Sex, Lies, Scandals

Jordan just moved from the United States to England. She is totally new and knows no one. A year ago her boyfriend was murdered in front of her face. She has still not fully recovered. What happens when she meets a sweet boy named Liam Payne? What happens when she runs into a familiar face?


1. Murders

He ripped my blindfold off. I was facing Jonathan in the chair right in front of me. He was tied up but still  knocked out. I had duck tape over my mouth, and my feet and hands were tied up to the chair. I squealed, but the man slapped me to shut me up. I was shaking and sweaty, all I wanted was Jonathan to wake up. I saw the man walk over to Jonathan and slap him in the face with a gun. I squealed louder this time, not caring what would happen next. He pointed the gun towards my head, then Jonathan slowly woke up. He saw the gun about to rip a hole in my forehead. He head butted the man's stomach and lost aim and shot my leg. My heart stopped and I couldn't breathe. I was so sure I was going to die. I started blacking out, the last thing I saw was the man shooting Jonathan. 

I was in and out, seeing light, then darkness. That repeated over and over until I finally woke up in a hospital bed. My mom was laying next to me asleep. Outside was pitch black, must be night time. I shut my eyes, even though I wasn't tired. Not expecting it, I fell asleep. I woke up around 9 in the morning. My mom must have felt me stretch, because she jumped straight up to my movement. She threw herself on me giving me a huge hug. She was crying so hard, I couldn't help but cry as well. After my dad passed a couple years ago, I was used to seeing her cry. She did almost every night. I couldn't blame her, I mean I miss him too. She eventually let me go and sat down. She didn't let go of my hand, she sat there and stared into my soul. I would ask her questions, and answer her occasional ones. The nurse walked in and started putting me through a series of tests. "What's your name?" "Jordan." " What's your age?" "16." "What year is this?" "2011." "What is the last thing you remember?" I felt my heart stop. I know exactly what I remember last. I burst into tears and froze. I just shook my head. The nurse wrote something down on the clipboard, shook her head and walked out into the hallway. I was too busy crying, that I didn't notice Jonathan's mom walk into the room. "Jordan?" She asked almost unsure of herself. I looked up at her, tears were still running down my face. I could tell she had been crying also, her eyes were puffy and red. She was still so beautiful, she looks just like Jonathan did. "Yes." I said with a very stuffed nose. I looked at my mom and she nodded and left. My hand had been sweaty from holding hers. Jonathan's mom sat in the chair my mom was in, she set her purse that she had been clutching so hard, on the ground. "He loved you so much." She finally let out. I looked into her eyes, to see her tearing up. I couldn't hold it in, I started bawling. "I love him too."

*Three days later*

I had been on crutches since yesterday, and my armpits were already killing me. Today was the day I was allowed to talk to the detectives. I still have no idea where the man was, or his motive for doing what he did, but I just wanted him captured and killed. I walked into the room that was secluded from everyone else and sat in the middle of the room. I didn't want my mom in the room, just because I didn't want her here when I told the detective about the man raping me. 

"I just want you to tell me everything, starting from the beginning." The detective said pulling out a notepad and a pen. I took in a deep breath and started. "Jonathan always had a minor addiction to drugs. He would get his stuff from an older man, he went by the name Papa. No body knew his real name, and if they did, they were dead. Anyway, five days ago I was out with Jonathan and I could tell he was messed up, not sure what drug. But I could tell and I was really upset that he did that right before coming to see me. We got into a little argument, and that's when 'Papa' called him. He sounded upset, apparently Jonathan was a few hundred dollars off what he owed him. He asked me to spare him some change, but I told him it was his problem and he was going to have to figure it out himself. I then told him to drop me back at my house. It was around midnight when I was snatched out of my bed and carried to a van. Before I could even scream, I was drugged and soon knocked out. I woke up strapped to an unfamiliar bed. I was tied and naked. I knew exactly what had happened. I couldn't yell, because my mouth was taped shut. Plus I was probably in the middle of no where. I was laying there for about 30 minutes until Papa walked in. He untied my hands and feet so I could clothe myself. After I was done he handcuffed me back to the bed. He left and I wasn't bothered until the next morning. I was knocked back out and woke up facing Jonathan." I finished from there and the detective let me go. Without asking anymore questions. I was dismissed just like that.

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