Disasters- Or are they dreams?

Hope Weller is signed up for the X-factor by her mom. She doesn't really like the show, but she sure can sing. Her voice is practically an automatic win, but will she let it be?


5. One Step Closer

I ran backstage yelling "No no NO! We want to stop! I pulled out my phone and texted to the fans "Come it is now the final compefore bootcamp so come! Simon changed the date! COME!" I pressed send and fans poured in as if they had been waiting. The seats were full, but more people kept coming untill there was no space. The doors closed and lissa and I walked onstage. I set my phone in the corner and sang the first few lines to Live While We're Young. Alissa sang the next ones, then me and we traded until the song came to an end. The cowd was chanting our names and texting in the votes. "STOP!" I yelled. "We did this as a duet, and we are a team. So instead vote if you want us each to go solo or merge as a duo band, or find a few more girls for a band. So send away!" I finished. People sent more votes and we walked back stage. I looked at the score screen and saw the two band options were tied. Then, the final vote came in. It was big band. We ran out as I texted my two bestfriends, one being Emma and the other by the name of Lyra, and Aissa texted her one best friend. We told them to come join a band! Five minutes later they came and Alissa introduced me to her friend, Essra. {pronounced Ezra} We bowed and walked backstage. "We are One Step Closer." I said. "That should be our name!" We all said at the smae time.

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