Disasters- Or are they dreams?

Hope Weller is signed up for the X-factor by her mom. She doesn't really like the show, but she sure can sing. Her voice is practically an automatic win, but will she let it be?


2. Eighteen Thousand

I slowly got out of the taxi and grabbed all of my stuff. I squished my binder into my carry-on bag and and ran to the building just to get it over with. I walked in and was pushed back. I felt a peircing pain in my right shoulder as a tall man grabbed my shoulder and shoved me back. I winced and held my shoulder. The man looked at me and slowly and clearly said, " ID, if you don't have it then you outta here." I slowly grabbed my coach wallet form my back pocket and opened it. I held it infront of his face and then put it away. He nodded and led me through. He brought me to a series of rooms. He knocked on a door and walked in. I followed and saw Simon Cowell. He brought me to a room that was labeled 'Hope Weller and Alissa Welsh'. I walked into the room and he left. I put my stuff at the end of the bunk bed and blinked.. There was a girl mlying on the bottom bunk. She had black hair and tanned skin. "Hi I'm Alissa and you are Hope Weller I'm guessing?" She said. I nodded and sighed. Top bunk for me. I slowly worked my way up the ladder and grabbed my carry on. I took out some Advil and poured out my amount. I gulped it down and put the Advil away. My shoulder immediettly felt better. I set up my bed and climbed back down the ladder. Alissa motiotioned for me to follow her and then led me out into a big room at the opposite end of the building. It was a concert room. We sat at two padded chairs in the front and waited as the chairs slowly filled with more people. We passed around food and I grrabbed a small plate with chicken wings on it. Simon Cowell walked onstage and I nibbled my chicken. He boomed into a microphone, "WELCOME TO THE XFACTOR! YOU ALL HAVE A TALENT IN SINGING AND YOU ARE GOING TO USE IT TO FIGHT YOUR WAY TO THE TOP! SECOND AND FIRST GET SIGNED TO MY RECORD LABEL! THE REST GO HOME WITH EXPERIENCE!!! THIS IS WHERE YOU PERFORM. IN JUST TEN MINUTES, AN AUDIENCE WILL COME AND WATCH YOU SING. THEY WILL VOTE AND THAT WILL PUT YOU IN A POSITION BETTER FOR WINNING! IF YOU ARE THIRD OR BETTER YOU WILL GET PRACTICE WITH PROFEESIONALS AND BETTER EQUIPMENT! NOW HEAD BACKSTAGE AND FOLLOW YOUR HELPERS INSTRUCTIONS! GO, GO,GO!!!!!!!" I jumped up and walked to the stage. I hoisted myself up and ran behind the black curtains. A lady came up to me and rushed my hair gently. She told me her name was Leanna and she made me calm. I forgot about not wanting to sing and not wanting to be here in the first place. I looked through the curtains and saw Simon directing the twelve people into ahorizontal line. I stood at the right end and waited. Everyone sang a song and the line got to me. "Just walk the world and you'll start to fly, there ain't no reason not to try. If you believe you can fly walk the world give it a try...." I sang my original song and there was deafening applause at the end. We all bowed and left the stage. I sat on a couch backstage and remembered I didn't want to be here. I scolded myself amd we were called back. "The winner with a shocking new world record of eighteen thousand votes is..... HOPE WELLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second is Alissa Welsh with two hundred votes and third is Camron Lease with eighty votes! Here are the vote numbers of the people who did not place! 60! 55! 29! 28! 17! 1!" Simon yelled into the mike. I swore not to try and to hide my remarkable voice from everyone.

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