The Dreamer

when dani breakes up with he boyfriend of two years she totally forgets about her 16th birthday but when her sister alex takes her to reunite with a old friend will she get a new boyfriend when she finds harry styles ( her old friend) she ends up reliseing that dreams do come true but only if you dream big :)


6. 4 lover birds

Harry's POV*

''So shall we eat'' i asked Dani who was still in shock about this whole thing ''yes'' she said ''I'm starving'' ''well dig in then'' i studerd while taking a bit of my watermelon she sat down and picked up a piece of watermelon, shockingly she decided to sit next to me. On the other side of the blanket was Niall and Alex ''yum'' Dani said with the biggest brightest smile i have ever seen on her face, ''well I'm glade you like it'' i said. We finished are picnic dinner and Niall got his guitar out, we asked for any request at the same time they yelled two different songs. Whoa lady's no need to fight we will do both he said with a bit of a laugh at the end then he started playing the keys for taken which Alex had picked and i sat down and had Dani sit in my lap and i put my arms around her neck then we started to sing next was same mistakes and i started to sing the beginning, ''circles we goin circles dizzies all it makes us we know where it takes us we've before closer maybe lookin closer there's more to discover find out what went wrong with out blaming each other'' when zayns part came up which Niall was singing I looked down and all i saw were her beautiful brown eyes look up at me and smile and i felt something click i put my head down towards her and kissed her on the cheek , we just sat there and cuddled finally the chorus came up and me and Niall both sang. When the song was over i noticed that Dani's lips were turning a blue color ''are you cold babe?'' i asked before she could reply i took my jacket of and put It around her and then we just sat there looking up at the beautiful doncaster sky, soon after she fell asleep she looked like an angle the bus came to a stop in front of Louis house and i got up picked Dani up and put her on my back so she was relaxed she woke up a little and realised what was going on and put her arms around my neck then fell back asleep. Niall had Alex (who was also asleep) in is arms bridal style i knocked on the door to see if any one was awake. Soon enough Louis opened the door ''aw'' he yelled ''shh'' i said there sleeping ''o'' he said with an ashamed look on his face he held the door open as we walked through into the living room. Zayn and Liam sat there on the couch in aw ''move you Nimrods'' Niall yelled i want to put her on the couch Liam and zayn got up fast so Niall could put Alex down who was hanging on to his neck ''I'm gonna let her sleep here'' he said while rubbing his neck ''OK'' i exclaimed I'm gonna go put Dani in the bed room and i walked through the hallway then i opened the door and set her down on the bed he blue sundress hanging of the side of it i tucked her in but right as i was walking through the door to go back with the boys I herd a sound from behind me i looked and saw that it was Dani, she was crying and yelling my name I rushed back to her to make sure she was OK then i realised she was having a nightmare I tried walking out the door again but she did the same thing so i decided to stay with her and i took my shirt and belt off and climbed into bed with her she turned over on her side and leaned her head on my chest , i looked down she stopped crying and was smiling i started brushing my fingers through her hair and she snuggled up closer to me then it hit me i really did like her alot i thought to my self all night tell i fell asleep with good thoughts in my head.

Dani's POV*

I woke up the next morning to a very sexy harry styles in my bed next to me he scared the shit out of me so much that i jumped and fell out of the bed and kinda passed out on the floor.

Harry POV*

i herd a loud thump and a whimper i shot out of bed right as Liam ran in he saw the same thing that i did it was Dani laying on the floor just laying there at first i thought she was just sleeping and fell of the bed but when Liam turned her on her back so we could see her face her nose was bleeding and her head had a big bump on it i got off the bed and knelled down beside her i told Liam to go get some ice and a wet rag when he came back i was sure that the coldness of the ice would wake her up but it didn't. I asked Liam to hold the bag of ice and the bloody rag and i thought to my self what would bring me back to the real world if i was in la-la land then it hit me a kiss duh i leaned over her and kissed her on the lips she shot up like a rabbit i laughed a little and asked her if she was OK she seemed a little out of it but i assumed that was because she woke up with me in bed next to her with my shirt off and my pants nearly falling off i stud up and noticed that they were now down to my knees Liam walked out and shut the door behind himself i saw Dani start to blush her cheeks were now as red as a firetruck i turned around and pulled them up then i picked her up and walked out to the living room were we sat for like an hour she fell asleep and i started to dose off to just as Louis busted through the door screaming fans fans i got up as fast as i could and picked Dani up we bolted out the back door and into our undercover van after everybody got in i gently tried wakening Dani up i totally forgot that we were getting our arm cast's off today every body walked into the doctors office and i carried Dani in when she woke up i thought it was hilarious cause she was laughing so hard it took her like ten minuets to realise that her cast was off and mine too the she asked if i would give her a Piggy back ride we walked out side and it was pouring rain i set Dani down and she ran out into the parking lot ''come on Dani don't do this to me'' i begged as i ran after her she hid behind some cars and every time i would come around the corner she would run away finally i caught up to her she was laying in the grass with her head down i thought she was hurt and crying but as soon as i went to turn her over she jumped onto me and yelled ''got ya'' then she started to move in and the spark clicked again this time i got what i wanted a kiss, a passionate kiss on the lips her lips were so warm and moist just as i was about to go in for more the boys and Alex ran up but they didn't say a word i continued and then notice that they were standing above us yelling ew like little kids we were both just sat there and laughed. We were soaked and Dani was shivering so i took my shirt which was fairly dry and wrapped it around her then i picked her up and ran to the bus.

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