Burning Sun ( twilight)

Burning sun is a story based off the twilight saga. Burning sun has several mini chapters following closely to the story line's however adding more detail than beloved stephenie mayers wrote, just enough to keep you hooked. There are new scenerio's added but in such a way you'd truly thought it was written into the actual book. Burning sun has some of Bella's point of view but mostly edward's. Like midnight sun ( steph's partial release of edward's point of view). Help satisfy your craving to get inside the handsome vampires mind and hear of the constant struggles with himself and the decisions he's made along with his deep feelings for human Bella.


17. A star to lead the way ( Edwards p.o.v)

  I stood completely still as I anxiously waited for the tiniest glimpse of my blushing bride, I’d counted on it. My curiosity had nearly drove me mad, Alice had been set on making certain I didn’t have the tiniest inkling of a clue in what sort of things she had in store for my Bella. I almost felt badly for her. Ever since I’d left her that day in the woods, we hardly ever separated. We never felt the need nor the desire to be. And now I’d be lucky to catch a glimpse of Bella through anybody’s thoughts. Alice made certain none of us men had seen Bella before the wedding. My nerves were jittery as I stood at the end of the red carpeted aisle, knowing that at any moment she would be entering and all eyes, including my own, would be on her. Unless she decided this was all happening too soon, unless she decided that marriage was not for her and the very idea had been tacky, I quickly shook these irrational thoughts from my head, Alice would have seen something, and besides that, she would never have been able to keep her thoughts to herself in a worse case scenario such as that. Oh come on already-I thought to myself. Suddenly the Oregon started playing the most beautiful and haunting tune, and there she was, her beautiful face hidden under a veil, her chocolate hair flowing in ringlets around her flawless heart shaped face, her long white dress flowing ever so elegantly from her hourglass body. She was absolutely stunning, I had been dazzled by her incredulous and surreal beauty. My eyes were locked on her as she floated gracefully towards me, she’d made certain to watch her feet carefully to make perfectly sure that she did not trip over her own feet and tumble to the ground, I laughed the thought off quietly to myself as I’d heard Alice’s concerns dancing through out her over active imagination, She had prided herself on making our wedding absolutely perfect and cursed the thoughts of Bella’s klutziness ruining it all. What seemed like eternity passed all in but just a few short seconds before I’d finally taken her hand in mine and helped her up the steps so that she stood across from me, her deep brown eyes gazing into mine nervously, the familiar shade of red brightened her lovely pale cheeks. A smile stretched across my face as I ran my thumb across her fingers that I held in my giant hands, peering deep into her beautiful, old, wise soul. I must have been the luckiest man alive at this point. I watched her shoulder’s to make sure they’d rise and fall, but they were frozen in place, just as I’d suspected. “breath” I mouthed to her so that only she could see, she nodded and yet absolutely nothing changed but the shade of color her face turned, it quickly turned a light shade of grey, I leaned in, then whispered into her ear almost inaudibly beings I didn’t want to alarm the guests “ Bella, you’ve got to breathe, you're going to pass out if you don’t!” I heard her breathe out before her knee’s buckled and she began to fall, I caught her in due time, the church filled with gasps. I cradled her head in my lap concerned. “ Bella, love, are you okay?” I asked caressing her face. “ her eyes fluttered open slowly and incoherently before she finally tried to quickly push herself up on her elbows. “ Bella, not so fast, you just swooned” I said easing her to a sitting position. “ Oh, great!” She breathed out “ I can’t even have a wedding without destroying it with my klutziness!” Bella said tucking her hair behind her ear, “Oh hush now, you silly girl. You were nervous, who can blame you?” I assured her before kissing her cheek. “ Bella, we can always do this some other time when your feeling up to it!” I suggested to her. Her face quickly turned a bright shade of red “No, absolutely not! I’m fine Edward, I just forgot to breathe, silly me!” She chirped before quickly standing up and smoothing her dress out. “ Are you sure?” I whispered “ yes, of course, now marry me already!” She laughed. “ Well,… I suppose if you insist!” I teased as a smile perched across my face. I motioned for the minister to carry on. It finally reached the part where Bella and I would say our vows we had written for each other.

  She began first “ Wow, um.. I never thought I’d be doing this. This is just.. So much bigger than any speech I could make and now here we are Edward, the most important people in our lives all squeezed into this auditorium to watch us marry, .. No pressure, right?” She laughed, some small laughter broke in the crowed before she continued on again “ anyways, .. Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, I was afraid of many things before you came into my life.. Things like the dark, blood, even monsters under the bed… but I was never afraid of you. My greatest fear was to live a life without you and to live a life like that, would be to not live at all. How did I luck out so much to marry the first and only love I’d ever had? I mean, seriously, I couldn’t imagine a better life for myself then to be your wife! You are my very own guardian angel sent here to save me” her eyes glazed over with tears and a smile tugged at the corners of her lips. Her smile was absolutely beautiful along with her enlightening words. I’d almost gotten lost in the moment before I realized it had been my turn “ Isabella Marie Swann, I’d spent my whole life stumbling about through this wretched and miserable place blindly, I’d nearly given up on the thought that there was anybody out there who could complete me when I laid my eyes upon you that fateful day at school, finally seeing clearly for the first time in my existence. It felt as if I were an astronomer who had just found a new star in the pitch black night, only, the star was by far the most brilliant creation, the biggest and brightest star that somehow everyone had over looked until just now. I feel it’s safe to say, That’s what you are to me Bella, you are my star. And I understand now that what I did before you was not living, it was as if I’d merely been asleep wondering aimlessly my whole entire life, and here we are, you look at me in this way , a way that nobody has ever looked at me before, like I could do anything… like I’m some sort of super hero, but most of all… with so much warmth and compassion. So you see, the luckiest person here today would be me!” I smiled as I touched her face and wiped a tear away that streaked down her cheek with my thumb. The minister finished with the traditional vows before finally announcing us as Mr. and Mrs. Edward Anthony Mason Cullen and giving me permission to kiss my bride, I happily obliged lifting her veil away from her face and placing my hand on the nape of her neck dipping her back in my arms and kissing her passionately and endlessly. With a smile on my face I then scooped her into my arms and made my way back down the aisle, smiling down at my beautiful blushing bride, my eyes never leaving hers. Applauds and whistles echoed through out the church halls. I was now complete, the void in my still heart filled by the deepest depths of unconditional love. She was now truly MY Bella. I loved the very sound of those words.



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