Before You I'll Be Superhuman

Liam Payne fanfic: When Maya and her best friends, Madi, Julia, Noa, and Dani go to a One Direction concert, Maya ends up landing a job as the boys' costume designer. One of the boys falls for her, but will the press change that? What about the fans who don't particularly like Maya? Even if the boys promise, is she still safe? This is appropriate for ages...hmmm...I'm going to say...11 and up. It would be TV14 though...kind of suggestive content...but not really. A PG movie...for now. ;)


1. The Concert

Maya's POV:
"Ahhhhhh!" Screamed the crowd, as 1D opened to their newest song, "Na,na,na." The boys were doing something different for this concert; they changed into a new costume for each song. Most of the time, the outfits had absolutely nothing to do with the song. They were changing for singing "Save you Tonight," and I told my friends that I was headed to the bathroom. I left the stadium, and saw a sign that said bathroom. I went over and saw a bathroom that had the man/woman sign on it, plus some other signs that I thought nothing of. I walked in and nearly went right then and there. In an argument, One Direction and some crew members stood there. "No, what I'm saying is, we didn't plan out the costumes very well. We don't have anything to go on with." Niall said. "Turtles! We can go on as turtles. I like that." Liam said. "Liam, we have to be serious. The fans are starting to wonder what's up." A crew member said." I saw a clothes rack behind them. Then I saw it. "How about superheroes?" I said. Everyone turned around. Paul started to come get me, but Louis said, "Stop! I think she's on to something. Continue, um, what's your name?" "Maya, and I'm thinking that superheroes fits the song really well, too." "That's really good, I call Iron Man!" Harry said. In five minutes, I had Batman (Liam), Spiderman (Niall), Superman (Louis), The Hulk (Zayn), and of course Iron Man (Harry). "I don't want to miss this, I'm going back to my seat." I said. I started to go, but Paul stopped me. "No, you're staying here. We need more costume ideas." So I asked what the next song was. "Stand up." answered the crew lady. "I'm Caroline Watson, by the way. The costume designer. I was wondering when we were going to use those." "Maya. Can I see the shoes they have?" I was led over to Harry's closet. It was huge. "Um, Caroline? Mrs. Watson? Can you show me the shoes all the boys have in common?" "Yeah. They have these, these, these, and they have Converse  in there own favorite colors. You can call me Caroline." We went through the boy's closets and we picked out the converse. " I thought we could add springs to the shoes, to make them "Stand Up" taller." I said. "That's great!" As songs went by, I came up with ideas for costumes. After the last song, "Stole My Heart," (Which I put them in plain white T-shirts with black X's over their hearts and black jeans.) They started talking to the group. "HOW WE DOING TONIGHT?" Yelled Niall. "YOU MEAN, VAS HAPPENIN'? Zayn yells. They went on talking, until they got to the part where they thank the staff and crew. "Without them, none of this could have happened!" Harry exclaimed. "We want to thank our fans, especially one that without her this performance would have been a disaster. Everyone meet our newest and youngest crew member, Maya!" Liam invited me over. I walked up to them, and Liam took and raised my hand. The crowd cheered. I couldn't help but smile. My friends were screaming the loudest. "She was looking for the bathroom, and accidentally opened the wrong door. She came up with the superhero costumes, the springy Converse, and every costume from the song "Save You Tonight" to now. She is now our creativity designer!" Louis said. "We invite her friends and family to come backstage after the concert." Harry said. "Alright everyone, have a great night!" he adds. "We love you guys!" they all say in unison. We walked backstage to wait for the fans.

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