ok so i'm going to be putting deep thoughts, inspiring quotes, secrets, and poetry hopefully stuff you guys can relate to in here! comment what you think. This will be more of a 'journal' without all of my secrets. Like a quotes,poetry, and inspiration book! Anyways...Enjoy :)


2. Letting go

So this chapter will  be like a lost love type thing.

I want you in my life

I need you to be there

I let you go

My eyes are open now

Because i can see

I can see that i miss you

I miss your love

I miss your laugh

I miss your smile

I miss your hugs

I miss your kisses

I miss your words

I miss you

 I need you

You are my soul

My life

My love

My perfect match

My soulmate

You belong with me

I opened my eyes now open yours

I still want you

I still love you

I still need you

ps. this was an orginial poem written by me :) Hope you liked it.

~Lena xx.


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