The Last Day brought upon the world chaos, destruction and mass death. When the EXLF Virus started spreading from person to person, many died but some refused to stay dead. Now the world's population is shrinking as many try to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Chelsea Dalton is one of those people. Living in a world without government has given others to rise in anarchy. As Chelsea and her father try to find the rest of their family-they will have to navigate through the chaos that has erupted. Chelsea will have to make choices between life, love and death. Choices that threaten her survival and the survival of those she loves.

Copyright © 2011


4. Interrogations (pt 2)


“Is there nothing about you that isn't perfect? I love you.” He whispered to me. I kissed him and before I knew it we were connected as one and I’d never felt more amazing. After we were done, Jack held me in his arms while tracing the outline of my hip as we laid in the sheets. 

"I've missed you." I whispered.

"I've missed you too. I hid with Cordelia, I thought being with her would make me forget about you. Forget about us. When Will called me to tell me you didn't come home, my heart sank. The only thing I could think about was that I never told you how sorry I was for the person I'd become. How sorry I was for every action that caused you pain. Then I had a flashback memory of the day we first met, you were wearing a red tank top and white shorts with your hair in pig tails. It was the first time I didn't see you as Will's little sister."

I smiled at him. I remembered that day when he came over to hangout and I was there in the kitchen getting a snack. We'd seen each other all the time but that day was different, sparks flew between us. On some level we always had feelings for each other but Jack was in high school and I wasn't. A few days later I found out he was dating Cordelia, they dated for a year until I entered high school. My freshman year, Jack and I started to date each other on and off until six months ago.

"I remember that day, before that day I thought of you as another one of Will's sports buddies but it felt as if I known you all my life." I told him. "I'm sorry too, I let partying get in the way of our relationship.” 

“We both let it get in the way but we learned from our mistakes and when I go off to college we’ll be a stronger couple than ever before.” Jack promised. 

“You won’t be tired of waiting for your high school girlfriend to graduate or be embarrassed to be dating a high school girl?” I asked, concerned.

“No. I could never be embarrassed of you. You’re amazing. I want us to graduate school and I want to marry you. Have kids and spend the rest of my remaining days with you. Only you.” Jack whispered. 
I stared into his eyes, looking for any sign that he was lying or had doubts about us. I found nothing.

“I want that too.” 

Jack’s lips found mine once again, and once again we made love. My phone went off, it was a message from William telling me that now would be a good time to come home. My parents were beginning to worry about me and were starting to question Williams story he gave them to cover my ass. Jack drove me back home, I sat in the car with him, not wanting to leave. 

“Are we going to keep this a secret? I mean do we go back to ignoring each other in the hall ways?” I asked him.

“No. I’m not doing any more hiding. I don’t care who knows, except William. I’ll call him tonight and explain the situation. I would feel better if we had his blessing and tomorrow I’ll pick you up in the morning. Is that okay?” Jack asked me. 

“Okay, sounds good to me.” I said in agreement. He gave me a kiss goodnight and I walked into my house expecting a lecture from my parents. Everyone was in the living room, apparently waiting for me. 

“Finally, you’re here.” William exclaimed. “I told them you were with the girls but I didn’t think you were going to be gone this long.” 

I stared at Will gratefully, he was smarter than I gave him credit for. My parents wouldn’t be thrilled to know I skipped school or spent the day with Jack, alone in his house. 

“A phone call next time Chelsea. I know you probably lost time with your friends and wanting to get back to normal but have some consideration for us okay?” My dad sounded relieved I was home but disappointed. I hung my head in shame, he was right. I didn’t even take into consideration how not phoning them would’ve worried them. It was seven o’clock and I know they were worried despite William’s assurances I was safe with my friends.

“You’re right, I am so sorry. I was happy to talk about celebrities and not about what happened to me. It won’t happen again.” I apologized. 

“It’s okay. I say that we are should all get back to normal and we can start off with making some sundaes for dessert. Chelsea, you’re plate from dinner is in the microwave.” My dad suggested.

Charlotte yelled with delight, and raced off with Will and my dad to the kitchen. My mother scrutinized me with her eyes, searching me; I grew uneasy under her stare. 

“Mom?” I asked. 

“Were you safe?” She asked, my heart did a back flip in my chest because she knew what I had been up to. 

“Yes.” I finally answered, I figured there would be no way to talk myself out of this one. 


“Jack.” I confessed, I could feel my cheeks burning. 

“I figured. He was heartbroken when you disappeared, he loves you more than anything.” 

“I love him too.” I replied. 

“I know, but this is so soon. Chelsea, you have to be careful. I won’t tell your father about this, anymore news and he will have a heart attack. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to Planned Parenthood for birth control, understood?” 

“Yes, I understand.” I told her. She smiled sadly at me, I knew that she didn’t agree with the fact her sixteen year old daughter was having sex. However, what was done was done and at the end of the day I was going to make my own decisions. 

“Hey, what are you two doing in there? You’re ice cream sundaes are ready.” My dad yelled out to us. 

My mother and I looked at each other, and went into the kitchen where we joined the others. For the first time since I’d been home, we laughed as a family and talked. There was no yelling or crying. We started to rebuild our family again, turned out that today had actually been a good day. I look back to that day and it was the happiest day of my life. It was the last happiest day of my life. 
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