The Dreamer

when dani breakes up with he boyfriend of two years she totally forgets about her 16th birthday but when her sister alex takes her to reunite with a old friend will she get a new boyfriend when she finds harry styles ( her old friend) she ends up reliseing that dreams do come true but only if you dream big :)


8. simon

Harrys POV

We got off the bus to be greeted by simon or i we like to call him uncal simon. "Who are these pretty ladys" he asked pointing to Dani and Alex "o this is my girlfriend Dani" i said "and this is my girlfriend alex" niall said we all looked at him and her when they smiled and kissed eww louis yelled while running in the studio i just laughed and ran in after him. simon walked in with the rest of the boys alex and dani, me and louis were all ready so we quickly all started i told dani and alex to go sit in the other recording room and i would be there in about an hour. We got done a half an hour after we started and i decide to show simon what talent Dani had so i put on her favorite song, i knew she could not resist singing it. The song was wings by zayns girlfriends band Little Mix she looked around to see if there was anybody there other then alex she dint see me. alex did and winked at me i laughed and saw dani start to sing i pushed the record button and waited till she was done to put my plan in action i pushed the stop botten on the record and pushed the door open Dani i yelled while running over to her and hugging her. "well u seem happy " she said  yea and i will tell you why in a minuet let me go get the boys i ran out the room and got the boys and uncal simon i lead them in and just before i went in i pushed the play button so it was on the speaker, i walked in and what i saw was great louis was pointing at Dani and dani was hiding her red face simon was in shock and i just smiled and walked over to dani "why were you happy now " she asked "because im here with my beautiful girlfriend and we get to spend the whole summer together and o yea you just got descovered and are now our opening act for our tour" she looked at me in shock and a little bit of sadness overcame her face she then got up from the seat she was in and started to walk out, i grabed her by the waist and pulled her down on my lap she started to look up and i kissed her all the despration and sadness washed off i pulled away and said i love you. she replied with the same thing and we kissed agian not noticeing that the boys were snaping pictures intel both of our phones went off. On twitter there was a picture of us kissing or snogging there was so many people tellling us that we were a cute couple, but when i looked over at dani her face expression looked scared i took the phone out of her hand and scrolled through the many pages of hate but the one she was looking at made my body go numb it said dani cooper a.k.a Harry Styles girlfriend is going to die in about 5 minuets i will record the video guys >:)   i droped the phone and paul came in telling us it was time to go i talked to him and told him not to worrie about me but to protect her he laughed and said ok. we started  off on our long walk to the tour bus but that changed when i saw a suspicious looking black van pull up next to the bus  by now dani had forgot compleatly about the threat intel she heard her name being called but who was it?, i looked up to see the black vans window roll down and a gun pointed out. "dani i yelled get down all the other boys ducked and i saw paul get down " i saw the gun kick and down she went "No!!!!" i yelled while running over to her that is intel she tried to get up. i jumped infront of her and all i felt was pain i herd her screaming and crying i saw the van drive away and niall and alex run up to us "niall mate is she ok i whispered while clutching onto my leg ( where i got shot ) ?" i asked i dont know harry but you need to stay there and wait till the abulance gets here he said just then i herd a relifing sound "harry harry were are you ?" it was dani "babe im fine how are you " i asked she tried to get up but fell back down i herd alex yelling at her to lay back down but she manged to reach me. "oh my gosh dani you got hit in the stomach" i proclaimed while i watched her cry in pain just then i herd the sirens and i got seprated from her and we both headed to the hospital.

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