Sex, Lies, Scandals

Jordan just moved from the United States to England. She is totally new and knows no one. A year ago her boyfriend was murdered in front of her face. She has still not fully recovered. What happens when she meets a sweet boy named Liam Payne? What happens when she runs into a familiar face?


3. Names

I woke up to the sound of a woman talking to me. I opened one eye to see that no one was next to me anymore. In fact no one was around me. I opened the other eye and started looking around me. It didn't occured to me that it was time to get off the plane. "Oh, sorry." I told the flight attendant. I got up and walked off, I was hoping my mom grabbed my carry on. 

I walked off into a big airport. Everyone around me was scattering, rushing, and some even running to get to their gate. I, on the other hand, was only looking for my mother. I finally found her at the baggage claim. She looked like she was about to freak out. I held her shoulders and she looked at me with reassurance around her face. She then hugged me, "Don't ever leave without telling me again." She told me in my ear. I smiled and nodded. We grabbed our luggage and followed the rest of the passengers to the place to get a cab. We finally got one and told the man our address and he drove us there.

We arrived about 30 minutes later to a gorgeous house. It wasn't all that big, but it was a beautiful outside. I had seen pictures, but they can never go into detail as well as your own eyes can. We payed the cab driver, got our luggage and walked in. It was really spacious in the inside. The kitchen was massive, which is good for me.. since I was the one who cooked. It was a three bedroom three bath. I don't know why we got a house with three rooms, I mean I will probably be moving out once I turn 18 anyway. 

I got the second biggest room. My mom got the master  bedroom. I still had to wait for our furniture to arrive. It should soon, we shipped it around the same time we left. "Jordan!" I heard coming from the living room. I walked in and saw my mom looking at what looked like a map. "Yes?" "Here." She handed it to me and smiled. "What do you want me to do with this?" I asked holding it in my hand. "Go, have fun!" "Why don't you come?" I asked not really wanting to go alone. "I have to be here for the delivery guys. We just got our car as well. I ordered for a new one to be delivered here." She explained handing me the keys. I had taken a driving test for my license here. I took the keys and headed out with some cash and my phone and map. 

I drove down to where a store was located. It was more of a mall, an outdoor one. I parked in a parking spot and started walking around. I looked around, but none of the stores were familiar to me. I was passing a Harrods, when a mob of girls came out of no where. There was screaming and crying and pushing all going on in one little place. I figured it was a huge sale or something, so I decided to make my way over there. To my  surprisement it wasn't a sale, but a boy. Actually two boys? One of them,, was the boy on the plane! What was this all about? He must have saw me, because his eyes quickly widened, and a huge smile appeared on his face. I smiled back, but before I could even see if he saw me I was shoved back. I fell straight onto my butt. I rolled my eyes and tried to get up, but a masculine hand hit mine. I looked up and saw the boy. Who's name I still haven't gotten. He looked into my eyes and helped me up. All the girls were silent, probably plotting different ways to murder me in my sleep. I don't understand what the big deal was. Yeah, he and his friend were very attractive, but who were they? "Are you okay?" The cute blonde boy asked. His Irish accent was music to my ears. I was still caught in the boy's gaze. We hadn't dropped eye contact, and from what I could feel we were still holding hands. I shook out of it and looked over to the other boy. "Urm, uh.. yeah! I am good." The boys smiled at me. "I still haven't seemed to have gotten your name," The boy said. "I'm.." Oh crap. How could I forget my name?! Come on.. what is it. "I'm Jordan!" I splatted. "Well Jordan, I am Liam." "Nice to meet you!" I said smiling and being a dork shaking his hand. He smiled and firmly shook my hand back. "Hi Jordan, I am Niall." The blonde boy said waving over to get my attention. "Hi!" I said back. The girls around us kinda made me feel awkward. "Wanna go somewhere else?" Liam whispered in my ear, he sent shivers down my spine. I nodded and he grabbed my hand and guided me through the mob. We found our way to a gated area. It must have been some type of passage way to get away from mobs like the last one. We finally got back to I guess their flat. Half of the room where the beds were was messy. Pizza, clothes, and hats were thrown everywhere. While the other side was almost spotless. I was guessing the clean side was Liam's, just because he looked so much more clean cut. As Niall was wearing a hat, and a matching pair of sneakers. Liam cleared off a place on the couch for me to sit. I sat down on the new found clean spot. Niall plopped down next to me and turned on the TV. Liam walked into the kitchen area, "Want anything Jordan?" He asked loud enough to go over the noise of the TV. "No, I am okay at the moment." Niall looked over at me in disgust. "You mean you aren't even hungry?" I shrugged, "No, I am okay." I replied smiling at him. He gasped over exaggeratedly. I couldn't help but laugh. "Hey Liam, get me some chips pleaaseee!" Niall shouted holding out the word "please". Liam nodded and came out with some chips and a soda for himself. He plopped down next to me. He looked down to my leg where my scar from the bullet was from. I could feel him staring at it so I re-positioned myself to make it not show. He moved his focus over to the TV. I knew he probably wanted to ask me what the heck it was, but I didn't want to have to make up a lie.

Niall got up to go somewhere. Probably the store to re stock on food. Liam and I were left alone in an empty apartment. "So, how do you like London?" Liam asked once a commercial came on. "Not that bad." "That's good." He said smiling. "I have been meaning to ask, but what was with the crazy mob earlier?" He looked at me dumbfounded, like I was suppose to know. "I... I am Liam Payne..? From One Direction, the band." I stared at him for a moment, why does that name sound so familiar? "Oh!" I said realizing they were on the UK X factor. He smiled at me, and I realized I was hanging out with a really cute famous person. I am so special. "So what is that?" Liam asked pointing back to the scar. "Oh, I burnt my leg one night cooking pasta." I said, I had no idea if it was realistic, but I was put on the spot. "Ouch! That must have hurt." "You have  no idea." I said rolling my eyes. 

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