Sex, Lies, Scandals

Jordan just moved from the United States to England. She is totally new and knows no one. A year ago her boyfriend was murdered in front of her face. She has still not fully recovered. What happens when she meets a sweet boy named Liam Payne? What happens when she runs into a familiar face?


4. Truth

We were still sitting watching TV and talking when Niall returned. He had a million bags of food. I gave a look to Liam, "Oh, that's only a days worth of food." Liam like that was the normal thing around here. Another boy entered, he had very curly hair. He was helping Niall with the bags. He didn't even acknowledge me being here, he just looked at me then faced the kitchen where he was headed with the food. He came back and had a bright red apple in his hand. He plopped happily right next to me. I coughed quietly to make a gesture towards Liam to introduce me. He finally go the hint. "Oh, This is Harry!" he said nodding towards Harry. "Hi, I am Jordan." I said smiling and reaching my hand out to shake his. He ignored it and faced back towards the TV. I shook it off and awkwardly turned back to the tele. Liam caught the awkwardness, I could tell by his weird shifts. "I should really get going.." I said looking at my phone. It was almost 5 and my mom probably wanted me home for supper. "Awwh.." Niall said frowning towards me. "She will be back!" Liam said, then glanced at me to agree with him. I smiled and nodded. Niall changed his frown into a smile. "Let me take you back to your car. I nodded, said goodbye to the boys and we left.

We started walking when Liam finally broke the silence. "I know that isn't a pasta burn.." I felt my cheeks turn a bright shade of red and burn through my skin. "What are you talking about?" I asked playing the innocent card. "Jordan, that is a bullet wound. I am not stupid." I felt my eyes water and a lump appear in my throat. "Sorry.." He said quietly. I nodded, "It's okay." I managed to say without blowing my cover. He stopped walking and stepped in front of me. "What really happened?" I shook my head, "Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you." His accent was beautiful, I wanted to tell him so bad. But what would he think of me? I took a deep breath and slowly started walking. He followed closely behind while I began to explain. 

"I.. I had no idea," He said staring at his feet. "You couldn't have." I said planting a fake reassuring smile onto my face. I felt his fingers intertwine with mine as we walked down an empty road. We walked all the way back to my car. I unlocked it as Liam wrapped his arms around my waist. "What are we doing?" I asked, my lips less than 2 inches away from his. "I don't know," He said not moving at all. I smiled, "Not today." I said backing up a little. I watched as his smile dropped a little then came back up. "But someday?" He asked smiling really big. "I promise." "Pinky Promise?" He put his pinky  up and I interlocked it with my pinky. "Pinky Promise." 

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