The Only One I Love

halloween night you go to a masqerade ball with your friends and you see a boy in a mask he asks you to dance but yet you dont know it was HARRY STYLES from one direction!!! your friends fall for one of the members and you fall for harry.....


2. dancing with a stranger

i stepped out of the car and christina was in a white limo in front of the door i was so jelious, also a black limo pulled up i had no clue who was in there but i wanted to see but claire pulled me into the party room and i looked around it was huge! they had a stage and a special band was polaying tonight i had no clue who, i looked at claire and brianna they were looking at the door i turned to see and there he was, the hottest boy ive ever seen, he looked so familiar but i couldent figure out who it was though, but i didnt care he couldent see who i was so im okay with that i stared at his dark brown curly hair and his beautiful eyes stuck out they were bright green later i saw him with 4 other guys a blonde one and 3 brunettes he kept looking at me he smiled everytime we met eyes, then him and his friends walked up to me and mine and he gave me his hand "would you like to dance love?" he said in a familiar british axcent i shook my head "yes i would love too!' i said with a smile he smiled back, we started danceing and he had his eyes glued on me, in the corner of my eye i saw claire dancing with the blonde one and brianna dancing with one of the other good looking brunettes they were all very good looking, i woundered who they were.

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