Sex, Lies, Scandals

Jordan just moved from the United States to England. She is totally new and knows no one. A year ago her boyfriend was murdered in front of her face. She has still not fully recovered. What happens when she meets a sweet boy named Liam Payne? What happens when she runs into a familiar face?


2. Fast Forward

It's been exactly three months later. I am walking more normally now. Life hasn't came together you might say in the past months. Apparently 'Papa' is no where to be found. Not very good on my part, but I feel safe at the moment. Yes it's just me and my mom but I have made new friends. I got my license a few days ago, and I've been running errands for my mom lately. Mostly because she is messed up at the moment. Ever since the incident she has been looking into drugs, drinking, and partying. Every time I try to explain to her about getting help it ends up being a huge fight. So I gave up on that, but I can't lose another person in my life. That is just to much for me to handle. I have been missing a bunch of school, I might have missed to much to where they could hold me back. My mom has been taking off and using up all her vacation days. Summer is coming up soon and I am so ready to leave. My mom was offered a job in London, England. Crazy right? A few months ago I would have been appalled to the thought, but now I would love nothing more than to leave this scrum of a town. I got home from Albertson's and put down the groceries. I set down the keys on the coffee table, and I could tell something was not right. There was an odd silence in the house, and a weird smell. "Mom?" I questioned walking throughout the house. She was no where to be found. "Hello?" I asked making my way through the kitchen. I heard a quiet groaning sound coming from the kitchen table. I rushed over there finding my mom underneath with a bottle of pills in her hand. The capsule was almost empty, I know she had taken a lot. I immediately dialed my cell phone to 911. "Hello 911 what's your emergency " The woman asked. "Uh, yes. I am calling because I think my mom might have OD-ed on some medication." "Where is your location?" I gave the woman my address and she told me they would be right there with medical assistance. In literally no time an ambulance showed up, put my mom on a stretcher and left. I followed close behind in my car. 

After waiting in the waiting room for a good hour and a half the nurse walked in. "Your mother had to get her stomach pumped." I rolled my eyes, no shocker there. She told me she took to many,, something pills I can't think of the name. Apparently it was to much for her causing her to freak out and then pass out. While the nurse walked away I quickly picked up a couple pamphlets regarding rehab programs. 

*Four Months Later*

It was finally time to move to England. I wasn't going to miss much here, it is time to start a new leaf. One that doesn't involve everyone dying around me. My mom has been joining a little rehab program that meets twice a month. So far she has been sober for 1 month. I am really proud of her, and just in time to. We boarded our flight and took off. It was a long flight, so I decided to get up and use the restroom now. I walked to the front of the coach area of the plane. Everyone was asleep and the cabin lights were dimmed. To my surprise both bathrooms were taken. Just my luck. I thought about waiting there, but I knew I would have peed myself. So I decided to sneak through first class and use the bathroom in there. I slipped through the curtain and went as quiet as possible to the bathroom. One of them were open, I quickly did my business and got out before getting caught. On my way back I tripped over a random foot in the hallway, face planting onto the ground. I quickly got up to meet eyes with a dreamy boy. "Oh, uhm I'm so sorry! Here let me help you." The mysterious boy said grabbing my hands to hold my balance. To top things off he had a british accent. "Thank you." I was so dumbfounded that I couldn't even think straight. His brown eyes were guiding my movements. No body around us were awake, which made it better, just me and him. I started to walk back to my seat even though I didn't want to leave when I felt a slight tug on my arm. I looked down to see he was still holding my hand. "Are you in coach?" He asked looking at my direction I was walking. I felt a shade of red flash over my face, I just realized how low class I probably look like to him. I shook my head slightly looking at the floor. "Come." He told me pulling me to the extra seat next to him. I got to sit at the window, we must have been over an ocean because I couldn't see any lights. "Here you are," The boy said handing me a blanket. "Thank you." I started to fall asleep when my head decided to flop over onto the boy's shoulder. Before I could pick it up, he placed his head on top of mine. That gave me even more reason to fall asleep. 

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