Tic-Tac-Toe might seem like a fun game to you, but in Tomot, it's a deadly game.

18 Pieces.
2 Regions.
1 Victor.

Will you survive?


1. Chapter 1.

I walk with my older brother, to the Pick. The Pick is where 9 Pieces, or 9 kids ages 13-19, go into Tic-Tac-Toe. The game is a dreadful, horrid, experience. The winners bring the pride for their Region. In each Region, there are Districts. My Region, O, have Districts 6-9. District 1 is weaponry. District 2 is Electronic. District 3 is Sports. District 4 is Education. District 5 is Cooking. District 6 is Farming. District 7 is Clothing. District 8 is Banking. District 9 is Fishing. We are in District 9. We fish for well, fish and sell them. I have a trident I use, and my parents have a net. We usually catch at least 10 a day, and we sell them for money or we trade them for things we need such as food, clothing, or furniture. Our district lives as one. 

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