The Story of How it Came to Be

Sabrina Payne, Liam's cousin, just moved and needs to start in a new school. What happens when she meets someone from her past and falls for his friend?


19. Calming down

Brina's POV

After pulling away from the boys, I smiled. Somehow I went from crying to smiling in the matter of seconds. "Thank you guys so much" I said smiling. They all just smiled back and nodded. At that moment Niall yawned loudly. I laughed, " I think it's been a long day for everyone let's go to sleep." The boys agreed and started to walk up the stairs. "Love, why are you just standing there?" Niall asked. "I don't know this all just feels so weird and fast, I can't process it." "Come one lets go up and then we'll talk okay?" By this time everyone had left to go to bed but me and Niall. I smiled as he grabbed my hand leading me upstairs. We laid down facing each other and talked about today's events. It was so surreal, finding out I had a brother and sisters that I thought were my cousins, and finally getting asked out by Niall, even if we moved a little fast. I wouldn't change today for anything. "When will you talk to her?" Niall's question brought me out of my thoughts, already knowing who her was. "To be honest Ni I don't know. Don't get me wrong I love her she helped grow to the person I am today, but it's just upsetting knowing my life is lie" I said sadly. Niall hugged me closer to him, "shh it's okay babe you don't have to worry about it right now, let's just go to sleep and well talk about it when you feel like it okay?" He calmed me down and started rubbing my back soothingly. And that's the last thing I remember as I fell asleep.

*RING RING RING* ughh what the hell? I woke up to a bright room and my obnoxious phone ringing. I was so comfy right now I thought as I reached over slightly to grab my phone from the bedside table. "Hello" I whispered not to disturb Niall. "Bri! Are you alright honey?" It was mum. "Yes, I'm fine I slept over at Liam's house. I was just really tired so I crashed here." "When are you coming home, if you are coming home.." She paused and I could hear the hope as she waited for my answer. "I honestly don't know right now, this is so much to process right now all at once." "Hon-" I cut her off "listen, I'm not mad, I'm just shocked and upset just please give me a little bit of time to process it all and calm down" I heard her sigh. "Okay honey, I'm really sorry about this and being selfish I love you lots. Call me whenever you want okay?" I smiled lightly, no matter what she always understood my side as well. "Okay thanks for understanding, I'll call you soon" I hung up with those last words. I didn't feel like going to sleep anymore. I looked at my position, my head slightly on Niall's shoulder and pec, while his chin rested on top of head, and our legs tangled in each other's. I was so comfy, today should just be a lazy in bed all day kind of day. I started to draw random shapes on Niall's bare chest as he slept. "You know some people want to still want to sleep." I hear a husky morning voice say, causing me to jump. He laughed quietly, "why so jumpy today, love?" I looked up at him and stuck my tongue out, "haha you're so funny." I tried to say this as sarcastic as possible, causing him to laugh louder. "I think the boys, besides Harry, work today, so what do you think of a lazy movie day today?" His sexy morning voice was beyond irresistible, not trusting my voice I bit my lip and nodded. He smiled and kissed my forehead. "Sleep well love?" He asked. I don't think he knew the effect his morning voice had on me, so again I nodded holding back the urge to kiss him. "Babe what's wrong so jumpy and quiet today? And that lip biting is pretty sexy." He said the last part in a whisper making his voice sound more huskier and winked at the end. Ahh fuck it I thought as I turned over and straddled him, leaning close. "And you're morning voice has quite an effect on me" I said winking and closing the space between us and kissing him. He automatically grabbed my hips holding me in place making sure I don't leave. He turned us over so now he was on top,"I don't think you know what kind of affect you have on me" he said against my lips kissing between after every two or three words. I smiled as we dragged the kiss on, our tongues fighting for dominance. *KNOCK KNOCK* we pulled away slowly as we heard a knock. "Hey guys the boys and I are going to work Harry got called in as well so you have the day off Niall" I instantly recognized Liam's voice. I jumped off the bed and swung the door open. Right as I opened it Louis knocked on my forehead. "Oh I'm sorry Bri-Bri I just wanted to knock and make sure you guys heard!" He said trying to hold in his laughter as everyone else laughed. "I know I guess I opened the door too quick, well I hope you guys have fun enjoy work" I said smiling. I walked up to each boy giving them a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They all smiled and yelled bye as they went downstairs and out the door. I walked back into Niall's room, smiling. "You look like you have an idea! Blondie wants to hear Bri's idea!" Niall said like a little kid. "Well, how about we first go eat some breakfast, and after breakfast I'll ring mum and we could go and grab some of my clothes, then we could come back here and watch all the movies we want until an hour before the boys come and we can make them dinner" I said smiling as Niall nodded listening. "I love it! Let's get started!" He said and ran out his room. I laughed and followed him down.


Ughh another AN ik I'm sorry! I'm so sorry it took so long to update so much has been happening but hopefully now that things settled a little I can start up again(: hope you guys like it please leave feedback on what you like or what you want changed

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