Tic-Tac-Toe might seem like a fun game to you, but in Tomot, it's a deadly game.

18 Pieces.
2 Regions.
1 Victor.

Will you survive?


2. Chapter 2.

I enter my name into the large ball and close the lid. My name is in 13 times, since I'm 13. In some Districts, it is an honor for being chosen. In other districts, like mine, it means hell. Whatever age you are, 13-19, that's how many times your name is in the ball. They roll my the ball around, and then the Picker, picks 9 names. I go to my spot in the crowd and tap my finger against my hip. I lick my dry lips and listen to the Picker explaining the rules. I look around at the other uneasy 13 year olds. First  time, the worst time. Or at least that's what my brother says. They roll the huge ball around, and finally prop it up on a table. The Picker walks over and grabs a piece of paper. "Tic" He begins. He opens a side of the paper. "Tac" he opens the other side. "Toe" He reads the name out. "Ossie Bonie!" We all look around and one scrawny young boy comes out of the crowd. He looks about 13. He reaches the small wooden stage and I gulp. 8 more names. The Picker asks him how old he is and he replies quietly, "15." I hear murmurs in the crowd. I know they are talking about him. He won't last a chance on the board. The Picker just smiles and places the boy to the side. I takes a slip of paper from the bowl. "Tic" He opens a side of the paper. "Tac" He opens the other side. "Toe" He reads the name out again. "Maddy Slone!" A tall, slim girl walks out and reaches the stage swiftly. The slaughters up the steps and the Picker asks the same question as he did the other boy. "19." She replies triumphly. She walks to where the other boy is and shakes his hand. The Picker does this 6 more times, and I feel I can fall asleep. 3 girls were chosen, and 5 boys. One More. He grabs a piece of paper and says, "Tic." He opens one side. "Tac" He open the other. "Toe!" He reads the dreadful name I was hoping never to hear. "Taylor Bullon!" I swallow my fear as everybody makes a pathway for me. I curse under my breath for being so popular. If I was a nobody, I could of pretended it was somebody else. I walk down the isle with my head down, guards walking me up the stage. I reach the stage and walk up the old stairs. The Picker asks me how old I am and I reply, "13" I hear murmurs and everybody looks at me, shaking their head as if saying, 'No. She will never survive. She's just going to a lions den with meat on her neck, hoping not to get killed.' I shake hands with the other 8 I will soon have to kill/be killed by. We walk onto an airplane that transports us to the Board. I get onboard and there are guards everywhere, so no hope of escaping. There are 10 seats, 1 for each of us and one for our coach. He will teach us how to use weapons in the such short time. In each seat there is a uniform. We must wear it on the Board. I go into the changing room and change into it. It is a blue short-sleeved shirt with a v-neck collar. The plants are black with pockets at the thigh and calf. The shoes are plain blue tennis shoes. I walk back to my seat and feel the plane take off. I look down at my shoes and avoid any contact with the others. Soon I will be placed on a board in the shape of a #. We each will be in our own square. Right as they say go, we run to wherever there are weapons. We kill the others before they kill you. If we jump off the boundaries, we will automaticly die. The same rules apply for the other districts. Whoever wins from their own district, will go against all the other districts. When only one is alive, they win and are transported home. Like Nothing Happened.

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