The Dreamer

when dani breakes up with he boyfriend of two years she totally forgets about her 16th birthday but when her sister alex takes her to reunite with a old friend will she get a new boyfriend when she finds harry styles ( her old friend) she ends up reliseing that dreams do come true but only if you dream big :)


7. pranksters

Harry's POV*

We got in the car i quickly locked the doors and shut the windows it's just me and Dani now. I herd from the out side two people yelling two different names Niall and Alex were yelling for us to let them in, i herd Alex yell ''Daniella let us in or i swear i am gonna hurt you'' i'v never herd Alex yell like that before, me and Dani looked at each other and just laughed then i did it i asked the question that i wanted to ask so bad for so long. She looked at me in shock but in a good way she smiled one of her famous cheeky grins and said ''what can you repeat that question again please'' ''of course my lady'' i said ''will you do me the honer of becoming my girlfriend ?'' i asked with a nervous look on my face. My world got brighter then it ever was before, i swear my heart jumped out of my chest when she said yes. I hugged her but that soon changed when i herd a loud banging on the bus and a scream i looked out the window the boys and Alex were getting mobbed by fans i told Dani to call Paul (who was probably in the doctors office flirting with the nurses) and hide in the back of the bus we were in the tour bus so there was many places to hide i opened the door and pulled Alex in but when i let go of the door to shut it some one pulled me down and i fell on the ground. A bunch of crazy fans started to jump on me i started to scream the boys names who were also being pushed to the ground but they did'nt answer. Dani must of herd me yelling cause she jumped out of the bus/van and started to yell at the girls they looked at her then laughed and turned away from her. Finally she got there attention by screaming then saying leave my boyfriend alone well that was the worst thing she could of done, cause all the fans and i mean all of them backed away from me and the boys and pulled Dani down to the cement ground i yelled at Alex (who was still in the bus) to call Paul again then i herd a scream and a whimper it wasn't the kind where she was sad it was a whimper of pain i herd her cry and yell my name and i could not do anything to help her and she wanted me to protecte her but i counldint . I saw blood on the ground next to her i literally thought that she was dead because she stopped screaming and crying finally Paul saw what was going on and told us to get in the bus i refused i tried to run into the crowd and reach her but every time they would just push me away Paul had to call back up and all the fans ran away. I could see Dani just laying there, her life less body all bloody my shirt i gave her was completely covered in blood i ran up to her just as Paul did he checked her for a pulse ''shes alive'' he said i sighed in relief i saw the boys and Alex in the window it looked like Alex was crying, her eyes were all red and swallon Niall was hugging her she kept looking out the window with every look she dug her face deeper and deeper into Niall's chest. Then the boys realised that all the fans were gone they came ruining out of the bus and to my aid with Dani all but Niall who was still comforting Alex inside the bus. ''Dani Dani'' i yelled shaking her arm still no respond i started to get scared, then Louis had a good idea he told mike who was are 2nd body guard to go get the doctor with him which was a urgent care center also called the E.R and that's what he did minuets later Louis was running and pointing and slowly ruining behind him was are doctor that took are check ups and cast off she was so nice she began tending to Dani right away.

