The Last Day brought upon the world chaos, destruction and mass death. When the EXLF Virus started spreading from person to person, many died but some refused to stay dead. Now the world's population is shrinking as many try to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Chelsea Dalton is one of those people. Living in a world without government has given others to rise in anarchy. As Chelsea and her father try to find the rest of their family-they will have to navigate through the chaos that has erupted. Chelsea will have to make choices between life, love and death. Choices that threaten her survival and the survival of those she loves.

Copyright © 2011


2. Past Life (pt 2)

I leaned my back against my door after I slammed it, the last of my tears sliding down my cheek. I sighed, and took a sweeping look around my room, reinforcing the fact that I was safe and no one was in my room. I walked and sat at my desk, staring at the various framed photographs of my family and friends. The whole school had heard about my disappearance, my cell phone went off at every hour since I was found, I ended up giving it to my father. I sighed once more, wishing that I could go back into time to that day and warn myself. I wanted nothing more than for this situation to have never to happened to me, it's done nothing but cause my life to be turned upside down. 

I hated myself in this moment of saying those mean words to my father, my parents were nothing but good to me. I couldn't tell you why I rebelled the way that I did or why, and why I chose to hurt my family. Maybe my disappearance was punishment from God, or maybe He wanted to show me how lucky I really am. Whatever the lesson I knew I had learned something because I vowed in that moment that I would fix this mess, though I had not created it, I would fix it because I had to. Twenty minutes later, calm and tired of waiting, I forced myself to open my door and go downstairs to the kitchen to once more face my parents. 

"I thought I said to stay in your room Chelsea." My father said to me the moment he heard my footsteps. 

"Dad I know that you did, but I couldn't. Look I wish I knew what happened to me but I don't. You guys aren't the only ones who are afraid or angry. I am too." The words flowed out of my mouth as I turned to face them once again.

"Chelsea, you have no clue what you put us through when you were gone. We nearly went crazy putting up posters, and talking to people. To have you come home only to be brought here by the police of all people and to find out they suspected you were on drugs! How do you expect us to-" My mother started to say. 

"Expect you guys to believe your own daughter?! I guess that's hard to do." I said sarcastic.

"Watch your tone young lady." My dad warned me coming to my mother's defense. 

"I'm sorry. I know I don't have the best track record but I don't know what happened to me. I've been nothing but a mess since I've come home. I was alone in a dark warehouse, naked and afraid. Afraid I'd been drugged, kidnapped and raped. I-" I broke down in tears once more unable to finish my sentence. My father had me in his arms at once, stroking my head. 

"Shh.." My father whispered trying to consol me.

"I wasn't on drugs, I swear. I told the cops and I'm telling you nothing but the truth. Please you have to believe me, because I have no one else I can talk to about this. I want to know more than anyone what happened to me." I choked out the words, desperate for my parents to understand. 

Everything I said had been the truth. When I woke up in that warehouse on the cold and damp floor, naked, I was terrified. I thought I had been raped, I cried out for help for anyone to tell me that I'd been dreaming a nightmare. When I was found I could barely speak to the police, nothing I said made sense. Nothing made sense to me when the police explained to me that my parents were searching for me for days, I couldn't believe I'd been missing for that long. Riding in the ambulance my only thoughts were if I had been sexually assaulted, I hadn't felt any soreness down there or see any blood. When I'd been examined I was relieved to know that I was still a virgin. 

The police were convinced this was a case of a bad drug trip, though they still couldn't explain how I left the store. After reviewing security video, I was walking in the parking and then I wasn't there. They said the camera malfunctioned but I knew better, the video showed exactly what I'd been telling them. Like I said, I vanished in thin air. All the police did was produce multiply false theories on what happened to me. I wanted to tell them to screw themselves with their theories of what happened, since we were still waiting for the toxicology report, it was their speculations against my truth.

" It's been a long day I want you to know that your mother and I are on your side. We should've realized that this is as frustrating to you as it is to us. We only want to put this behind us and if others are involved hold them responsible for their actions. You're my daughter and I only want to protect you." My dad told me, I could feel his tears slid onto the top of my head. I released him to stare up at him with my own tear filled eyes. 

"Dad I know you want to put someone behind bars and I want that too but you have to trust me." 

"She's right James." My mother spoke up, her own cheeks streaked with tear trails. "We'll find those responsible and the truth, but we'll do it as a family. Chelsea, it's been a long day why don't you go to bed honey. Are you sure that you want to go school tomorrow? You know you can take all the time that you need, your teachers are understanding. You don't have to rush to get back to normal." 

"I know mom, but I need to go. It's better than staying home and thinking about it all day. I have to get out this house. William is going to be with me the whole day anyway, he promised. It's only one day then we have the weekend. If it gets too tough I'll have Will bring me home."


