Before You I'll Be Superhuman

Liam Payne fanfic: When Maya and her best friends, Madi, Julia, Noa, and Dani go to a One Direction concert, Maya ends up landing a job as the boys' costume designer. One of the boys falls for her, but will the press change that? What about the fans who don't particularly like Maya? Even if the boys promise, is she still safe? This is appropriate for ages...hmmm...I'm going to say...11 and up. It would be TV14 though...kind of suggestive content...but not really. A PG movie...for now. ;)


7. Jordyn

Maya's P.O.V.: It was weird, Liam and Harry both staring at me. Did I have something in my teeth? No. Good, because we had the Batman movie that night. I was so excited. Liam said we were leaving at 3:00 for some strange reason. We got dressed, picked up Noa, and headed to...the airport? We went around the back to a private launch pad. Then I realized. "Are we going to-" "L.A., yes." Liam answered. So that was the knowing glances. Being Liam's girlfriend has many advantages, this being one of them. Madi, Eleanor, Dani, Noa and I were freaking out, this was the first time that any of us have been to a real movie premiere. "Well, come on then! We don't want to miss it," Louis said, ushering us into the plane. It took around and hour and a half to get there, since the pilot was going really fast. We landed and went to the hotel. It was a beautiful, exclusive hotel that must have been really expensive. We went in to the hotel room, and it was huge. There was 5 rooms, each with two queen-sized beds. Niall and Madi took the room closest to the kitchen, Liam and I took the room next door, Zayn and Dani next to us, Louis and Eleanor next to them, and Harry and Noa at the far side. All the sudden, we heard a knock on the door. Five ladies came in with huge bags. "Um, Liam?" I asked. "Hello, I'm Erica, and these are Becca, Annabel, Hanna, and Krystyn. We are here to do your hair, makeup, nails, etc." One lady said. Dani was the first one to speak. "So, um, I'm Dani, this is Maya, Eleanor, Madi, and Noa. No offense, but why are you here?" Dani asked. "The boys of One Direction hired us," Annabel explained. "We also have your dresses," Becca added. "Um, dresses?" Noa and I said simultaneously. We all looked at the boys accusingly. They all smiled devilish smiles. "How much did this cost?" I asked Liam, taking out my wallet. "Oh, no you don't," he said, taking my wallet. "Ugh, you are so annoying sometimes," I rolled my eyes. "Girls, we need you to come with us. We're going to do your makeup, hair, and clothes now." Erica said, leading us into a room that I really hadn't had the time to go in. It had five makeup mirrors, dressing rooms, and tons of hair products. "Oh, wow," Madi said breathless. "We are like, princesses!" Eleanor exclaimed. "Yay! Woah, this stuff is like 60 dollars a bottle!" Dani said rushing over to a foundation bottle. "Okay, I'll take Madi, Hanna take Maya, Becca take Noa, Annabel take Eleanor, and Krystyn take Dani." Erica said. After four hours, all of us had our nails, makeup, and hair ready. "Time for dresses!" Krystyn squealed. We each got three boxes, one for shoes, one for the dress itself, and one for accessories. I could tell that mine was going to be in the purple/blue color scheme based on my makeup. "Count of three," Eleanor said. "Alright, one, two, three FLICK!" I screamed. We opened the boxes like they were full of food and we haven't eaten in years. We all got changed separately, and once we were all done, we walked out. Madi, Dani and I gasped in unison, while Eleanor and Noa where speechless. My dress, as I suspected, was blue and purple. It had sleeves that flow, and was cut off just above the knee. Madi's dress was pink, strapless, and short. Dani's was pale green with spaghetti straps. Noa's was light green, strapless, with a pencil skirt bottom. Eleanor's was tight, red, and with spaghetti straps. We all twirled around. My dress was perfect with my blow-dried hair that had curls here and there. We were giggling and hugging our stylists, and we all promised to keep in touch. As we walked out, we saw the boys sitting on the couch. Their jaws dropped simultaneously. Liam's P.O.V.: I couldn't help it. My jaw just went to the floor. They all looked gorgeous, especially Maya. "Oh,, I, wow," I managed to get out. She giggled. "You don't look bad yourself, Daddy Direction," she laughed. The other boys seemed to be having the same conversations with their girls. "The premiere event starts in two hours, we should head over there," Louis said. He had snapped out of Elle's mesmerizing view faster than the rest of us because she had been to just about every event with us. We all agreed, and walked out the door. We got into the