The Dreamer

when dani breakes up with he boyfriend of two years she totally forgets about her 16th birthday but when her sister alex takes her to reunite with a old friend will she get a new boyfriend when she finds harry styles ( her old friend) she ends up reliseing that dreams do come true but only if you dream big :)


4. beautiful mess

Harry POV*

I woke up to Louis thumping me in the head and a beautiful brown eyed girl looking at me with a confused look on her face she had her breathing tube out and was trying to talk to the boys but it turned out the boys were singing to her i realised what they were singing and it was WMYB it was time for my solo and right when Niall was about to take it i shot my head up and sang that's what makes you beautiful . I saw her look at me and laugh i laughed to and then she said something that all the boys and i didn't want to hear it just hurt my heart to much, she said "you know you could of let me die you know " we all looked at her in shock ''why would you say that'' i asked in confusion to her i could feel the tears start to swell up in my eyes i looked at they guys and asked if i could have some alone time with her ''of coursei herd all of them say thanks i say in reply . Why would you say i asked her when she replied i about died in shock.

Dani's POV*

''Why would you say that'' i herd him say ''because i wanted to die'' i yelled ''don't say that he yelled back at me you know its not true'' ''but it is i yelled back at him'' i could feel the wet tears roll down my cheeks he looked at me in shock ''its true i yell for all i care you could of let me die'' he came over to my bed and wiped away my tears then i hear him whisper ''why do u feel that way love ?'' ''because i have nothing to live for i came here to find you and spend time with you but its not gonna happen i just want to go to heaven and see my mom'' i whimper into his shoulder. Well that's all gonna change he said as soon as you get out of the hospital you and Alex are coming to live with us. Did i really hear what i just herd ? did he just say we were gonna live with them ? come on Dani say something to him. OK i said as long as you promise to take me out one night just me and you i said to him he looked at me with the response i could of just jumped up with well i thought you would never ask he said then he ran out the door and asked the nurse something she shook her head and held up 1 finger he came back and said only one more day hear and you are coming with me he chuckled i laughed a little bit and said why not now then i realised well probably cose you just had surgery on your wrist and that's what he said then he held my hand and told me to get some rest he started to get up an d i tugged him back down into the chair he was sitting in, what was that for he asked don't leave me please i pleaded i probably sounded desperate but i did not want him to leave ''fine he said but let me go tell the others what I'm doing'' when he came back i just sat there crying wondering what it would be like if i would have died .

Harry POV*

Right as i walk in i see her she was sitting there crying but just staring into the window i asked her what was wrong but no replay i walk over to her and pick her hand up it was cold and small in my big hands i said her name a couple of times and looked at her she was asleep and she looked so Innocent she looked like a princess her hair in a messy bun and her nails painted a neon blue color i decided to let her sleep and i pulled up a chair and layed my head down next to her body with her hand still in mine and i slowly fell asleep.


I woke up to Louis poking my face and playing with my curls wake up sleepy head i herd an Innocent sweet voice say i pooped my head up and standing next to the hospital bed was Dani her wrist in a neon blue and green cast she was out of her hospital clothes and in a nice skin tight pair of skinny jeans and a over sized shirt i took a look at her and started to dazed of in ah then i felt a sharp pain against my head and herd a slight scream and a pain like no other in my left arm it hurt so bad i started to cry.


Wow you took a fall there harry i herd Louis say sitting next to me was Dani and Louis of course , what happen i asked then Louis explained, well Paul pushed you and u feel into a table and you broke your arm he exclaimed well why did Paul push me i asked then Dani said when you were looking at me this guy came in and well he kinda had a knife and kinda was saying that he was gonna kill you and he threw the knife at you and Paul pushed you out of the way he got stabbed instead of you she said in a pleasing voice. Well is Paul OK i asked yea hes fine just a few stitches and you are fine other then a broken arm Niall said as walking through the door with Alex on his arm they just have to put a cast on your wrist now you and Dani can be twins you both broke your left wrist zayn said as he burst through the door soon after him a nurse came in with a cart full of fiber glass she asked me to pick two colors and i choose neon green and neon blue just like Dani when she was done she said i was free to leave and that's what we all did we ran out to the bus and all loaded in me and Dani sat in the front then she said the funnest thing ever she asked me to sign her cast of course i said yes and she started to blush i thought it was cute how her brown eyes looked when she blushed soon after we arrived at Louis mums house and i showed the girls to there room.

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