The Only One I Love

halloween night you go to a masqerade ball with your friends and you see a boy in a mask he asks you to dance but yet you dont know it was HARRY STYLES from one direction!!! your friends fall for one of the members and you fall for harry.....


4. feelings

Claires P.O.V.

i felt someone grab my wrist i looked and it was niall "wait why did you cry your beautiful?" he said

"your kidding right i mean seriously im ugly!" i said putting my head down he lifted up my chin and gave me a kiss "now who tells you that princess?" he asked "christina and all the popular girls" i said "well there jelious i mean have you seen there faces there like re-aranged!" he said trying to cheer me up, i laughed so did he

*15 minutes later

Briannas P.O.V

wow i was dancing with liam payne aweosme! he went on stage and pointed to me when they sand what makes you beautiful niall,zayn,liam,and harry were on the stage harry pointed to dani and liam pointed to me and niall pointed to claire i felt bad for claire and what christina did


dani's P.O.V

i saw harry after their songs and he took me outback in the alley and we talked i held on his arm

"so whats your name babe" he asked "dani" i said and he pushed me up against a wall lightly and playfully and took  my mask off and kissed me he was so cute he took his off too! "your amaizing!" he said

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