The Dreamer

when dani breakes up with he boyfriend of two years she totally forgets about her 16th birthday but when her sister alex takes her to reunite with a old friend will she get a new boyfriend when she finds harry styles ( her old friend) she ends up reliseing that dreams do come true but only if you dream big :)


3. chapter 3 dont let go

Naill POV*

i herd a faint breath in to the phone then nothing harry started screaming Dani's name he really did like her. We were almost there then we saw what had happen. The semi driver had fallen asleep and swerved over to Alex and Dani's lane the driver was no where in sight but the girls were both in there car. Alex was just unconscious but Dani on the other hand she was not breathing i got my phone out and called the help number then i got Alex out of the car and put her in the grass and told Paul to stay with her then i helped harry get Dani out we carried her all the way to the grass and started doing CPR still nothing came out of the life less Dani harry started doing chest compressions as Louis mum had tough all the boys considering shes a nurse. but still nothing finally he started doing mouth to mouth but still nothing we herd the faint sirens in the back ground probably five or ten minuets away i started to get worried about her and harry he snapped at me to go check on Alex's who was now awake and crying hysterically . But as i walked away from him i looked back and saw him just leaning over her body and crying like a mad man then i could hear him praying finally he decided to try mouth to mouth again and it worked ! she started to open her eyes and cough she was still barley breathing finally i yelled as the paramedics pulled up they rushed right over to Dani who now decided that she was done and stopped breathing again they slowly put a breathing tube down her throat and her and harry rushed to the hospital and i went with Alex who was holding my hand and crying in pain we were off to the hospital to before we left i told Paul to go get the other boys and bring them up to the hospital which in this cases was doncaster heath hospital.


Louis POV*

I woke up to nothing but Paul running in to the house and yelling boy's boy's getup you need to get up. I shot up out of bed so fast and looked at the clock next to me on the night table the clock read 12:30 A.M i flopped back down and pressed the pillow to my head and felt around for Harry who earlier last night was sleeping next to me , I started to panic he was not there I yelled for Paul which Liam did at the same time when he did not come i shot out of bed and ran into Liam and Niall's room there was no sign of Niall either we both ran into zayns room who was sleeping like a princess. We looked at each other and screamed at the top of our lungs to get zayn up who got up and slapped us across the face when he went to lay back down Paul came running through the door me and Liam yelled at the same time wheres Harry and Niall he looked at us with the saddest face we have ever seen him make he told us to get dressed and meet him in 5 minuets in the drive way so that's what we did when we asked where we were going he just looked at us and said you will find out so that's what we did . 20 minuets later we pulled into a place we didn't want to it was Doncaster Heath Hospital Paul parked and we all went in he told us to sit and wait with mike who was our 2nd body guard. We watched while Paul asked the lady something and she shook her head we all smiled hoping it was good news but when Paul came back there was no emotion on his face, one of them is in surgery he said we will have to wait a little bit we all looked at him in shock . What happen i exclaimed there was a crash he said they got hit by a semi and one stopped breathing we all started to tear up we waited an hour and the lady from behind the counter came over and said you can see them now we all hoped up like bunny rabbits and walked like zombies all slow and hopeless when we entered the room we saw harry sitting in a chair with is head berried in his arms sleeping on the edged of a hospital bed he looked to be having a nightmare then Paul walked over to the Cretan that was in the middle of the room and pulled it back there we saw a life less Niall on a stretcher we all ran up to him just looking then we looked next to him on a bed was a girl she was sleeping and they were holding hands i went up to Niall and woke him up he just stared in shock he looked like he had just seen a ghost.

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