The Dreamer

when dani breakes up with he boyfriend of two years she totally forgets about her 16th birthday but when her sister alex takes her to reunite with a old friend will she get a new boyfriend when she finds harry styles ( her old friend) she ends up reliseing that dreams do come true but only if you dream big :)


5. the start of something new

Harrys POV*

I walked out to all the guys sitting on the couch starring at me weirdly ''what'' i yelled at them then Liam walked over to me come on lad you think we don't know he said know what i asked then Louis and zayn popped up omg Louis said we are not stupid we know that you like her zayn said what makes you think that i asked come on just admit it you know that its true same with you Niall we know that you like Alex's you guys why don't you take them out tonight but i dont know where i would take her i exclaimed same Niall said wait Niall i have an idea grab your guitar and ill get the girls i said ''OK'' he said knock knock i said while knocking on the bedroom door Alex opened it and Dani pushed her out of the way i laughed a little bit bye her actions hello she said while giggling hi i said trying not to sounld to flirty why ar you all dressed up nice she asked cause i am and you to both need to change we are going out i said with a grin on my face and hurry you got ten minuets before we leave i said just as i said we were going out she slammed the door in my face and i could here them shuffling around i decided to go sit back on the couch and time them.


5,4,3,2,1 i yelled times up girls right as i said that i about died as Dani came out in a blue sun dress with white flowers on it her long dark brown hair was crimped and her make up was perfect for the night you look beautiful love i said as i took her hand and kissed it why thank you handsome she said . Wheres Alex i asked just then i saw Niall jumped out of his chair Alex came out in a yellow and green sun dress and her long blond hair was in a tight bun she looked pretty but not as pretty as Dani .

Dani POV*

''How do i look'' i asked when i turned around all i saw was harry standing up and 4 boys sitting on the couch behind him with the jaws hanging down to the floor ''what'' i asked ''n-nothing y-you look beautiful love '' harry replied ''well you look handsome your self '' i replied trying not to blush even knowing it was gonna happen anyway.i said hi to all the boys who's jaws were still hanging down to the floor ''hello'' i snapped ''o h-hi'' they all said in unison then harry lead me over to the chair and he sat down and insisted that i sit on his lap, we waited for Alex she took forever finally i got up and yelled Alexandria come on get out here you look fine. I herd a faint whimper and she came out Niall's face expression was price less he stud up and screamed ''oh my fucking god you look beautiful'' Alex blushed a little and said ''why thank you but i don't really do the dress thing I'm used to the skinny jeans'' come on harry said pulling me out the door when we reached the sidewalk the boys blind folded us and told us both not to peek then i herd a loud honk which made me jump a little harry must of seen me jump cause he grabbed my free hand with his plaster hand and his free hand with my plaster hand and said ''its OK ill keep you safe i promise'' i felt so safe when i was with harry. The boys lead us onto a big bus thing well that's what i thought it was considering it had steps and was moving finally they told us to close are eyes and take the blind folded off we heard them say 3,2,1 OK open when i opened my eyes i could not believe what i was seeing we were on a two storied bus like the one they used in there one thing music video and there on the top was a red and white checkered blanket at a picnic basket next to the picnic basket was Niall's lucky guitar at that moment in time i felt like the Luckiest girl in the world i was on a date with the

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