The Dreamer

when dani breakes up with he boyfriend of two years she totally forgets about her 16th birthday but when her sister alex takes her to reunite with a old friend will she get a new boyfriend when she finds harry styles ( her old friend) she ends up reliseing that dreams do come true but only if you dream big :)


12. interview and hate

Dani's POV

We arrived at the interview and the boys went to get ready i decided that i would go look arounld i walked down the long hallway intel i saw a door that was blue and white with my name on the door i slowly walked in and saw a lady talking on her phone i turned around to go back out but the lady ran up to me and said that i needed to sit down she pulled me over to the chair and started takeing my hair out she began telling me who she was and what she was doing aparantly i was going to have the interview with the boys she began curling my wavy brown hair and told me to sit still she came out with a bag of make-up and started to apply it when she was done she pulled me into a room with a curtan she gave me a cute blue dress adn told me to put it on when i was done she ran me back to where the boys  where she told me to wait in the room with the food. I did as i was told and decided to go on my twitter i went on and tweeted harry telling him how sorry i was and that i would make it up to him i ended it with a kissy face about 5 minuets later my notifactions started blowing up i looked at some of them and they were so mean but on really stud out to me it said @getalifedaniiloveharry really no one likes you, you are nothing but a piece of garbage that a dog shit on im sure harry will be much happier if he just broke it off with you, go die in a hole or kill youself eather way works just end it now look how many people want you dead i really do hope you die love~ava right after that there was 5 thousand people retweting the post i responded well thanks but im sorry to say that i feel you are right but i know im not hurting harry i love him and he loves me you can make death threats and every thing else but just know i'v been through hell and back so you cant scare me i know some of that stuff i true and yes i do diserve to die but im not sure if that will happen so sorry ~dani

i was so pissed i jumped on the bed that was there and barried my head into the pillow wishing all the hate would go away but i herd a big bang and the boys run out like they were pissed off to harry ran over to me and took my phone and started typeing he then locked it and hugged me he then stormed out lets go love zayn said as he followed me out and shut the door  when we arrived to the stage i was shocked to see somany people we all said hello and then we got on with the interview same questions intel the end when some one hacked the internet and t.v brodcasting there was words and a voice on the screen it began talking and slideing through words it read  Dani Green please just go die no one likes you thats why when you were in 5th grade people started to bully you and remeber what you did you could'nt live with it you tried to eend it but it didnt work heres a idea instead of using bleach use a rope and a hight pole or a knife no one wants you with harry you were a big mistake remeber after your mom died your dad used to beat you yeah and tell you that you were a mistake that if your mother would have used nirth controle you would'nt be here and every body would have been happy o and how you were a slut and a whore yeah its true and i hope you know what people think of you just go die! i felt the tears start to roll down my face i got up and ran i dont know where but i ran i ran out the back doors and down the street it was pouring rain and i was tired and feeling dizzie i ran to a near by park that had a big willow tree in the middle with nothing but a feild i needed to think i saw something shineing in the distance i wlked up to it and saw a sharp blade i picked it up and wobbled my way back to the tree where i slumped down to the grass my once beautiful hair and dress was all messed up my make up trailed down my face like a raccon and my eyes wear red from crying i sat there debating what i should do now that the whole world knows my secret the secretthat i didnt want anybody to know i took the blade and pushed it into my wrist to write i love harry i watched as the blood came pouring out i got dizzie again i sat there in the mood bleeding at 10:30 at night no one arounld to see me like this.

Harrys POV

I watched as dani got up and ran out the back door where was she going ? i asked my self i watched as she ran down the street in the rain the boys came out the door with me i was woundereing why she never told me that she was geting this much hate i thoughjt i put a stop to it when i told them to stop on titter but i guess not "can't you track her on your phone ?" louis asked "yeah good idea" i said while waiting for it to loud i followed the tracker all the way to a small park saw a small shadow in the pond  that was a few feet from the tree i walked down the small brick path i saw a phone by the tree i picked it up and saw on the screen a note that said

Dear harry im sorry you had to find ou this way but it had to be done i love you always ~dani

i droped the phone when i relised what was going on i bent down to pick it up when i notice there was bloody finger prints on it "what is is mate?'' niall asked i gave him the phone and started runing to the pond i dint seee anything intel i reached the bottem of the hill there on the grass was a bloody blade i think my instinct sunk in cause i skimed the water with my eyes to see if anything was there i walked on the deck thing the park had so people could jump then i saw it my beautiful girlfriend in the water her head was underwater and she was not moveing "harry what are you doing" i herd louis yell while him and the boys were runing down the hill i took my shoes off and my shirt i quickly dove in and started to swim to the middle of the pond where Dani's lifeless body layed. When i got to her i fliped her over so her face was out of the water i swam with her as fast as i could to the dock and i pulled her up and layed her flat i checked for a pulse but nothing by this point the boys were all runing over to me and trying to help i started doing CPR and i finally got a pulse i looked at her worriedly and waited for her to open her eyes when liam said "harry i think you cut her arm when you were pulling her up on the dock" "what no i dint what are you talkinging about ?"  i looked at her arm and saw blood driping off "do you guys have something i could wipe it off with ?" i asked yeah here use your shirt niall said while handing me my white shirt i dabed the blood off and to my suprise there on her arm was the words im sorry harry i will always love you i felt her arms started to move and her eyes fluttered open she pulled me colse to her and whispered im so sorry hazza then she relaxed i picked her up and she fell asleep in my arms i picked her up and cared her back to the interview building then all the way back home.

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