limo, and as the girls were chatting, Louis leaned over to me. "Hey, Li? I need to talk to you." "Yeah Lou? What's up?" I asked him. "I have no way to put this other than to slam it onto the table, but, I think Harry likes Maya." he said nervously. Of course he does. Then, when Maya realizes it, she's going to go for Harry instead. That's the way it is. Harry is just who everyone wants, and Maya will be no different. Just like the others. Just like Danielle. We put the story out there that Danielle couldn't handle the hate anymore, so we called it off, but really it was because she liked Harry too much to continue with me. Except for Harry wasn't interested, and she came crawling back to me. I, of course, being rational, I said no. I knew she was going to fall for Harry. And so would Maya. Harry's P.O.V.: All the girls looked so beautiful. But I didn't want Noa there. I realized now that Makayla is the one I want. Not good. I told Louis that I like Noa, but I really like Makayla. At least she pretends to know nothing about me. But tonight I had Noa. Oh well. Louis and Liam stopped whispering, and Liam gave me an icy stare. Huh. I wondered what Louis told hi-wait. I was going to KILL Louis Tomlinson! He told Liam that I like Maya! And I didn't! Ugh! Now Liam hated me all because of that jerk! I was going to get him back. Dani's P.O.V.: I'm worried. Zayn and I were talking, and all the sudden, Liam looked at Harry with a look of hatred. Maya was completely oblivious to the fact. She was just staring down at her phone. She didn't look happy. I leaned over and asked, "What's wrong?" "Oh, er, nothing, just tired," she lied. It was obvious she had something on her mind. I was going to get to the bottom of this. Maya's P.O.V.: I was trying not to cry. I was on Instagram, and noticed a particular comment to a picture of Liam and me, holding hands and laughing. 'So, Maya, remember me? From middle and high school? Jordyn. If I see another picture of Liam and you, I will come after you. I will find you, and hurt you. Liam Payne is MINE. Get it, got it, good. -Jordyn M' Jordyn! She was popular in middle school, then in high school she got pregnant. The father was named Zak, who she knew I liked. I was devastated for days. I refused to eat, and I got really skinny. Like unhealthy skinny. I had less breakouts from junk food, and guys started to like me. I suddenly got all popular, and was known as "Maya the Heart Breaker," because I turned down all those boys. Including Zak. It was the worst time in my life. I've always wanted to know what it was like being popular, and I found out that doing one little thing wrong ruined it for you. So I started eating again. A lot. I gained weight, and I felt so happy. I lost my popular friends, and had a couple real, nice, and close friends that I liked. I dated my best guy friend, it didn't work out. I thought about all of that, and I tapped Eleanor on the shoulder. "Elle? Can I talk to you?" I asked her sheepishly. "Of course, wait, hold on, I need to put my advise hat on." Elle mimicked putting a hat on, and I giggled. I told her the whole story, up until Jordyn's threat, and she hugged me. "I personally will make sure that nothing will hurt you. You realize that I said nothing, not nobody, because this thing is not a human, she's a freaking animal. Don't worry, you are safe with us." She hugged me again, and I pulled out my phone again. "Say cheese!" I said as I snapped a picture of us. '@MayaPayne:) : @EleanorJCalder and I sitting in a LIMO with our boyfriends @Real_Liam_Payne and @Louis_Tomlinson and the rest of the boys and girls on the way to BATMAN. Liam is way too excited about the!' I tweeted. In less than a minute, Liam, Louis, and Elle's phones beeped, alerting a Twitter message. Liam looked at it and raised an eyebrow at me. He started typing. When he looked up, he gave me a devilish smile. I got a message from Twitter. '@Real_Liam_Payne : EWW! @MayaPayne:) just whispered to @EleanorJCalder that she thinkssssss that Batman is hottttttt! I guess Maya Payne won't be happening then? Haha just kidddddinggggg! Shouting to Mayaaaaaaa and Elleeeee! xoxo' "LIAM! REALLY?" I screamed while laughing. Everyone except for Liam, Elle, Louis, and me were looking at us, confused. We burst out laughing. "Alright everyone, go back to your, er, knitting," Louis said. Just as he said that, the limo pulled up. We were all really excited as we left the limo. Lights were flashing in all of our directions. Liam took my hand. "LIAM, OVER HERE! WHO'S THE GIRL? IS SHE YOUR NEW GIRLFRIEND?" Paparazzi were everywhere! Liam told me before to ignore them all. Elle was prepared for this, and was smiling and waving.

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