Tic-Tac-Toe might seem like a fun game to you, but in Tomot, it's a deadly game.

18 Pieces.
2 Regions.
1 Victor.

Will you survive?


3. Chapter 3.

I soon hear somebody over the speakers say, "5 minutes till landing." I hear a girl start to cry and I try to keep a straight face. The coach went around, talking to the pieces about strategies. He sits beside me and sighs. 'Last Piece, ehh?" A gruff voice calls me. I nod. "Look. I like you. Your like the underdog." I look at him. "Grab a knife, and a ranged weapon. You have to have both of those. You know they watch every move, so make it count. Don't break down and cry. Stay strong." I swallow back fear and choke out, "Why are you helping me?" He sighs and says, "my brother, he was 13 and got picked. He-" A lone tear escapes his left eye. "He didn't make it." I look down and frown. "I'm sorry." I manage to get out. I hug him and he hugs back. He smells of pine needles. "Stay strong." he says and pats my shoulders. I nod. I look out the window until they all go black. 

"1 minute." The same voice says. I look to my right and see the same girl that cried earlier silently sobbing. "Please put your feet on the floor." I chuckle a little, adding tension, and look down. I see two foot prints and put my feet above them. I stand up, as the other pieces do the same. I look around and make eye contact with one of the boys, and I quickly look away. It feels like an hour, but once the minute is up, the floor starts to sink, just by my feet and the others, and we land swiftly onto the board. I look around and see a countdown clock at the middle of the board. I'm in the middle, so I see it. I start to freak out a bit, but nows not the time. I need to get a weapon and run. The clock starts at 30 seconds and slowly starts to count down. I look around at the weapons. There is a knife by me, edging on my boundary and the scrawny boy. There is only one ranged weapon, and it's by the tall girl that's 19. I swallow my fear. 10 seconds. I look around one more time, getting ready to run to the knife, then the ranged weapon, which is a bow and arrow. 5 seconds. I get into position. A bell rings out and I run. The boy runs toward the knife, and I gasp. I can't back down now. I grab the knife with my left hand and swing it toward him. I hear a thud and look at him. He's dead. 1 dead. I see the bow, laying down on it's side. The tall girl turned out to be punching some girl in the face, so now is my chance. I run toward the weapon, but she slightly turns her head and sees me. She throws the unconsious girl down, and I know shes dead by the look of it. The girl runs toward me, and I grab the bow and quiver of arrows. I throw my knife at her, but she dodges it. I gulp. This can't be good. I stumble up and load the bow with an arrow. I run around the board, hearing screams, and I aim as well as I can running. I let go, and the arrow finds its mark and sinks into her flesh, right by her knee. I stumbles down, and I feel she is dead. I sigh in relief and look around. I run to get another knife and grab the nearest one. I see 5 dead, excluding the tall girl. A boy runs after me, a spear in his hand. He throws it at me,  and I stumble up, trying to run, but the spear catches my right lower arm. I scream in pain, falling down. I towers over me, an axe in his hand. He raises the axe. This is it. I think. This is how I'm going to die.

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