"Speaking of that issue...WILLIAM GET DOWN HERE PLEASE!" My father yelled up the stairs to my brother. Moments later, I heard William's soft footsteps creak on the stairs.

My brother looked exactly like my father, if you looked at my father's yearbook picture you'd swear it was my brother. William came down the stairs in his pajamas bottoms only, his walking around shirtless constantly annoyed me. Over the summer and winter breaks, William lived downstairs in our gym trying to acquire the perfect body. From the droves of females throwing themselves on him since school resumed I'd say he accomplished that goal. My brother was graduating high school in two months and the were girls trying to get a piece of him before he went off to college. Many of them hoping that they'd be the one to do what no one could before-capture Will's heart. 

William had the same dark black hair, and chiseled chin as my father, one difference between the two was eye color. William had the deepest blue eyes I'd ever seen on anyone before, they reminded me of sapphire diamonds. William and I had always been close to each other when we were children, after all we both understood the pain of losing a parent. As we grew up, somewhere along the way, that closeness we shared dissipated we both cared about each other but we were different people. 

Those people didn't always see eye to eye on certain issues. However, I loved my brother for his patience and understanding since that day I disappeared. It was hard on him, having to deal with the constant questioning and gossip when he went to school yesterday. He had to take off a couple of days to keep watch of me, prompting more questions from our peers. Everyone had their own opinion about what happened to me, some believed me and some believed the rumor mill. William defended me though and more importantly he believed me. William and I were well known in our school. Since he was a football player and I was a cheerleader people knew us, they either hated us or loved us. People sometimes called us the 'dynamic duo'. William was the athletic one and I was the smart ass wild child, there were so many stories about us floating through Equinox High School there could be a whole blog dedicated to us. 

Usually William was cool, calm and collected but when I saw him when I first came home, he broke down in tears. The first thing he did was tell me how much he loved me and was happy that I was home. He also was the first one who believed me when I told him the truth about my disappearance. He didn't want me going back to school tomorrow either but I had to. Being home alone with my thoughts did nothing for me, I wanted to see my friends and get back to normal. I wanted to put this whole situation behind me. 

"Yeah, dad?" William asked.

"Tomorrow will not be easy for Chelsea, I know it hasn't been easy for you either but I need you to watch out for your sister. By that, I mean I want you to walk her to each and every class, and if she needs to come home, you bring her. I talked to your coach so you will not be penalized for missing those private practices. I need you to protect her." My dad explained to William.

"Of course dad, the minute Chels. feels uncomfortable we're gone." William promised, I stared at William, grateful.

"Dad, what should I say to people? I know there are going to be many questions." I asked him. 

"You tell them that due to the ongoing investigation you are prohibited to speak about the case. If they aren't satisfied with that answer then tell them to go to hell." He told me.


"It's been a long night, I want both to get a good night's rest. Maybe you two should go to bed now." 

I gave my dad and mom a hug and went upstairs to my room, after looking around to make sure no one was in there, I got dressed in my pajamas. I laid down in my bed, staring at the ceiling, lost in my own thoughts when I heard a soft knock. 

"Come in." I said, sitting up.

William and Charlotte walked in. 
"Someone wanted to say goodnight." William said. 

Charlotte ran towards me, her curly hair bouncing, and jumped into my embrace. She hugged me fiercely and kissed my cheek. Charlotte was only six so she didn't realized the full extent of what was going on but when I disappeared she took it hard. She's been constantly by my side since I came home. No doubt, the fighting between me and my parents had affected her in some way. Charlotte and I were close since the day she came home from the hospital. She was a fussy baby, always crying, no one got any sleep when she first came home. One night when she was three months old, she started crying, I went into her nursery with the bottle ready to feed her and quiet her down. 

When I walked in, I stared at her and said, "You are a real diva, I think you enjoy making all this noise. At least you keep things interesting around here." Instantly, she stopped crying and stared at me as if she understood what I was saying. Till this day, I'm not entirely convinced she didn't understand me. I stared back waiting for her to cry again, but she didn't. Instead she laughed and cooed. I picked her up and smothered her with kisses, since that moment we've always been close. I've always been protective of her but as of lately, she's been protecting me. 
"You should be in bed, Char. it's late." I whispered in her ear.

"But I had to say goodnight, I don't want you to go to bed without knowing I love you." Charlotte whispered. 

I released her to look her in the eye, "I always know that you love me, and you know that I always love you too right? Always." 

"Okay. Promise, you won't go anywhere. You will never leave again." 

"I promise. You don't have to be afraid, I promise." I assured her. A look of relief washed over her, and she nodded her head. William came over and took her hand signaling it was time to return to her room. I smiled at them both as he turned the door, he held my stare and smiled before shutting my door. I laid back on my bed and stared at my ceiling, a silent tear fell down my cheek. I prayed that I would be able to keep that promise. 


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