The Story of How it Came to Be

Sabrina Payne, Liam's cousin, just moved and needs to start in a new school. What happens when she meets someone from her past and falls for his friend?


3. passing period

Sabrina's POV

I had launguage first class, but we walked to second class, theater, because first was almost over. As we walked silently, I realised I didn't even know Irish boys name! I broke the silence "ummm" he looked over at me as his blue eyes sparkled. "this is embarassing but I never got your name Mr. Irish boy" i said and winked at his nickname. he laughed. Geez even his laugh was gorgeous. Wow I'm falling hard! "Well Miss. Brina, Niall James Horan at your service, but you could call me just Niall" he said laughing tryin to mimick when I introduced myself. "Well just Niall how old are you exactly?" he chuckled when i called him 'just Niall'. he smiled when he answered "I'm currently 17, but I'll be 18 September 13, keep that opened" he winked and laughed as he said the last part. Wow bout 2 weeks after mine and Liam's birthday. Maybe he knows him. it won't hurt to ask. "Can I ask a question?" "sure babe" as he said this he sent me a smile that made me melt. "Do you know Liam Payne? He's my cousin and I haven't seen him for 10 years. We lost contact when I moved to America, but know I'm back in the town we both grew up in and I wanted to know if he goes here" Woah Brina! stop rambling! I looked at Niall he  looked at me speechless. Brina you're an idiot! Of course he doesn't know Liam. "So-sorry I didn't mean to ramble. its alright you probably don't know him" as he opened his mouth the bell rang. i looked at him and he gave a small smile back. we had a 5 minute passing period. As we reached the theater doors at last, we had 4 mins left. I turned my back to Niall looking through my bag for my phone, it'll take a while my bag is soo messy. As I looked for my phone I heard boys yell at Niall in a friendly way, probably close friends. I didn't think anything of it until I heard a husky voice Niall "ohh Niall whos this girl? Shes really pretty. OHMYGOD! Nialls blushing! He likes her." When I looked up I saw Niall's crimson red face (from blushing) glaring at a boy with curly hair. He stared back at Niall with a smirk. Another boy, in stripes came up to Niall. "NI! introduce us to your pretty lady friend!!" This time both me and Niall blushed. We had a minute before the bell rang. "I'm Sabrina, but call me Brina" I said smiling "I'll find out who you guys are later, but now we got a minute before th-" I froze myself as I looked over Harry's shoulder. I stared at the boy I've been scared to see again. Liam. He and another guy came up to us, him with black hair in a quiff. They were in a deep convenrsation. when it went silent they both looked at the rest of us. he now stood by me. The bell rang but no one move. Niall, striped shirt boy, curly haired boy, and quiff boy were staring wide eyed open mouthed at me and Liam, while me and Liam stared at each other. After what felt like forever, Liam spoke. "Brina?" he said quietly, almost a whisper. after 10 years of no contact, i started to tear up, I didn't know what to do so i just ran into the theater room leaving the 5 boys speechless.

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