The Only One I Love

halloween night you go to a masqerade ball with your friends and you see a boy in a mask he asks you to dance but yet you dont know it was HARRY STYLES from one direction!!! your friends fall for one of the members and you fall for harry.....


3. jeliously

a girl got up and announced her name "hi i am rebeka klose and i am your host i will be glad to annouce the band that will be playing......girls you ready? ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!" she yelled with a smile a light shinned on the guys claire and brianna were dancing with and then i looked at the cute one in front of me and the light went on him *i could have fainted, it really was harry styles, i was dancing with harry styles!!!!!!! brianna gave him a hug i relized it was liam payne and claire was dancing with nial horan!! "ill be one second babe!" he said to me with a wink i looked at christina and she had the most pissed face on her face hahaha i loved this i wonder how much jeliousy she was feeling she even dumped punch on evens head he was so mad and i think he even broke up with her and she went up to niall and was hitting on him claire didnt do anything i mean how could she "hey baby wanna dance?" she said flirty and gave claire the finger which he saw and she tried to kiss him but he pushed her away not enough to hurt her though but unuff to say back off! "what gives?" she said with puppy dog eyes "as you can see im dancing with a beautiful girl!" he said claire blushed "are kidding have you seen her face!" as she ripped off claires mask and nialls eyes widened claire ran away crying "honesly i dont say this that much but you are the biggest bitch ever!" he yelled and ran to claire!

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