The Last Day brought upon the world chaos, destruction and mass death. When the EXLF Virus started spreading from person to person, many died but some refused to stay dead. Now the world's population is shrinking as many try to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Chelsea Dalton is one of those people. Living in a world without government has given others to rise in anarchy. As Chelsea and her father try to find the rest of their family-they will have to navigate through the chaos that has erupted. Chelsea will have to make choices between life, love and death. Choices that threaten her survival and the survival of those she loves.

Copyright © 2011


8. Anywhere but Here (pt 2)


“How are we going to tolerate the distance if you won‘t move in or let me stay?”

“We’ll do it like every other couple, like you said with visits and phone conversations. Every minute in summer we’ll spend it together and on late fall nights we can always Skype each other to satisfy needs.” I whispered in his ear, grinning. Jack turned around to face me, smiling at me.

“You are a bad girl.” He whispered.

“Yeah? Well are you going to sit there and mope about the fall or teach me a lesson? A lesson that‘s going to take you...about another hour and every day in summer to teach?” I said sultry. 

Jack laughed and decided on teaching me a lesson. An hour later we were parked three houses away waiting for my brother to come home. My brother’s car came into view as he drove down the street. 

I stared at Jack, “I don’t want to go.” 

“Don’t. Let’s run away together, you and me off into the sunset.” He smiled.

“Hmmm. Don’t tempt me. I love you.” I told him.

Jack tucked a piece of hair behind my ear, caressing my cheek, “I love you too.”

I leaned towards him as I gave him a long kiss and warm embrace, he kissed me back. I could tell even if he had tried to downplay his offer, if I had said yes we would’ve drove off into that sunset with an unknown destination. As long as we were together. I broke the kiss first before I took him up on that offer. 

“You’re not going to put that ring on a different finger?” He asked. 

“No, I’m not. Let me dad see it I don’t care we’re going to get married someday anyway I might as well have the ring in its proper place.” I said. 

“Okay. I’ll pick you up Sunday if you want to spend the day with me just call me when you’re ready.” He said.

“Okay. See you Sunday.” I said.

“Forever...right?” He asked me, his eyes searching for any hint of regret. 

“Forever.” I answered him, giving him a kiss to emphasize the fact that he and he alone, had my heart.

I jumped out of the car before Jack could do anything else to make me want to stay with him. I started walking towards my house with a smile on my face, as I looked back to see Jack watching me from outside his driver side window. I waved to him, and loved seeing his smiling face back at me, he was the most handsome guy I’d ever laid eyes. I sighed, sad I couldn't drive away with him but eager to see my family.  

“Had a good time?” Will asked me, once I reached him at the bottom of the driveway. 

“Yeah, you?” 

“Always with Trinity.” He smiled brightly. 

“I don’t doubt that for one second, she is amazing.” I told him, smiling. 

“She is...“ He paused before continuing, “I don’t like what he said about you Bells, it hurt me to see that look of betrayal on your face. I love Jack like a brother and I respected both of you last time things went south, to stay out of it. But I’ll be damned if I ever stand by and let you get hurt again, not when you’ve been through too much already. Do you understand?” William stopped walking and gently grabbed onto my forearm forcing me to look at him. I stared into his eyes and understood exactly what he meant. 

Even by the fact he called me Bells, which he hasn’t done since we were kids, was a signal he was serious. Yes, I am aware-I have a ton of damn nicknames, but each had a different sentimental story behind them. 

“I know you’re only doing what you think is right and I appreciate it but you don’t have to be worried about me when it comes to Jack.” I assured him. 

“I hope you’re right.” Was all he said as we stepped into our house and into a scene of pure frenzy. 

My mother was crying hysterically on the couch in the living room with my dad trying his best to console her. Charlotte was noticeably absent and my heart dropped to the bottom of my chest, a cold panicked seized me. 

“Dad what’s wrong?!” Will shouted panicked, at the same time I yelled, “Where’s Charlotte?!” 

“Charlotte’s fine she’s upstairs in her room playing. Your aunt Jane is in the hospital she had a car accident, she is badly injured.” My dad explained in a rush as his rubbing on my mother’s back intensified, I could tell he was desperate to soothe her. After a few moments my mother’s cries softened and she regained her composure while Will went to get her a glass of water. 

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I can’t lose Jane, she’s all I have left. James, I have to go down there tomorrow morning first thing. I’ll bring Charlotte with me, I know you have that important meeting to go to tomorrow but I can’t wait another day...I just can’t.” My mother’s voice started to rise again. 

“It’s okay baby, I understand. Take off tomorrow morning and I’ll follow you and the kids down there as soon as my meeting is over. I’ll come home, pack up some things and notify the kid’s school that they will be out of school for at least three days and then I’ll come down.” He explained to her, calming her down. 

My mother sagged against him, I watched the two of them and felt sorry for my mother. I knew how close she was with her sister and knew she was afraid she’d lose her like she lost the rest of her family. She must’ve felt my heavy stare because she turned her head and looked at me. 

“Chelsea will stay behind and help you James, you’re not going to be able to get all the packing done after work and a meeting without being exhausted. Chelsea can stay and pack while you go to work, I don’t need you driving while being sleep deprived.” My mother’s tone suggested there would be no arguing on the subject. 

“Dad, she’s right. Besides I’m a better driver than Chelsea, so I can share some of the driving responsibility with Savannah, that way she can rest as well.” William suggested as he brought her a glass of water. 

“That’s so nice of you Will, thank you.” My mother said. I too thought it was a nice gesture but didn’t appreciate the jab at my driving skills. I threw Will a dirty look, he smirked back not at all phased by me. 

We all pitched in to pack up the essentials Will, Charlotte and my mother would need for the long drive down to North Carolina, where Janet was in the hospital. At least by the time it came for dinner my mother had got the good news that Janet, though in critically condition, had a better chance at survival than they previously thought. Dinner was quiet as we all were lost in our heads, even Charlotte was quiet as if she could pick up our moods. 

I wish then at that moment I would’ve stood up and screamed at the top of my lungs that we should all go away together, that we should go up to Alaska and hide away in igloos. I wish I had understood that feeling the pit of my stomach that something was very wrong and that something very bad was going to happen. Instead, I said nothing and I did nothing. That dinner was the last memory I had of my family all together, I have cried myself to sleep many nights with that last image of us at the table in my head along with those last regrets. 
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