The Story of How it Came to Be

Sabrina Payne, Liam's cousin, just moved and needs to start in a new school. What happens when she meets someone from her past and falls for his friend?


15. Friday morning

Louis' POV

Last night Liam, Niall and Brina fell asleep while watching the movie, so me, Harry, and Zayn decided to go to bed. Not before planning to wake up at 5 to pull a prank on them.


BEEP BEEP BEEP ughh stupid alarm clock! Well, time to go to the 24/7 drug store and get some... supplies. I went to Harry's room to wake him, knowing Zayn would be the hardest to wake up. "Boo bear" I cooed in Harry's ear, causing him to groan. "Harold, awaken or I shall prank you as well!" I whispered yelled. "Ughh fine." "Hurry, its almost 5 and you need to wake Zayn while I run to the store." "Alright! Get out, leave now." "Well, someone is Mr. Grumpy today." With that I left his room. I tiptoed downstairs to see Liam, Brina and Niall still sleeping.They looked so cute. I took a couple pictures of them and then I left. DING. Now, let's see, we need some plastic spoons, hair dye, markers, whip cream, and carrots, of course. I got everything I needed, paid, and left. I started running. Shoot, we're running late. I texted HAZZA<3 and VAIN ZAYN<3.

~Get ready, almost home and we already runnin behind.

I got home right as I sent it. I opened the door quietly and tiptoed in, making sure not to make any noise. "Lou, hurry" someone whispered causing me to jump. I turned to see both Harry and Zayn smirking at me. "No noise, understood?" They nodded and we set to work.

Niall's POV

BRING BRING geez, who texted me so early? I thought without opening my eyes. DING DING, Liam got a text too? Who could it be, and why so early? "AHHH WHAT THE HELL IS THIS" Liam screamed. I jumped, making Brina wake up. There are spoons everywhere, whip cream and stuff written on Liam and Brina, and empty boxes of hair dye on the floor. OH NO!! Brina looked at me and burst out laughing. What was so funny? She stopped laughing when she saw my face. Instead she blushed. "Ni, you might want to run to the loo." Liam finally spoke. Oh no, is it really bad? I got up and literally ran. I locked the door and turned toward the mirror. "WHO DID THIS!?" I yelled at the top of my lungs. There were streaks of green and orange in my hair, on my forehead it was written "Since I can't tell her I like her I wrote it on my cheek", on my right cheek "I like Sabrina Payne" was written, and on my left was "Vas Happenin!" and "I love Tommo and Hazza". Those boys are going to get it. I have to wash this off before school.

Brina's POV

Niall looked so cute with the green and orange in his hair, it looked like an Irish flag, but was it true what was written on his face? "You know he does like you, it's obvious" a voice behind me said. I turned to Liam. "Does he really?" "How is it obvious?" "Wouldn't I know too if it was so obvious?" I questioned him like a cop questions a suspect. "Bri, think about it, he blushes like crazy when you compliment him, his whole face lit up when you fell asleep on him last night, and when you laughed at him he looked hurt and worried. Oh and you might want to see your face." "What? Why?" I asked scared, forgetting everything we were talking about. I didn't wait for his response, instead I ran to the other bathroom. I closed the door and looked at the mirror. There was whip cream in my hair, just like Liam, but on my face, big as the moon, "I LOVE NIALL" was written. Oh my geez. I started to tear up. I felt horrible. I slid down the wall and cried.

I cried for a little, until I got an idea. I decided to text MOM.

~hey mom, can you get my sparkly skinny jeans, black v-neck, and my hot pink PINK hoodie ready? Liam will go pick it up.

~sure thing sweetie, and please come home after school. We need to finish unpacking.

I finished reading the text and texted LI <3

~hey Li can u get my clothes from my house please? mom has the ready u just gotta pick em up.

~ya sure, but wht are u doing? u've been in the bathroom a while.

~i was washing my face off and im gonna take a shower now.

~alright, im leavin now. ill leave the clothes outside the door,

~ alright thx

I sent the text and stripped down to take a shower.

Niall's POV

I got out of the bathroom with only a towel on my waist, I took a shower tryin to get the dye and marker off. the dye faded a little, but its still there, and the marker came off. Thank goodness. The lads are defiantly gonna get it. I walked to the couch and picked up my phone. *New Picture Message From:TOMMO* I opened it and smiled. There was a picture of Brina sleeping on my lap, there were smiles on both our faces, and my hand was on top of her head. I scrolled down.

~i know ur mad, but u were both so cluless. hope this pic makes up for it. by the way ur welcome

I kept smiling and walked upstairs. I opened Lou's door, no one. I went to Harry's door where I heard muffled voices. I put my ear to the door and tried to make out who was saying what.

"Well, they now know that they like each other"

"yea, but how do we get them to date"

"thats where we come in lads"

"mates we need to start getting ready for school."

I didn't hear anything else as I ran to my room so I wouldn't get caught. as I closed the door, I heard Harry's door open. Whoa that was close. I went to my closet and looked at my clothes. I decided on a navy polo, light wash jeans, and red Supras. I combed through my hair and walked downstairs to the kitchen. Lou was at the stove cooking pancakes, wearing a white and navy striped shirt, light blue skinny jeans, and red toms. Harry was pouring juice for everyone, wearing a red v-neck, light jeans, and navy converse. I looked at the table, a glum Zayn was sitting there with his hair flat, wearing a white long sleeve, chinos, and red high tops. I guess we all had the same thing in mind. I chuckled making everyone turn to me. Louis smirked "Nice hair." "Don't start Lou! and thanks for the picture." "No problem buddy." I sat down across Zayn, waiting for food. "Whats with the hair Zayn?" "Remember last night, Brina dared me to wear it flat today." I smiled when I heard Brina's name, but then chuckled that she is the only person that got Zayn to wear his hair down. "It isn't funny Ni!" he whined, causing me to burst out laughing all together. "What's so funny?" A sweet voice asked. I looked at all the boys smirking and glared at them. I turned to Brina. "I think you're magical. You're the only one that actually got Zayn to wear his hair flat, and not in a quiff." "Niall!" Zayn whined behind me causing everyone to laugh. "Breakfast is served!" Louis yelled. "YA!" Brina and I cheered at the same time making everyone laugh more. We sat down to eat and after we were done, we cleaned up and left for school.



=========PLEASE READ==========

Should I keep writing? Please let me know if I should or not and if anyone wants to be coauthors with me please let me know about that too. Okay thanks for reading. Will update later.

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