The Last Day brought upon the world chaos, destruction and mass death. When the EXLF Virus started spreading from person to person, many died but some refused to stay dead. Now the world's population is shrinking as many try to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Chelsea Dalton is one of those people. Living in a world without government has given others to rise in anarchy. As Chelsea and her father try to find the rest of their family-they will have to navigate through the chaos that has erupted. Chelsea will have to make choices between life, love and death. Choices that threaten her survival and the survival of those she loves.

Copyright © 2011


5. I thought Wrong


I woke up the next morning, energized and excited for the day to begin. I showered, got dressed and ran downstairs. My mother had plates on the table full of eggs and french toast, we all sat down and ate breakfast together. I couldn’t stop talking while we ate breakfast, I was bouncing off the walls with pure elation. 

“You’re in a good mood this morning, Chelsea.” My dad observed.

“It’s because she and Jack are back together.” My brother blurted out.

I threw William a dirty look, “Thanks Will.” I snarled. 

“I like Jack, he’s nice because he gave me ten dollars.” Charlotte commented. I smiled at her gratefully. 

“Yes, he is nice. He was really helpful in your search and rescue. But isn’t this a little too soon? You just got back to school, and into the swing of things.” My father stated.

“I know it seems soon but it was never over between Jack and I. We weren’t together physically but our hearts were always with each other. Can’t you be happy that I’m happy?” I complained.

“Of course I’m happy for the both of you. It’s clear that you and Jack have a long history together and are truly in love. I’m glad that you both worked things out especially after the way you treated him, I’m happy for you both. You have to invite him to dinner some time later this week.” 

I smiled at my father, “Thank you daddy.” 

My father nearly choked on his eggs, I barely called my father that since I was a little girl but when I did it was either because I was scared, or entirely grateful to him. At that moment, there was a knock on the door. My brother went to answer and when he returned there was Jack with him. I smiled at him, he gave me a wink. He joined us for breakfast and after talking more with my family we left for school. Will drove is own car and I drove with Jack in his Volvo. Once we arrived in the parking lot, my nerves were threatening to get the best of me. I was nervous about every one's reactions to the news Jack and I were back together. 
“Don’t be nervous.” Jack told me. 

“How’d you know what I was thinking?” I asked him, grinning. 

“Because I know you better than yourself. Are you ready for this we can put this off if you want.” He suggested.

“No, because that’s not what you truly want but you’re saying it to be nice.” 
“How do you know what I truly want?” He asked, coyly.

“Because I know you better than you know yourself.” I parroted back to him.

“Yes, yes you do.” And with that Jack leaned for a kiss, a kiss that I felt down to my toes. 

“Let’s do this.” Jack said. I nodded my head and prepared myself for what was sure to be a long day.
What a long day it had turned out to be, the staring and whispering intensified as more people found out about Jack and I. It wasn’t until lunch until all hell broke loose, that hell came from no one other than Cordelia. As Jack and I sat with Will and his friends along with my best friend, Trinity Blake, Cordelia made her move. She and her crew of skanks stormed the lunch room and walked to our table. 

“Wow, Jack you’ve went back to lowering your standards again.” She spat out. I turned around to face Cordelia. There she stood, her hands upon her thin hips, her blue eyes were slits as she stared at us. Her shoulder length blond hair framed her pointy porcelain dimpled chin as she sized me up. Before I could utter a word, Jack spoke. 

“Cordelia, stop while you’re ahead. You look ridiculous right now. It’s over between us, who I date is none of your business.” He snapped.

“Not when you go back to dating this tease Jack. You told me we were taking a break that you needed space to breathe. I turn my back and you leave me for this-’girl with daddy issues who can’t decide if she wants to be a prude or a slut’ I think were your exact words.” She spat out.

Ouch. The words hurt me more than I’d imagined. Though I was sure Jack said them out of anger, the fact he would even say that about me-behind my back, killed me. My cheeks flushed, and I could even see Will stare at Jack in bewilderment. Jack’s jaw clenched and he shot up from his seat in a flash.

“I said that a long time ago, when I was in a dark place you know that. You also knew that it was never going to be you, you were never going to replace the feelings I had for Chelsea. You were never going to be good enough to replace her, no one is good enough to replace her!” Jack hissed, his eyes were filled with anger. 

Cordelia took the verbal punch hard, her smirk faltered and I could see how much pain those words caused her. The moment passed and her face settled into a look of pure hatred for Jack. Before she could say a word, Trinity had had enough of this drama. 

“Both of you stop this, you guys have issues that you can talk about some other time. Cordelia get yourself in check because you look like a desperate fool right now. Chelsea could’ve been dead for all we’d known and you act like you could care less. I thought you were coming over to say gee I don’t know “happy you’re alive, Chelsea.’ We were all friends once, I never figured you to be this cold hearted. Chelsea may have gained some class to stay quiet right now but I’m not as classy as her. You have one minute to back off, or I’m going to kick your ass into next week.” Trinity threatened. 

The deadly tone in Trinity’s voice even made my blood run cold, she had that affect on people. No one would’ve expected Trinity and I to have ever been best friends, we were complete opposites. Trinity grew up on the rough side of town years ago, she was a scrapper, there were many times she’d got herself in trouble for fighting. Though I had my wild side, I’ve never been in a fist fight or as intimidating. Before we became friends, Trinity was the typical tortured painter, who couldn’t stand people like me-preppy wild cheerleaders. She saw right through my facades and wasn’t afraid to call me out, it was her who told me I had to slow down on the partying. Her brutal honesty was refreshing and a nice change from all the ass kissing I was surrounded by most of the time. We became friends sophomore year at the school’s annual art showing, I walked up to her painting and fell in love with it. I basically stalked her to let me have the painting after the art gallery didn’t need it anymore. After much pleading and stalking, I grew on her and since then we’ve been friends ever since. Her brown eyes stared lasers into Cordelia, as she put her long red hair into a high bun. I think the fact she was tiny, only about 5’2 and weighed 115 pounds, people underestimate her strength. 

Cordelia continued to glare before agreeing to leave but not without one last taunt, “Trinity, you are nothing but the dirt underneath my Louboutin shoe. As for you, Chelsea...” I waited for her continue, “It’s only a matter of time before Jack cheats on you again, there will always be another Cordelia. He claims to have loved you so much but it was me who took his virginity, remember that. Once a cheater, always a cheater.”
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