Before You I'll Be Superhuman

Liam Payne fanfic: When Maya and her best friends, Madi, Julia, Noa, and Dani go to a One Direction concert, Maya ends up landing a job as the boys' costume designer. One of the boys falls for her, but will the press change that? What about the fans who don't particularly like Maya? Even if the boys promise, is she still safe? This is appropriate for ages...hmmm...I'm going to say...11 and up. It would be TV14 though...kind of suggestive content...but not really. A PG movie...for now. ;)


8. BATMAN!!!

Maya's P.O.V. When we finally made it to our seats for the movie, Liam was almost fanboying. It was hilarious as he was nearly jumping up and down, so excited for Batman. I knew he loved Batman. I turned his head to face me and started playing with his hair. "You know Li Li, I had a dream that went exactly like this once. It was my favorite dream," I said. "You know My My, I had a dream that went almost exactly like this, except for I was with Danielle. I thought it was my favorite dream, but then I met you and realized that the dream would have been so much better with you in it," he said, stroking my hair. He pulled me in for a kiss, but before he could Niall screamed, "EWW!" and then kissed Madi. We both started cracking up.We all put our phones on silent and started watching the movie. Of course, only Liam and I were focused on the movie; all the other boys and girls were having a silent popcorn fight. After the movie, we went to the party.The boys and we were all too young to drink in the United States, so we stuck with virgin Pina Coladas. I met so many famous people and got their numbers. All the people at school would be so jealous. By the time everyone got drunk except for Liam, Zayn, Louis, the girls, and me, we drove Niall, Harry, Noa, and Madi back to the hotel. We all went out for dinner (at 11:00 pm) after. The boys chose a really nice restaurant, but of course we refused and chose Chinese food instead. After the server took our order, I got a text from Noa saying, 'I just broke up with Harry again! :'(' I quickly responded, 'OMG why? What happened?' 'Since he's drunk, he spoke his mind. :'(' 'And what did his mind say?' 'He said he'd rather be with that jerkette Makayla over me!!!' I chucked at that. Noa and I had an inside joke that we call all female jerks "jerkettes." I responded to her text with, 'I'm sure he didn't mean it.' 'He did! He called her and threw me out. Paul is driving me back home :/' 'I'll see you after the tour. xoxo, Glen Coco. :)' Another inside joke. Poor Noa. She really loved Harry. But so did Makayla. "What's wrong, love?" Liam asked, caressing my hair. "Wha-oh! Nothing. Just lost in thought. By the way, Harry has a new girlfriend, my friend Makayla," I said. "Harry the Heartbreaker," Liam said. I flinched as he said that. "Okay, now what's wrong?" He said. I sighed and told him the whole Jordyn story. I showed him a picture of her. " Ugly person, inside and out," he said. I chucked. All the sudden, his eyes widened. "Speak of the devil," he murmured. Jordyn walked in holding..."WHAT?! HER OUT OF ALL PEOPLE?! I SAID I WOULD TRY TO HELP YOU GET A GIRLFRIEND, AND YOU GO FIND YOURSELF A TRAMP!" A/N: ERMAGERD, cliffhanger! My first one! Yay! Besides the cliffhanger, sorry about the crappy chapter...I just thought that my over 100 READERS deserved an update! Please favorite, like, and comment. My parents say each favorite, like, and/or comment improves my attitude and mood...:) Love you guys! xoxo from Glen Coco! (aka MayaPayne)

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