The Story of How it Came to Be

Sabrina Payne, Liam's cousin, just moved and needs to start in a new school. What happens when she meets someone from her past and falls for his friend?


2. clumsiness and schedule

I walked toward the school and tried to find my destination, the office. I was looking from side to side each time I passed a room, not really looking forward. After 10 minutes of looking I got frustrated. How come I can't find the office!? Lost in my thoughts, and not paying attention to where I was walking, I bumped into someone, falling on  my butt. How embarrassing!? I looked up to see a guy with the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen. He had brown hair with blonde streaks, you can tell he had died it previously blond, but was letting it grow out. I was a sucker for blue eyed brunette boys. I blushed as he offered his hand. I took it and looked him from toe to head. He was gorgeous with his white Supras, dark blue skinny jeans, and white v-neck. As I reached his face, he blushed as I caught him checking me out. Well this was awkward. As if he had read my mind he started talking "I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going." his Irish accent caught my attention. OHMYGODD, he was now more irrisitable. Wow, nice Brina nice. been in school not even an hour and already found someone to fall for. I realised i hadn't talked so I spoke "No, it's alright i should be saying sorry, I wasn't paying attention. and everyone knows when you're new to keep you're eyes forward." I tried to crack a joke hopefully he gets it. He chuckled. Score! "So you're new? Whats your name?" "Yup, and I'm Sabrina, but call me Brina" I said with a smile. "Thats a beautiful name, suits the owner" he smiled while he said this. I looked down and blushed a deep red. Okay Brina act normal. "th-thanks,umm where's the office" wow nice one Brina. I mentally smacked myself. "oh. umm ya let me walk you there." well he was sweet. We were silent while walking there. when we got there  i just went in.

Niall's POV

Sabrina was gorgeous! Well, Brina actually. She wore pink converse, black skinny jeans and a gray half top that had  "Be Happy" written on it and it showed a little bit of her belly. She kind of looked like Liam. or maybe i was crazy. I waited for her while she went into the office. I was a dork. I called her beautiful, a girl I just met, and wasn't interested in me. At least she tried being nice by changing the topic. She was in there for a good 20 minutes, and i know Miss. Luckstoe will get mad for skipping her class. Well, I have a good reason. I was helping an angel find her way to class. I stood up to knock on the door to see what was taking so long. As I got to the door, still thinking, i bumped into Brina, the collision made us both fall on our bottom. I laughed as she looked away with tears in her eyes. Oh no! "I'm sorry I wasn't laughing at you. Please don't cry. I was laughing because we keep meeting when our bums are on the floor. I promise, I'd never laugh at you. You're to gorgous to be laughed." I saw her blushing and noticed what I said while I rambled. I looked away and blushed to. Trying to forget that, I looked at her again. She was now standing above me with her hand out to help me up. "So what classes do you have? Can I see your schedhule?" "uhh ya sure here. Do you know where they are?" she asked iniscintly. I looked and as i scanned her classes, my smile got bigger with the classes I recingozed that were mine, and now also hers. When I looked up, I was grinning from ear to ear like an idiot. "Well its your lucky day! We've got the same schedule!" she smiled back "At least I'll know one person" I smiled and we started walking to her second class since first was almost over. what she didn't know was she'll know 4 more people when I introduced her to the lads. We all had the same schedule so it was perfect.

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