The Story of How it Came to Be

Sabrina Payne, Liam's cousin, just moved and needs to start in a new school. What happens when she meets someone from her past and falls for his friend?


18. Drama and kisses

Brina's POV I got out of the shower, and went to my closet. I can't wait to see Nicola and Ruth. They were 8 and 10 when I moved, and haven't seen em since. I was getting very excited. It'll be great! Seeing the rest of the family, and then going out with Niall. There was a knock on the door. "Brina? You in there?" A girl voice came through the door. "Ya?" I said, but it came out as a question. I heard the person laugh. "Well can we come in?" "Sure?" I said unsure. In walked an older looking Nicola and Ruth. I scrame, "OH MY GOSH! Is that really you guys!?" They laughed and both answered at the same time. "Yup!" "Ahh" I ran and engulfed them both in a bear hug. I smiled "well, lets go!" They laughed as I skipped out of the room. "Ah, girls you're finally down stairs, lets go" mum said getting her keys. "What about dad and uncle Geoff?" i asked. "Well dad will meet us there and uncle geoffs at work." "Aww, okay" I said kind of sad. "You'll see him soon." And with that we went to Nando's for some lunch. When we founda table and ordered, mum and aunt Karen sat across from us kids. "Children, we need to tell you something" aunt Karen said with a said face. "What's wrong mum?" Liam asked concerned. "We don't know how to tell you, but you're old enough to know." Mum added in. "Mum?" I asked worried. "Will you guys listen patiently and not intrupt until we finish" mum asked. We all nodded and she continued to talk. "About seventeen years ago, James and I wanted a child. We tried, but found out he was infertil." I looked at my mum confused but let her continue, instead aunt Karen spoke, "Seventeen years ago, I found out I was going to have twins" me and Liam exchanged confused looks. "When I heard Barb and James couldn't have kids, and I was going to have twins, we both had the same idea." Mum then continued since aunt Karen was tearing up. "Sabrina, Liam is your twin brother. I've wanted a baby girl and Karen already had two girls, so she gave me to you." I started tearing up. "Wh-what" I choked out. "We moved because I was scared you'd find out and hate me" she choked out. "YOU TOOK ME AWAY FROM MY TWIN BROTHER FOR 10 YEARS AND YOU THINK NOW ITS OKAY TO TELL ME!? WHEN ILL BE 18 IN A WEEK!?" I scrame, not caring people were staring. I stood up and walked to the door as I pushed on it mum called to me "Sabrina Melanie Payne, come back over here." "I don't listen to liars,let alone to people who I'm not even related to" with that I walked out. I pulled out my phone as tears started to come. I heard the other line ring 2 times before someone answered. "Hello?" I sniffled, "Niall can you pick me up right now?" "Brina, what's wrong" "Ni, I'll explain later just pick me up, I'm at a park" "Which one there's many" "The one near Nando's?" "I know exactly where u you are I'll be there in a minute" he said worried and hung up. I went to sit on a bench. How could this happen!? The person I thought was my mother was actually my aunt and the person that's supposed to be my aunt is my mom. And i have 2 older sisters along with a twin brother. A car honked pulling me out of my thoughts. I turned and saw Niall's face through the windshield. I got in and started balling my eyes out. After a few minutes I calmed down and Niall spoke, "babe, what happened? What's wrong?" I told him the whole story while we drove around. When I finally finished it was getting dark out. I'm not surprised, it took a while since I would start balling in the middle of talking and Niall would have to calm me down. "Niall I'm sorry" I sniffled out. "For what?" "Putting you in this situation, and I'm sorry, but I don't feel like going out tonight" he let out a small chuckle. "Babe, I completely understand, and don't worry I'm happy you came to me. I'm finding things about you that make you who you are." I smiled and kissed his cheek, "thank you for understanding" he smiled and looked straight ahead. "Well, princess Brina, where do you want to go?" I smiled and laughed a little "well prince Niall, I'm very tired, but I don't want to go to my house." "Then I know just the place" he smiled at me and drove off. We reached the boys flat. I looked at him with puppy eyes. "Ni, I'm to tired to walk" "have no fear my maiden!" He got of the car as in laughed. He opened the door and picked me up bridal style. I nuzzled my nose into his neck and smiled, I could get used to this. We reached the door and he had no trouble unlocking it or opening it. He walked straight past the boys and went upstairs. He opened the door to his room and set me down on his bed. He started rummaging through his closet. "How shall I ever repay you my good sir" I finally spoke. He turned around laughing. "I'll think about it, while you go change." And with that he threw a t-shirt and boxers to me. I ran to the bathroom with a smile. I changed and put my hair up. I walked out of the bathroom, and into Niall's room. He was laying on his bed with sweats and no shirt. He was too busy being on his phone he didn't notice me come in. I smirked. I shut the door as loud as I can, making him stand straight up. "What the hell, bri you scared me" I smirked, and thts when I got a good look of his abs. He was the complete package! "You it's rude to stare" he smirked. I looked down as I blushed. He walked to me, and picked up my chin with his finger. This time he smiled. "Brina, I know we don't know each other that well, but your always on my mind. And I want you to be mine, I want to know what you like, what makes you tick, everything about you. Brina, be my princess?" I looked Niall in the eyes and nodded. He grinned and came closer. He pushed me against the door put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer. I waited for him to kiss me, but instead he bit his lip looking me in the eyes. He was such a tease. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him down forcing his face to come closer. "You're such a tease" I whispered making him smirk. And with that he kissed me. Sparks flew around us, and I knew it was meant to be. I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair. I pulled lightly making him moan. He slid his tongue on my bottom lip asking for entrance, but I denied him. He teased me, now ill tease him I smirked and bit his lip a little, he moaned a little louder. I smirked as an idea popped into my head. I pulled his hair and bit his lip at the same time making him moan loudly. "And I'm the tease?" He whispered against my lips. I pulled away looking at him, "I always win, let's go to the boys" he followed me downstairs where all the boys including Liam were sitting and talking. "Brina I'm so sorry, I didn't know eaither, and I'm just as shocked as you!" Liam said as he saw me. "I know Li, it's okay." I said as I gave him a hug. I smiled at him, "well, 3 good things happened today" "and what's that?" Louis asked confused. "I found out the best person in the world is my brother, the second best person is now my prince" I smiled and grabbed Niall's hand, "and the other 3 people are my best friends" "Aww! Bri-Bri!" Louis yelled a s he gave me a hug. "Group hug!" Harry shouted. "No one touch the hair" Zayn added in. As he came close I scruffed up his hair and smirked at him. "Hey!" Everyone laughed. This was a perfect end to a bad day.

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