Disasters- Or are they dreams?

Hope Weller is signed up for the X-factor by her mom. She doesn't really like the show, but she sure can sing. Her voice is practically an automatic win, but will she let it be?


4. Complicated

"I'm such an idiot! I never should have sang for him!!" We got dressed in black tights, pink T-shirts and black Uggs. We slowly went to the concert hall. We ran backstage as screaming teenage fans poured in. I panted as I slid against the wall and practiced singing. "Do-oooo R-ee-e Meeeeeeeeeeeeee....." I sang the scale in the best scratchy voice I could to. Alissa soon left to sing. Ten minutes later I was called out. I sang Firework by Katy Perry and sounded HORRIBLE. When I finished someone stood up and screamed "Someone blackmailed her to sing bad so thy could win!!!!" Another yelled "Ya!!! I bet it was Alissa cause she has been rooming with her!" Alissa, who was standing by the corner of the stage ran back, crying.

I looked up at the screen backstage that showed the current number of votes. There were four of us rest. I was already at over one million votes. Alissa was at minus a million. Don't ask me how that's possible. The numbers stopped moving. Ryan was at a hundred and Lily two hundred. They called us out and Alissa was last to come. Her face was tear stained and red and puffy. Simon said "Sorry Alissa you are at minus one million and ten. Ryan third. Drum roll please................................Lily SECOND! Hope FIRST!!!!!"  I groaned. And Ryan left the stage to call his parents to bring him home. He hung up and ran away to pack. Alissa grabbed the mike from Simon. "Are you really so unsupportive? I worked my butt off and I get booted off because someone who doesn't even want to be here in the first place, " She gestured to me, "Manipulated you into kicking me out. Re send your votes and boot her off. I jumped at the chance to come here and she groaned. I deserve this more. She is going to be one of those stars who does nothing for fans and HATES. She will be the person laughing at your fail five friend twitter account. She will be the one who caused it. So hate HER not ME." She handed the mike back and diva-waved to the audience. The audience booed but most chanted my name supportively. Time to play mean. I grabbed the mike and said "Oh my adoring fans thank you. I can count on true FANS iinstead of filling myself with promises I can't keep. Boo her out." The audience booed at my command. We both stormed to our room. "You see what it's like. I didn't ask for them to do that. That down there was on their command. I sang bad because like you said I didn't want to be here let alone WIN. And I did not mean ANY of that, to let you know. You did that to me. Sorry." I said to her and held my arms out for a hug. She nodded and agreed "Sorry." She reached for my open arms and hugged me. She turned around and grabbed her suitcase. "I still have to go." She said. I shook my head and showed her my phone. It was the score chart. We were tied for first. She threw her suitcase out the window and screamed with joy. "Owww!" We heard form outside. We looked out the wind and saw Ryan standing there rubbing his head and looking for the person to blame. We ducked down and giggled. I led Alissa to the concert hall where everyone was waiting. "Simon we would like to stop the comp now and both claim our prize." I asked politely. "No can do. You are fighting for the top and a have a feeling who is going to win." Was his answer.

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