Disasters- Or are they dreams?

Hope Weller is signed up for the X-factor by her mom. She doesn't really like the show, but she sure can sing. Her voice is practically an automatic win, but will she let it be?


1. Disasters-Or are they Dreams?

I yelled at my mom and ran upstairs. I stopped dead at the suitcases that laid packed on my bed. I shoved them out the door an kicked them down the stairs. My mom stopped me and kissed my forehead. I  grabbed my coat coat and slipped it on. I let my red-orange hair to form and wall in between me and my mom. I grabbed my suitcases and chucked them out the open front door. I ran into the living room and grabbed bindr and phone. I opened the binder and put my phone in the padde secret compartment in the back. I glanced at my drawings of animals and quickly zipped up my binder. I walked out and saw that the taxi driver had put my luggage in the back of the bright yellow taxi. I jumped in the back and shut the door. I closed the sliding glass between me and the driver and cranked my music to full blast. I waved to my mom briskly as the taxi pulled out. We drove off the street and sped to the highway. I opened my binder and flipped pen the part tht held my Ipad. I turned it on logged onto videochat. Ugh no one was on. I scrolled down and found my best friend. I clicked the only happy face on the website and clicked Call. I waited for a few seconds and Her face popped onto the screen. I waved and turned the music down by two. I puled some paper out of my binder and scrawled on a peice. I drew and frowny face and myself. I made an arrow coming from the smilley face to me and held the page up to the screen. My volume didn't work on video chat so my friend, Emma drew a question mark in the air. I got out my phone and called her. "My mom signed me up for XFACTOR! I hate her for doing that!" I screeched into the phone. We chatted for an hour and I finally hung up. I then turned off the video chat and put everything away. We soon pulled up to the buiding. I gulped and looked around. No where to run and escape. 

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