The Story of How it Came to Be

Sabrina Payne, Liam's cousin, just moved and needs to start in a new school. What happens when she meets someone from her past and falls for his friend?


16. School and the rest of the day

Brina's POV
Thank goodness it's Friday. School was boring we started to learn things and got homework for the weekend. The only good thing was spending time with the boys and getting closer to Niall. After school I said bye to the boys and walked the other way home. "Mom! I'm home" I yelled as I walked in. There were a bunch of boxes still packed. Ugh this will take long. "Hey sweetie" mom said with a smile. "Mind unpacking the plates and glassware for the kitchen?" "Sure" I said with a fake smile. Unpacking was the last thing I wanted to do, I just want to sleep! *BUR BUR* my phone vibrated signaling I had a text. I smiled at the screen. *New Text Message: NI<3*
~hey what r u doin?
~just unpacking y?
~aww can't hang then ):
~ no sorry mom wants me home
~okki u still wanna text at least (:
~of course:*
I continued to text and unpack at the same time for about 15 minutes when I heard a knock on the door. Since my mom was upstairs I went to open it. "Need any help!?" 5 cheeky boys half yelled. I laughed and let them in. "The more help the better" I smiled. "Mom, we've got com-" I got inturrupted by her sweet voice. "Oh my gosh! Is that my Liam!?" "Yup, hi aunt barb" Liam talked to mom for a long time while the boys set to work. I went back to the kitchen. I grabbed a box and placed it on the table. "Need help in here?" A voice behind me said causing me to jump. I turned to see a smirking Niall "jeez Niall, you scared me! At least the box was on the table" I stated trying to have a serious face. "I know, that's why I waited till you put it down." He said as he stepped closer to me. I smirked "were u you following me?" I asked putting a hand on my hip. He took a step closer and our noses touched. I started to feel butterflies in my stomach. "Maybe I did, but then again maybe I didn't" he whispered, his hot breath making me tingle. "Brina, go on a date with me?" He said placing his forehead on mine. "And if I don't" I asked. "Then you'll regret it" "oh and why is that?" "Because you won't get any of these." He stated matteroffactly. I looked at him until I realized he was leaning in. Our lips touched and sparks flew. I felt him smiling into the kiss, making me smile. "Yes." I whispered on his lips making him smile bigger and kissing me harder. "Woah! You go Niall! Yea!" We quickly pulled away seeing the boys standing their grinning. I turned a bright red and looked down. "Uhh how long have you been standing there?" Niall asked. "Oh the whole time, we even have pictures." Louis said making both mine and Niall's head shoot up. "WHAT?!" We screamed as the boys started laughing and walking away. "We'll let you continue what you were doing" Zayn said turning and winking. "And don't worry you guys are really cute" Harry called back. "Well at least I'll have proof you like me" Niall smirked turning toward me. I giggled, "If your gonna help, then help" I turned toward the box of china and glassware. I started to hand things to Niall as he put them in the cabinets. "So, what do you think of me?" He asked catching me off guard. "Uhh well," I opened another box containing the silverware. "Your sweet, cute, and Irish." "Oh" he said a little sad I handed him the forks. "Niall, don't get me wrong, I mean I started falling for you the first time we literally fell" this made he chuckle a little. I smiled. "Aww did I interrupt a Briall moment?" Liam walked in asking. "Liam, get out or you'll regret it." I warned him. "What are you going to do cous'?" He asked curiously. I turned around with a handful of spoons. "Run, Liam,run" he turned around running down the hall screaming like he'd seen a murder. Niall went into a fit of laughter, causing me to join. His laugh was very contagious. "Your laugh" I smiled. He looked at me confused. "It's perfect, it's cute and contagious" I continued making him blush. "Thanks, lot of people find it annoying" "well they're just jealous of how perfect it is." I smiled and let out a yawn. "I'm tired, and since we're done, you could stay the night with the boys if you want." I said hopefully. "Sure!" He said happily. we went to tell the boys and my mom. Everyone liked the idea, so I went to change since the boys were already in sweats. I quickly changed and came back to blow up mattresses in the living room. "Movie night!" I shouted making everyone one jump. I looked at Liam and nodded. "TOY STORY TIME!" We shouted together making everyone laugh. I layed down on the mattress that Niall and Liam were sharing while Liam chose which Toy Story to watch. He finally chose the second one and came to lay by me. "You know, three people won't fit unless we squish." "Oh I know, I'm just laying here until Niall comes back" I said, and as if on cue Niall came out with a bowl of popcorn and some chips. I laughed and got up to sit on the sofa. "I'm hungry, don't laugh" Niall said with a sad look. "Aww I'm sorry" I said with a little smile. "Hey, lovebirds, movie started so shh!" Louis said with a chuckle. I threw a pillow at him and then relaxed on the sofa. *BUR BUR* I looked down at my phone.
~come cuddle? (:
I looked his way to see him staring at his phone.
~there's no room over there :/
*DING* he grabbed his phone quickly And read the text. He looked at me grinning, and walked to wear I was. "I didn't mean you had to move, I could easily come here." He whispered making me shiver. He sat down and I leaned into his side. He wrapped his hand around me making me smile. This day couldn't get an better. And with that thought I fell asleep smiling like there was no tomorrow.
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