Sex, Lies, Scandals

Jordan just moved from the United States to England. She is totally new and knows no one. A year ago her boyfriend was murdered in front of her face. She has still not fully recovered. What happens when she meets a sweet boy named Liam Payne? What happens when she runs into a familiar face?


5. Plot Twist

I drove home replaying Liam's face when I told him what had happened to me in the past. He didn't react like I would have expected. He was surprisingly not as freaked out as other people back home would have been. Also, I kept thinking, how would he know what a bullet wound would look like? It was weird, right? 

I pulled up into my drive way and looked over to see a big moving van. They're still here? It has been hours. Something is wrong. I walked into the house and put my keys down in a holder near the door. I could here the moans like before when I found my mom OD on the kitchen floor. I rushed to her bedroom to see her tied up on the bed. Before I could even move I was hit in the back of the head forced to fall on the ground. *black out*

I woke up laying next to my mom on the bed. We were both clothed, which is good. I was a little dizzy not really knowing what was going on. I saw a figure hover over me, it was a familiar face. I couldn't wrap my mind around who it could be. The figure untied my hands and removed the tape that covered my mouth. I sat up and pulled my knees into my chest and I sat there for a bit trying to wake my self up. "Liam?" I asked now noticing who untied me. I slowly raised my head up to look up at him. He looked panicked and was shaking. I noticed the blood marks on his cheek and his white shirt. What had happened? I looked down to the floor where he was looking. Papa was laying there face down and blood everywhere. "Did.. did you.?" Liam nodded and sat down on the floor next to the bed. Liam had killed Papa. I looked over to see my mom asleep next to me. I didn't know how to react. I couldn't stand to stare at Papa laying there dead on the floor, so I escorted Liam out of the room and into the living room. I brewed up some hot tea and brought some in for Liam and I. We sat in a silence for a little while, both waiting for something to interrupt it. I finally set my empty tea glass down on the table. "What.. what happened?" I finally asked. "I knew Papa" Liam said looking into my eyes. I felt my heart break into a million pieces. "How?" I asked a little mad. "He is my brother." I closed my eyes and felt a tear roll down my face. "I knew what he did, all those innocent people he killed. I knew what he did to you" Without knowing what to do, I felt my hand rise and slap him, straight across the cheek. Leaving a bright red hand print. He started weeping silently, as did I. But with much more anger. "So you knew about me? You knew who I was on the plane to didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!"  I stood up as I yelled at him. "I am so sorry." Is all he let out. "Get out." I said pointing my finger to the door. "Jordan.." "GET OUT!" I yelled again tears going everywhere. He put his cup down and and walked out not rising his head. As he walked out the door and I fell to the floor and screamed. My mom rushed in and comforted me. She must of heard it all from the bedroom, or she just thought it wasn't the right time to ask what had just happened. 

It has been a month since then and I haven't heard from Liam or any of the boys. My mom and I have moved on from that day and we feel much safer knowing they are both out of our life. I am starting school in September, a private school. I don't understand how my mom is affording all of this. Any of it actually. I mean I know she has a good job here in London, but I didn't think it was that good of a pay. I met a friend here actually, he's gay and a really cool guy. We are going to a beach today. I packed my beach shoes, a hat, sun lotion and a towel. I picked up Brad and we went on our way. Brad was aware of everything that has happened to me in the past. Similar things has happened to him. We met at my new work, Nandos. I got the job there a month ago for money to shop with and pay for my gas. We pulled up to the beach and go out. We lay down our towels in the sun, applied tanning oil and lay down. We talked for a while until I heard a familiar british accent. Oh no. It was Liam, him and two boys I have not met were playing volleyball. Brad saw them and got really angry. He almost got up and hit him, but he kept his cool. "I'll be right back." I got up and walked to the snack bar to ignore everything about to happen. "Can I get three cokes" I heard Liam asked. I cringed up and started to back away. "Uh, hey." He said looking at his feet as they played with the sand. I rolled my eyes, and payed for me and Brad's drinks. I started walking away but Liam chased after me. Here we go. I stopped and stared at him waiting for him to say something. Anything. "I am so sorry. Can you just let me explain?" I rolled my eyes, but nodded. "Let me just drop this off to my friend Brad then we can." He nodded and let me. "Here you go." I said handing Brad the water, "What does he want??" Brad asked staring at Liam who was only feet away. "We are gonna go talk for a bit." Brad nodded while clinging his fists. I walked towards Liam and we walked off into some trees and other cars that were parked here. I sat on a bench and he followed. Then out of no where, he kissed me. His lips were so soft touching mine. It was perfect. I was appalled at first, but I couldn't help but give in after a little while. 

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