Dani's POV*

All i felt was pain when i went down i probably should not have mentioned the whole boyfriend thing i remember being pulled down and harry trying to get people off me then people, well actually girls started pushing him away and kicking and punching me, scratching and pulling my hair and even biting, but i remember one girl kick me in the temple and i went out i woke up a little bit after and started screaming for Harry even though i knew pal woundint let him come get me, but they just kept scratching my back i looked down and saw Harry's shirt all riped and bloody and then some one kick me Agian in the head but this time i dint go unconscious i just felt my legs and arms go numb i remember a girl rubbing my head against the gravel and then stomping my head yelling at me to stand up and fight her. I looked over at harry who was all bloody, his chest was all scrached up he turned arounld and looked at the boys i saw a giant scrach on his back it was gushing blood but he still was fighting pulling girls away then paul picked him up and made him sit with the others he started to cover his face like he could not watch anymore, Liam who was siting next to him started rubing his back. I remeber praying then my vision started to go blurry and i couldint talk eather i remember Paul yelling into his radio calling mike and the other guards he turned the police sirens on that were in the bus and him yelling at harry to go get into the bus where the other boys had been moved to. He refused and was pushing into the crowd agian i herd him finally yell "STOP IT YOUR GONNA KILL HER" i remember a girl yelling back him saying '' ever thought maybe that's what we want?'' i herd him mumble something and Paul yelling back at him " harry let us take care of it '' when the other gardes came all the girls backed away from me and i felt two people touching me one on my wrist and the other kissing my forehead i assumed the one kissing me was harry then i herd Paul say ''shes alive'' and harry sighed but in a good way then he shook my arm saying ''Dani Dani wake up please wake up'' i herd desperation in his voice i wanted to just open my mouth and tell him I'm OK relax but i was still paralyzed then Louis said i have an idea and i herd whispering then i herd runing foot steps and then silence for awhile and then more foot steps and a voice which was Louis and a women's voice she started talking to me and saing it was the doctor i herd Harry cry as she looked in my eyes which were open but i could not see everything was black then she said ''Dani if you can hear me move your eyes back and forth'' i felt Harry's tears hit my arm and him leaning over me i attempted to do it but i could barley do even that then she said she is awake and i herd all the boys cheer but there was some one missing then i began gaining feeling in my right hand i herd the doctor say ''OK Dani can you see me if so tell me on this pad of paper here's a pen'' i wrote on the paper ''no i can not see anything wheres harry i NEED Harry I'm scared and my head hurts really bad '' i herd Harry talk ''its OK Dani I'm right here don't be scared I'm not gonna leave you and Paul is here to to keep us safe'' i attempted to smile but i could feel it come out wrong then the doctor said that Paul and mike needed to carry me into the CT Scan room and for Harry to support my neck and head she said she would get the room ready then i felt to large men pick me up and Harry support my head then they started walking they put me down on a table thing and left the room over a speaker thing i herd the doctor say that she was gonna take a x ray of my head so i had to sit still i laughed on the inside cause i could not move other then my right arm. When she was done she told mike and Paul to pick me up again. I felt them put me down on a cold surface but this time on a bed a soft one then i felt a pinch the doctor said the was gonna give me some medicine for the shock i was in about ten minuets later i looked around and every thing was clear i saw all the boys and girl about my age except harry ''wheres harry'' i asked, when i spoke they all looked at me weird ''what'' i asked ''nothing'' zayn said hitting Louis in the arm ''well then wheres harry'' i asked again ''um how do i tell you this'' Louis said ''tell me what'' I asked ''well love harry died'' Louis said ''WHAT!'' i cried trying to get up out of bed ''how he was just here?'' ''stop messing with her Lou'' i herd Liam yell then he got up and pulled the curtain back harry was laying there on his stomach and the nurses were putting a liquid substance on his back he dint notice that Liam had pulled the curtain back he was yelping every time they patted his back. He must of herd me giggling cause he immediately maned up i laughed some more and he started to blush then i realised that i could move my arms and legs ''hey guys look'' i said while starting to get up and walk, i walked all the way over to harry who was now siting up on the bed then i started to feel dizzy and i fell but some one caught me who was it? i thought to myself then i turned my head to the side and next to me was harry he caught me in his arms and now was picking me up and setting me down next to him then i herd him ask ''are you OK babe ?'' ''yea'' i said while laying my head down in his lap ''just a little dizzy'' then the girl got up and said ''that's probably cause what happen out there you got a bad concussion'' ''what'' i questioned ''um who are you'' i asked as nice as i could, the girl looked shocked ''you don't remember me?'' she asked ''nope'' i said popping the p ''i-i'm your s-s-s-sister how can you forget me?'' she asked ''was this true'' i asked harry ''yes Alex is you sister'' he said ''you don't remember'' ''the only thing i remember is that you guys are one direction and you are my boyfriend and i was just attacked by a bunch of crazy fans and o yea I'm dizzy'' i yelled well maybe its cause of the concussion i mean the doctor did say she was gonna be dizzy maybe memory loss is part of it to Zayn said.

