The Only One I Love

halloween night you go to a masqerade ball with your friends and you see a boy in a mask he asks you to dance but yet you dont know it was HARRY STYLES from one direction!!! your friends fall for one of the members and you fall for harry.....


1. getting ready for the party

halloween day you were with your friends at school on a friday "hey dani are you going to the halloween masqurade ball?" christina asked she wasnt my best friend or practically any friend she was a brat, me and brianna looked at eachother (she was my bestfriend her and claire) brianna shook her head "dah were going!" brianna said, i agreed, christina walked away and was laughing as if we were a joke, i rolled my eyes at her and her and her bf were going he was the hottest guy in school his name was even he had blond hair and bright green eyes i always had a crush on hi, christina even says she could date any boy from one direction its so annoying! but now i always see my self ugly i have brown hair and blue eyes and she has brown hair and blue eyes to but a pretteir face then me i went to briannas house after school with claire and we all talked about what we were going to where claire sugested a red dress on me and i thought maybe she would were a light greeen dress it would match her eyes she had light blonde hair and brianna had brown hair and blue eyes it seems to be common in california. hours past it was soon 8:00 i went to the halloween party in briannas car and i was wearing a bright sparkly red dress with a white mask and heals. 

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