The Dreamer

when dani breakes up with he boyfriend of two years she totally forgets about her 16th birthday but when her sister alex takes her to reunite with a old friend will she get a new boyfriend when she finds harry styles ( her old friend) she ends up reliseing that dreams do come true but only if you dream big :)


2. Capter 2 The time of my life


Alex POV*

Omg we are going to Doncaster i say over and over in my head, better yet we are gonna meet the one the only One direction and i know who is so gonna fall for Dani. shes had the biggest crush on Harry styles sense she had went to school with him when she was younger but when she went into middle school in 6th grade she had to move to the U.S.A her, her sister,and her father they all had to move and that's how i met my best friend now she is my sister her father adopted me when i was saved from my apartment when it caught fire.Me and my baby brother Tyler he was only 3 and i was 11 the same age as Dani , her father was the fire fighter who saved us but he could not save are mom she passed away just like Dani's mom. Dani's mom died from giving birth to her and just recently her sister and my step sister died she was 18 she got hit by a drunk driver and killed instantly she was only 2 years older then Dani and I, hopefully this is a good way for me and her to just take a break from all this drama and the loss of our sister.It's gonna be two sixteen year old having the summer of there life and maybe just maybe we will get to spend some time with the boys.


Dani hurry yup we have to go i yelled we were running through the air port trying to find our plain just then we here the flight number and it was coming from the other side of the airport when we got there it was to late the plain had just taken off and we were not on it we asked the lady at the booth what we should do she said that there was a plain taking off in like 10 minuetsbut it was only 1st class and we would have to pay like 100 bucks so what did we do we payed 100 dollars to move the tickets up to 1st class and when the plain boarded of course our seats were not next to each other we both sat down and got ready for take off but just before the doors closed 5 single shadows came bursting toward us it was one direction and they were siting by us Niall ( the one i like ) was sitting next to me and next to him was Liam next to Dani was harry and Zayn then Louis was behind harry when relisd that they were sitting next to us i freaked a little In side this could not be happening.

Dani POV*

I looked up from my book but to none other then harry styles and Zayn Malik Harry's sweet little Innocent voice said ''excuse me love but i believe I'm sitting next to you do you mind moving your bag ?'' ''of course ''i said and i picked it up and put it between my legs he then introduced him self to me and zayn did the same i introduce my self to them as well and right there and then a light bulb must of went off in Harry's head because he stud up and said ''the same Dani green as in pre k through 6th grade?'' ''yea'' i said with excitement and i stud up and hugged him ''you remembered me'' i said , he responded with ''of course i did you were my best friend for 7 years how could i forget you'' i laughed and we both sat down and talked for the whole 6 hours we talked about what we both did when I left and how each of us were, then half way through the plain ride he gave me his number and i gave Him mine then we both started listening to music. When we were about to get off he gave me a hug and said ''it was nice seeing you and call me Dani'' and that's what i did i text's him that night when we were driving to my grand parents Alex was driving considering she was 3 months older then me i text's him to call me and that's what he did but when i picked up i accidentally dropped the phone and started to scream a semi truck was in our way and we was in the wrong lane heading towards us as i felt us it hit us I heard a faint noise coming from my phone which was on the floor i picked it up and noticed that it was harry and he was yelling my name into the phone, i said Harry's stop yelling why are you yelling then he told me that i screamed and he heard the phone drop then a loud crash and he asked if i was OK . I looked around and said yes then i noticed something red and sticky falling from my head and my body was numb i faintly screamed into the phone and harry asked what was wrong i looked over to Alex she was out cold i told harry what happened and that i needed help a.s.a.p. He told me to wait i heard him ask what the tracker password was for my phone i told him that it was his name, harry styles, hold on i will be there in a minuet he said then i heard him yelling for Paul he told him to get the car and Niall then i herd Paul say "where to harry "?and he said "follow this tracker hold on Dani you cant leave me" he said "your to young don't die"he proclaimed "i c-cant h-hold on" i said as i put the phone on speaker then i herd him yell "No you are gonna wait till i get there!" then Niall got on the phone "how is Alex ?" he asked "s-s-she is d-dead" i said while crying then i herd Niall say "no no not her" why it sounded like he was praying but with the faintest sound of crying in his voice . "H-h-harry" i said "yes Dani" he said "I w-w-want to tell you something in c-case i d-don't make it" i whimpered into the phone "OK" he said and then said "well you can tell me but sorry your not going to die tonight i promise" "but y-you d-don't know that" i said "but i just wanted to tell you that I-I-I love you and always will I have sense i met you but i will wait for you in heaven " and by then i let go "bye" I said i herd harry scream "no" and told Paul to go faster she stopped breathing he screamed while crying.

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