Zayn POV*

I was as shocked as every body else was when Dani asked who Alex was you could tell it hurt Alex when she said that she didn't remember her she just when back all silent and sat on Niall's lap he asked if she was OK but Alex only nodded when Dani told us all the stuff she remembered i sat there and listened to every word she said i was busy drawing a picture of Dani and Harry together when she finally got to the last thing every body's head shot up and tilted to the side what did she just say that harry was her boyfriend ''boyfriend'' i asked harry just looked at us and smiled one of is cheeky grins and winked at us "o i forgot to tell you guys dint i" ''well yea its kinda funny im going out with Dani'' he said while smiling "OK then" i said in my awkward voice. I reached for the TV remote and then turned the news on front and center in the middle of the t.v screen was a picture of harry and Dani kissing then the next on was a picture of harry taking his shirt off and putting it on Dani which Dani still had it on next thing i know the doctor came in and said ''well Dani good afternoon'' ''hello'' Dani said as nice as she could ''i have good news you can go home but you have to be watched at all times even at night to make sure you don't have anymore problems'' the doctor said ''like what'' Dani asked ''like a seizure or a stroke'' ''o'' Dani said wide eyed ''OK then her is your papers to leave with you are free to go '' as soon as she walked out the door Louis busted to the parking lot and got mark who was the bus driver to pull up to the front Dani tried to walk but fell again the harry being the gentlemen he is asked her if she would like a piggy back ride and of course she said yes i thought how it was cute how they were a couple.

Harry's POV*

when the doctor told Dani we could leave everybody got up and left except Zayn and me she tried to walk but fell again so i insisted on giving her a piggy back ride to the bus when i told her we had to stop for sound check at the arena she completely agreed and wanted to come with use i told her no but the boys insisted that she did i looked at her her and and told her to follow me to my room on the tour bus we went into the my room and i locked the door behind us i pulled out one of my bigger shirts and told her to change into it that we needed to throw the other shirt away and her dress needed washing but she refused i begged her she finally agreed i told her she could take a shower if she wanted to and when she was done she could put her short shorts and my shirt back on i lead her to the bathroom and right when i shut the door she got in then i forgot to give her a towel so i walked in and set one down on the toilet when i walked in i herd her singing she was singing my part to same mistakes and she sang it prefect i shut the door and hurried to get the boys i opened the door and they listened ''omg is that Dani?'' they all asked ''yea'' ''she is good'' Niall said with his Irish accent showing a little more then usual ''shes more then good'' Liam said ''come here i have an idea to cheer her up'' Louis instructed he told us to sit on the couch and start to sing same mistakes but to act like my voice was sore so it dint sound right OK we all said when we herd her turn the water off we all started to sing but messing up. She came out with a sour look on he face ''what was that awful noise'' she asked then Louis said that was harry he,s having trouble with the notes ''wanna help'' i asked her ''um OK i guess but how '' she asked while looking hotter then ever ''just sing it with me'' i said ''o OK '' she said with an unsure look on her face when i counted to three we both started circles we goin in circles when the next part came up i stopped she dint noticed she kept singing and Louis started recording it when she got done she looked at us ''what'' she asked ''n-nothing'' i replied ''your just really good'' i said ''no I'm not'' she replied then all the guys yelled at the same time ''YES you are '' ''see listen'' Louis said while he took his phone out and played the recording ''see you are good look at how many views and likes you've gotten on you-tube and twitter" she looked and sighed then she ran of and started to cry i followed her and noticed she had ran into my small bedroom and layed on the bed crying her face berried into one of my pillows i ran in after her and came in and sat next to her i asked her what was wrong she dint answer then i said don't make me whip out my two little tools still no answer fine i warned her here comes the tickle monster i yelled then i started tickling her she reacted to it but she still did not smile i turned her over and said please tell me we are almost to the arena then she sat up and berried her head into my chest which was still with out a shirt she stared talk, she said ''i used to sing with my sister'' ''Alex'' i asked ''no my other sister baylie'' she said with a crack in her voice i'm sorry Dani i said come here when she sat up and leaned on me i picked her up bridal style an yelled watch out here comes Mrs and Mr styles then i whispered if you wanna get back at Louis then play along then i ran out the door with Dani in my arms when i sat down i saw everybody facial expressions and Dani started to laugh so i kissed her so she would shut up when i was done she leaned her head in the crest of my neck and just layed there then Louis yelled ''what did you just yell before you came out?'' Dani started laughing then i repeated my self '' here comes Mrs and Mr styles'' Louis jumped out of his chair so fast that he fell on the floor then he started yelling saying that i was only 18 and Dani was only 16 and we were two young and that he needs more carrots'' Dani nudged me indicating that we should tell him so i stud up and set Dani on the table then she yelled ''Louis relax we are not getting married" he looked confused i thought it was funny his face was priceless then i herd the bus come to a screaming stop and i looked out the window there standing in front of the arena was uncle Simon.

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