news. Not only had I just found out my wife was pregnant, though it was said to be impossible, I had also just learnt that there had been a very good chance he would not make it. How was a father suppose to handle such news? How was such news suppose to not weigh on your mind every waking second and to know there was absolutely nothing you could do, no matter just how badly you wanted to. There was nothing you could say to make this any easier for her. I knew Bella, she must be beating herself up inside, constantly at worry that this was somehow her doings? Absolutely not, I couldn’t have her thinking that. The thought Menacing in my mind. How much it saddened my heart to great lengths. My thoughts came to an abrupt stop when I heard the dishes shattering on the floor down stairs.

“BELLA!” I yelled, as I quickly rushed to her aid.

Bella sat on her knees hunched over clutching her stomach tight as she screamed out in agony. The baby? I quickly thought.. Oh no…my baby!

Nessie sat in the chair looking at her mother in horror, tears streaming down her cheeks. “ Mommy?” , “Daddy what’s wrong with my mommy?” She asked. My poor little girl terrified at the sight, her mother collapsing to the floor in a fit of pain.
“ Esmé, please, take Nessie to see the garden, she must not see this!” I said, my first instinct as a father to not let her see the possible miscarriage of her little brother . Not even Alice could for see what was to happen next.

“ Daddy.. Please.. Daddy.. What’s wrong with my mommy?” She cried out hysterically reaching over Esme’s shoulder “ I want my mommy!”. “ I WANT MY MOMMY!” I heard her whaling in the distance before I could no longer hear her. How much it had broken my heart to see her in such hysterics, terrified for her mother’s life, unaware of the danger she and her un-born child faced.

I quickly picked Bella up and ran to Carlisle’s office laying her on the examining table. Bella screamed in pain, tears flowing down her face. I wanted to just make it go away, I wanted to make it all better. But I could not. It was in Carlisle’s hands.

“ I’m losing the baby Carlisle, I’m losing him, aren’t I?” She cried.

Carlisle’s face has been grim. He didn’t speak a word.

“ No.. No.. you must not speak like this Bella.. You mustn’t get yourself all worked up!” I assured her as I stroked her soaked hair.

Carlisle chewed through her stomach careful to take quick action on such a matter. I watched intently his every move. He had the baby, but how come I could not hear his thoughts? I could not hear my son’s thoughts? Maybe he had his mother’s gift? Maybe he too would drive me crazy not being able to read his mind? Maybe that was it. This had to be it. “ Edward, seal Bella up!” He said, quickly rushing off with the baby. I then licked her wounds sealing them shut. It had felt like hours had passed when it had in fact only been seconds, I listened to Bella sobbing as we waited for Carlisle to come back out. Finally he did.. With a blue blanket and a tiny infant wrapped in it. His face was somber and spoke volumes.. My heart was in my throat, had it been able to beat, it would have stood completely still. I shook my head swallowing hard, the crease in my forehead deep. “ No!” I said in disbelief… “No!”. I repeated.

“ I…I’m sorry!” Carlisle said looking down at our son deeply saddened his face full of empathy as he handed our son to Bella. Her eyes had been red and puffy, her nose was red from crying. She grabbed our son at ease with the gentlest touch…looking down at him and then up at me.. His eyes were closed, his hair full of brown curls. His face pale and ashen, and his cheeks rosy. Looking almost to be sleeping peacefully.

“ He.. He’s not crying Edward, why.. Why is he not crying?” She asked me, crying even harder. A look of absolutely heart break upon her face. I looked down, hardly able to stand this feeling, hardly able to stand her denial. She must know. I knew. She must know too. Only, this reality seemed far too hard to believe, far too hard to be real. How could I blame her for not wanting to accept that our child had not made it? It seemed all but too cruel to have just found out only moments ago I was to be a father again, to have a son to dote upon, only to have it snatched away within seconds. I’d hardly had the chance to grasp it all. To bask in the glory of fatherhood, I’d hardly known my son, now here he was…no life in him. He hadn’t even got to know how wonderful his mother was, how purely she loved, or how.. How much she unnecessarily worried. It seemed to be so un-fare. I wrapped my arm around her and placed my other arm under our late son, holding them close.. Drowning within myself.. A hollow deep black hole where my heart had been. I had to keep it together, no matter how badly I wanted to break, I must keep it together for Bella, considering she was hardly held together by a simple strand right now. I could only imagine a mother’s loss of a child they had bonded with within their womb, feeling that life within you, their every hiccup, their every kick, their every toss and turn.

I watched as she looked down at our son, her finger in his tiny little clutched fist. As she wept and wept. It had been the most heartbreaking thing I’d ever witnessed.. How glad I’d been that my parents had passed first and had not had to witness their child pass before them. She took a deep breath, finally regaining her composure enough to speak , her voice soft, as it always was when she was upset. “ I um.. I’ve dreamt about him you know? He always looked so… , so happy, so content, he’s was beautiful…god he was so beautiful.. I ..I mean.. he is beautiful. He uh.. He looked just like you Edward… a spitting image. But then when I’d call him.. He … he would always run off, he’d just.. He .. He would disappear. I remember waking up from every nightmare, my heart feeling like it couldn’t possibly break into any smaller pieces, it’s terrible. It felt a lot like the time we thought we would never see Renesmee again, but now.., Now I know.. I know its possible for my heart to break into smaller pieces, until there is just.., nothing, nothing left!” She said sobbing into my shoulder. My heart was heavy, I’d felt like I had been dying. As our pain had been one, as if we’d both been dying slowly. It had been torture.. I’d been jealous she could cry, as I knew I’d have cried to at that very moment if it had all been possible. I knew that she would completely break had she not been allowed the small escape of tears to resort to as a sense of relief. I felt a twinge of jealousy that she’d gotten to see our son all grown up and I’d never be allowed that opportunity. Although I held the small hope that maybe when it was easy enough.. She would be able to let her guard down..when the wound wasn’t as fresh, she would allow me to see that memory, to experience our son in all his glory. But not now.. Not yet.. I couldn’t possibly ask this of her, as it would simply be asking too much. “ Anthony Masen !” She whispered in between sobs. “ what?” I asked, unsure I’d heard what she said. “ That’s his name. I was thinking I’d name him after your father and you, I thought he could have your birth parents last name as his middle name!” She whispered with a smile looking up at me, a single tear rolling down her cheek. I forced a smile across my face at her extremely kind efforts to make me feel important, in remembrance of my late father. What a kind gesture it had been… “ I’d like that.. Very much…it’s beautiful, just as he is!” I whispered kissing her head.. Weeping uncontrollably underneath all my impenetrable skin.





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